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Head of RTB, automation enthusiast, and violinist

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Как дизайнеру спасти ситуацию с помощью исследования. За пару часов, $4 и без разработки

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Привет! Меня зовут Анастасия Винокурова, я продуктовый дизайнер. В дизайне работаю семь лет, из которых два года — в СберМаркете. До этого четыре года занималась исследованиями. В этом кейсе расскажу, как мы в СберМаркете меняли навигацию главного экрана, выдвинули гипотезу, которая не подтвердилась, а потом исправили проблему с помощью быстрых и недорогих исследований.

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TRIZ: The Problem-Solving Methodology for Product Managers

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As a product manager with over a decade of experience, I'm always looking for new ways to enhance my skills and help other product managers advance in their careers. One area that many companies focus on during the job interview process is analytical and creative problem-solving. And as product managers, we encounter these types of challenges on a daily basis. It's important to stay sharp and continuously develop our problem-solving abilities. That's why I made it a habit to practice a logic puzzle every day. But I also wondered if there was a common approach to solving these puzzles. That's when I discovered TRIZ – the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. In this article, I'll provide an overview of what TRIZ is and how it can be applied in product management. Then, I'll apply TRIZ principles to solve a series of logical puzzles, showcasing the power and effectiveness of this methodology. So whether you're an experienced product manager looking to enhance your skills or someone who enjoys a good brain teaser, read on to discover the power of TRIZ!

If you find TRIZ to be a useful tool for problem-solving and innovation, there are many resources available to help you delve deeper into the methodology. The TRIZ Journal, for example, offers enough information on TRIZ, including case studies, articles, and other resources. You can also find books and online courses that provide a more in-depth look at TRIZ and how it can be applied in different industries and contexts. So if you're interested in learning more, there are plenty of opportunities to expand your knowledge and apply TRIZ to your work.

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