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Совместная работа видеотерминалов Aastra Blustar 8000i и Cisco CUCM 9.0

Development of communication systems *
В этой статье я продолжу тему, начатую моим коллегой mrppa тут http://habrahabr.ru/post/191976/, о совместной работе видеотерминалов Aastra Blustar 8000i со сторонними IP-PBX, в моем случае это будет Cisco CUCM 9.0.

Данная статья будет полезна VoIP-инженерам, которые занимаются внедрением и эксплуатацией Call Manager от Cisco, и перед которыми стоит задача организовать видео-общение пользователей, а так же начинающим инженерам CUCM, так как в статье будет рассмотрена первичная настройка Cisco CUCM 9.0 для работы 3rd-Party SIP-устройств.
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Top 10 Chat, Audio & Video Calling API & SDK Providers for Enterprise Business

Instant Messaging *Conferences Social networks and communities
The Worlds Leading Real-time Messaging, Audio & Video Chat Solutions That Made Biggest Impact In 2019


With the growing trend of digitalization, most enterprises have transformed their communication methodology from mainstream to digital. In order to keep up with competitors, companies regularly upgrade their services, specially the way they relay information to their customers as well as their employees. Today, seamless real-time networking plays a critical role in engaging with individuals and enterprises, and the best way to implement such a feat is onboarding a Real-Time Chat, Voice & Video Calling SDK/API providers.
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Looking for a Zoom alternative?Here are the best suggestions for videoconferencing apps

API *Software Video conferencing

As much of the world works from home amid COVID-19 lockdowns and ‘shelter in place’ restrictions, video call and conferencing apps have experienced a significant surge in user numbers. From top business executives to scientists and government officials, the employed across industries and roles have moved operations online and onto video conferencing apps such as Zoom.

The dark side of this change is that video calls have also become a playground for phishermen and ‘Zoombombers’. This development was recently experienced by Zoom users, who took to the internet to allege that Zoom vulnerability windows were compromised and ‘Zoom is not safe to use’.

In March alone, the number of Zoom users saw a whopping 535% increase, with its iPhone app being the most downloaded for weeks at a stretch. However, reports of security disasters and Zoom privacy issues saw the brand’s credibility snowballing at an alarming pace. Despite the company CEO stepping up to the plate and ramping up privacy measures, professionals continue to debate on whether the Zoom privacy and security issues, that risked data of millions, can be quickly resolved.

What went wrong?
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