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How abortion in the age of surveillance capitalism turns Internet into a dystopia

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The reversal of Roe v. Wade, which launched a furious debate about abortion rights, has a side — and a very itchy side. In June 2022, the Supreme Court struck down federal protections for abortion rights in the United States, turning the decision on the legality of abortion over to the state level, many of whom had long been waiting for it: they had «trigger» laws banning abortion, and state prosecutors were preparing to prosecute for violating or trying to circumvent them.

Not even a week later, news emerged that the blow to women's rights might come from an unexpected (for naive Americans who are not familiar with the «Yarovaya Package» and other niceties of Russian legislation) side, when the willingness to «leak» personal data even without a decision was confirmed by the developers of major applications for women. Thus, suddenly, own gadgets and all the IT infrastructure that surrounds the modern man for his convenience, suddenly showed its downside: the possibility of total control over human life and actions.

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