• Picking a Color Scheme for Your App: How to Make It Simple?

      Along with functionality, your application’s colors are a key aspect. The user’s impression of your application is formulated through interaction with graphics UI elements, which is a crucial factor.
      Selecting the color scheme that will suit your application is a long process since there is an infinite number of existing patterns. So now you can immediately answer this article’s main question: there is no easy way to choose a color scheme for your app. However, do not rush to give up on this text. You may not even realize how significant and exciting this process is.

      Below, we will mention the most crucial points that relate to selecting a color palette for your application. We’ve paid special attention to the UI details and outlined how to increase your brand prevalence and your application usability thanks to the proper colors.
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    • M&A for Project Teams: How to Manage Project Data and Processes Effectively?

        The process of mergers and acquisitions is complicated and requires much more effort than most business owners might expect. Generally, most workload is put on project managers who shoulder the bulk of responsibility for keeping both the existing and new projects on track. They have to not only understand the purpose of the planned M&A, but also consider all the operations that can go wrong. Then, businesses are more likely to end up with success, and not a failure.
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      • How Many Developers Need to Create Service Like Airbnb

           Back in 2007, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia shared a room in San Francisco and were unable to pay rent on time. As a way out, they decided to turn their living space into a simple bed-and-breakfast hotel to get some money from travelers. A year later, the venturers launched a website which evolved into the most famous peer-to-peer renting service called Airbnb.

           Now, the company has 3,100 employees and generates insane revenues for its founders. The statistics say that Airbnb has 150 million registered users, 3 million hosts, and 4 million listed offers. The service covers 80,000 cities in 190 countries, and, interestingly, 50% of traffic comes from mobile applications.

            These figures are so impressive that you may also want to create your own Airbnb clone and become successful. But slow down. This story is already written; do you really need to create a marketplace similar to Airbnb?
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        • The Overview of JavaScript Frameworks: Which One to Choose for Your Project?

          Ten years ago, companies who wanted to create cross-platform projects would have to cooperate with different development teams and experts. However, 2009 has changed the game, because the developers from Nitobi (later purchased by Apache) presented Cordova – a fresh framework that was able to convert web applications into mobile systems. Linking the devices’ APIs via plugins, developers could access smartphones and tablets. Cordova is a JavaScript-based tech compatible with various platforms.

          In this guide, we will review three more JS-driven systems, look at their unique features and compare them.
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