• Silicon Valley is an amazing place, but I’m taking a bet about Russia… или пост о том, как Райaн приехал работать в Островок из Кремниевой долины
    This is the type of cynicism that I find so interesting among Russian engineers and entrepreneurs. I try not to laugh hysterically when reading that «I came to Russia because I couldn't make it in Silicon Valley.» Companies like Google and Facebook is where entrepreneurs go to die. Yes, thats right, I walked away from palm trees, larger salaries, clam chowder, and a plentiful supply of hot sauce to move to Russia. There MUST be a reason right? Maybe i'm a spy?

    There is always a shortsighted view point in russia that i cannot wrap my head around. It's always «How are you going to make money now?» Obviously I have to generalize, but it seems, even the most basic understanding of capital markets, risk, and entrepreneurship are lost to even the formally trained mind.

    It only confirms my suspicion that although raw engineering talent is bountiful in Russia, companies that can actually grok value creation are few and far. There is a VACUMN of value creation in Russia, and everyone who is too busy focusing on why 'theres nothing interesting in russia' is going to miss the biggest opportunity standing right in front of them. Don't let foreigners like me beat you to it Russia!