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Top 10 Best Voice Chat APIs for Mobile and Web Apps

API *Video conferencing

Voice calling plays a crucial role in personal and professional communication. Be it a friendly conversation among classmates or a business deal between companies – voice calling has been the most easy, convenient, and affordable way to communicate for decades. Thus, communication corporations and developers have brought in innovative ways to integrate their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and invent newer ways of voice communication.

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How in-app chats help e-learning platforms to be more interactive?

Instant Messaging *Development of mobile applications *API *Software Video conferencing

e-Learning is an extension of/ alternative to a traditional classroom setup. e-learning, commonly known as ‘online learning’ or ‘virtual learning’ is ideally a one-way or two-way digital communication established on a device with video and voice call integration using internet access. The last two years made us realize how technology can facilitate and improve communication. Digital technology had its impact in almost every industry including the sensitive education sector.

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