• Best web development frameworks in 2019

      Web development frameworks are built to guide the developers for creating high-quality web apps using a single programming language. Web application frameworks are essential for the developers in examining the components of a rich web application. There has been a high rise in the frontend frameworks focusing on web development. The common goal of these frameworks is to facilitate development. And what sets them apart from everyone is how they deal with this goal.

      There are numerous frameworks exists for building a web app. Selecting a framework is an easy task, but implementing it over a whole app is a bit difficult. So don't be in a hurry while choosing a framework; each one has its pros and cons. Make sure the framework you're continuing with, meets your need and project requirements.

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    • Why developers love to build native App?

        In today's world, the rise and use of smartphones have reached to an extent and is continuing to rise higher. There are numerous things on which people are more dependent on fulfilling their daily tasks or usage. Millions of mobile applications are built by developers to make the lives of people more comfortable and convenient. There is a range of reasons to use mobile apps like — playing games, shopping, engagement on social media platforms, accessing news, and other functions.

        For assuring that the application is working in a perfect condition, it is necessary to make sure that the development process is followed in a certain way while building an app. So why Native app development will be comfortable for your app and not Cross-platform development?

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      • AngularJS vs. KnockoutJS: The Fundamental Differences and Similarities You Should Know

          It's extremely befuddling when it comes to choosing between two libraries and frameworks, especially when they are almost similar to each other.

          I faced the same situation recently when I had to choose one from AngularJS vs KnockoutJS. The most perplexing part of the two is AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web development framework while Knockout is a library.

          So, the selection is a bit complex task and, as I had to, you might need to go through a systematic and understand the two technologies or web development framework thoroughly.


          So, you need to begin following the one-by-one method.

          What is Framework?

          A framework is a model on which you have to build your home. It is having a collection of blueprints which from which it choose the right one for you. In short, the framework is in charge of the flow and it chooses when and how to go.

          What is the Library?

          The library is like going to a furniture house to get some furniture for your home. Here you are in charge of the flow and you decide when to call the code.

          Overview of Angular and KnockoutJS



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        • Top 10 JavaScript Hack for Optimized Performance

          JavaScript has been ruling the tech arena for more than two decades and helping developers simplifying complex tasks. It allows developers to implement complex task web pages in a most simplified manner. For most of the developers minified JavaScript file is the common phenomena while very few developers may be aware of Optimized JavaScript code. While meeting through many Javascript developers, I have come to know that Optimized JavaScript code is something that confuses developers, some of them might be doing it, but they are not aware of this.

          What is an Optimized JavaScript Code

          When combinations of uniquely programmed logics along with small hacks utilized to enhance performance and speed is known as Optimized JavaScript code. Optimization not only optimizes performance and speed but also saves maximum development time. When you save time, you save some bucks as well.

          So, I am here with some useful and fruitful hacks to help developers optimize performance, enhance speed and save time. Hope, you like the article and after going through it, you may utilize the best of Optimized JavaScript code.

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