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How to Use Throw and Throws in Java

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Exception handling in Java is the most effective way to handle runtime errors occurring in the application. This is used to protect the abnormal flow of the execution of the application and continue the application in normal flow. This is the process of handling runtime errors such as ClassNotFoundException, IOException, etc. The throw and throws keywords are used to handle exceptions in Java.
In this topic, we will learn how to use throw and throws keywords in Java with examples.

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List in Java | Interface, Methods, Example

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In this topic, we will learn about what is a List in Java. How to create a List in Java? What are the methods of List in Java? The List is an interface in Java. It is extending the Collection interface in Java. This List interface is present in the java.util package in Java. A list represents a group of individual objects as a single entity where duplicates are allowed and insertion order is preserved.

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