• Importance of Instant Messaging for Business Collaboration


      Amidst the several collaboration tools, instant messaging has placed a remarkable venture in the business. The momentum of instant messaging for business has transformed from social networks to enterprise applications. From startups to Fortune 500, every business can be benefited.

      Communication is the driving force behind productivity. Businesses need to communicate with customers and employees need to communicate with peers. With smartphones within arms’ reach and plenty of ubiquitous forms of electronic communication, collaboration has never been easier.

      In this post, you will understand why the effective communication platform is a crucial component of getting things done.
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    • 10+ Online Collaboration Tools for Managing Remote Teams


        Switching to remote work is a trend that dominates. The latest reports indicate doubling the number of remote workers in the recent 10 years. And despite the famous Yahoo ban in 2015 that forced the employees to return to the offices, the trend for remote jobs opportunities keeps on expanding globally.

        Among driving forces facilitating this growth, there are new managerial practices and innovative tech solutions that enable top companies to increase hiring remote teams.

        Lack of effective tools, however, might hinder the productivity of your team so making the right choice in terms of software that would empower the team collaboration, will save you from facing numerous challenges.
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      • 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use WhatsApp for Business Communication



          The most popular and highly used personal communication platform unlike any other applications with

          • 1bn daily active users,
          • 1.5bn monthly active users,
          • and 60bn message-exchanges per day. Across the globe have taken a back seat serving the enterprise-level communication.

          Being simple to understand, easy to use, fun-loving, and free. The WhatsApp security issues made the application no more favourite across professional workspaces!
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        • 14 Best Note taking Apps: Which one is Ahead of the Pack?


            Have a thought or an important reminder to set? But no paper or pencil, and no time to pen it down? Fret not, we have got you covered!

            The thing with thoughts is that they hit you suddenly, irrespective of the time and place. A million-dollar idea can strike your brain while you are tuning to your favourite song, or walking down the street to fetch your morning coffee. We bet it happens to everybody, including you.

            At a time like these, do you frantically search for a paper or pen or you wish for a readily available tool that allows you to make quick memo notes? The latter sounds perfect, and that’s why we’ve rounded up thirteen best note-taking apps and summarised their features.
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          • Flock Vs Slack: Which tool is more easy to use and highly productive?


            The technology-driven world has built the current era of convenience by giving simple solutions to complex problems. It has brought many super flexible and diverse forms of applications to integrate displaced things or people on a unified platform to make things happen better. Having said that, I suggest you try to improve the work quality and increase productivity at your workplace by adopting smart solutions.

            Make conversations real-time and dynamic with the help of instant messaging applications, instead of static and long threaded confusing emails!

            Don’t just let your productive morning hours go in checking and replying those lengthy transactional emails. instead, switch to simple and easy to use team collaboration applications like Slack or Flock for the swift understanding of your work and their updates.

            The blog article of PGi says emails don’t provide collaboration features to co-ordinate work.

            Flock, a simple team messaging software, founded by a tech entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia in the year 2014 has a notable client list from across the globe including; MERU, Policy bazaar, Crisil, Avendus, Ricoh, Gini & Jony, McDonald’s, Sodexo, etc, Flock is available across all devices, so you will never miss a thing.

            On the other side, the initial release of Slack happened in the year 2013, by its founder Stewart Butterfield and now the non-engineers built application has reached the top of silicon valley with its stock market debut of $20bn.

            Though there are so many chat applications out there, now team conversations are more seamless and organized with Troop Messenger. We had performed various in-depth analysis of our competitor’s tools to give you better insights into their pros and cons with our previous comparison blogs.

            However, this time we made our best efforts to make you know the highs and lows of two rivals: the most popular Flock and Slack.

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