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15 different mobile air conditioning systems for effective cooling

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In the warm months of the year, the constant heat is a problem for many people. The strain not only makes work in the office more difficult, but also everyday life at home. Mobile air conditioners are suitable for your own four walls. They are space-saving and ensure uncomplicated refreshment in sunny rooms. The effective ventilation system cools and dehumidifies at the same time and ensures a pleasant living climate. A significant difference between mobile air conditioners is the cooling capacity and the power consumption, which depends on the size of the room and the prevailing temperatures.

In the following comparison of mobile air conditioners, you can learn more about the individual models, their advantages and disadvantages and their functions. We then answer the most important questions that arise when buying an air conditioning system in the guide, and last but not least, we search the leading test portals of Stiftung Warentest and Öko Test for a current air conditioning system test. Find out which of the compact air fresheners fits your room conditions and decide on effective and sustainable cooling.

1. TROTEC local air conditioning unit PAC 3500 SH
With the locally usable TROTEC PAC 3500 SH air conditioning unit you are well equipped if you require a mobile unit with a practical 4-in-1 function for a real feel-good climate. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, this unit has a low noise level. The company puts the noise level at around 54.5 decibels.
This means that you can benefit not only from a 3.5 kW cooling capacity, but also from a 2.9 kW heating capacity. The TROTEC PAC 3500 SH air conditioner is therefore a real all-round unit that can be used in a particularly flexible manner.
This unit scores points above all with its relatively simple operation and several other advantages. In addition to an adjustable blow-out function, you also benefit from an integrated timer.
Can the blow-off direction be adjusted on this model?
Yes, you can choose between different levels.
How long is the exhaust hose?
It measures 1.5 m in total.
For which room size is the TROTEC air conditioner PAC 3500 SH suitable?
According to the manufacturer's specifications, this air conditioning unit is suitable for rooms up to 46 m² or 115 m³.
2.De'Longhi Pinguino PAC AN98 ECO Silent — mobile air conditioner
The second model is the mobile air conditioner De'Longhi Pinguino PAC AN98 ECO Silent. The Silent system ensures that the noise level is a pleasant 63 decibels. In addition to energy class A, this De'Longhi model also has a practical timer. This means that the model can easily be set to a time window of up to 24 hours, during which time operation is ensured. This is particularly practical if you want to use the De'Longhi Pinguino PAC AN98 ECO Silent air conditioner in the evening, for example, and ensure that the unit switches off automatically
This is an air conditioning system that is suitable for rooms with up to 95 cubic metres due to its particularly high cooling capacity. In addition to the air conditioning unit itself, this model also offers a number of other functions, as a ventilation function is available for selection. The same also applies to operation as an air dehumidifier.
The refrigerant used is R290, which is more natural and non-toxic than alternatives. It is therefore not a refrigerant that has a direct impact on the greenhouse effect.
Is an exhaust air hose included in the scope of delivery?
If you decide on this mobile air conditioner, you will of course find an exhaust hose in the scope of delivery, which can be easily combined with it.
How can this unit be operated?
You can choose between the remote control supplied and the various control buttons that are installed on the unit itself.
How many levels does the integrated fan offer?
The built-in fan can be set to three different levels.
3. TROTEC local air conditioning unit PAC 2010 SH
From the renowned brand manufacturer TROTEC, we have already introduced you to a locally usable air conditioning system which is characterised by a solid price-performance ratio. This also applies to the model with the unit designation PAC 2010 SH, which you can obtain in a package with the appropriate accessories.
With this version of TROTEC you benefit from a 4-in-1 function. Like various similar models from this comparison of the best mobile air conditioners, you can not only ensure efficient air conditioning in your own four walls, but also heating, dehumidification and ventilation.
What cooling capacity do I need? In their evaluations of mobile air conditioners, customers repeatedly ask the question of the cooling capacity and duration for a 20 to 30 square metre room. None of the manufacturers can put a figure on the cooling capacity so simply. After all, the initial temperatures and the outside temperatures are decisive for determining these performance components. In principle, you should only cool a room down by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius compared to the outside temperature. Even if this may seem low at first glance, you should take into account that the air conditioners simultaneously draw moisture from the air and simulate a colder ambient temperature.
If you rely on the TROTEC air conditioner PAC 2010 SH, you can rely on particularly good cooling performance thanks to the 7,000 BTU. So if you are looking for a real all-rounder in terms of practical air conditioning, you will make no mistake. The noise development is also within a pleasant range at 53 decibels.
In order to use this air conditioner for cooling, you should always use the supplied exhaust air hose. TROTEC supplies you with all the necessary accessories for this, which is really practical.
To use this air conditioner for cooling, you should always use the supplied exhaust hose. TROTEC supplies you with all the necessary accessories for this, which is really practical.
How long is the exhaust hose?
The hose from the set of the TROTEC PAC 2010 SH air conditioner measures 1.5 metres in total.
Is a timer function also available on this model?
Yes. If desired, you can set this unit to up to 24 hours in order to limit the operation time.
How many fan speeds does the air conditioner support?
According to the information in the data sheet, you can set a total of two different levels of ventilation on this model.
4. pro Breeze mobile air conditioning
The Pro Breeze brand mobile air conditioning system also promises efficient cooling performance, offering a 3-in-1 function and being very flexible in use. Thus the cooling capacity of the manufacturer is stated as a total of 9,000 BTU. In this respect, you can effectively cool down living rooms, bedrooms and offices in a conventional room size to up to 16 degrees.
An advantage of the Pro Breeze air conditioner is also the digital display as well as the included remote control. You do not have to be directly at the device to change settings. The room temperature can of course also be precisely adjusted on the air conditioner itself.
So you can also access the other functions that the mobile air conditioning from Pro Breeze offers. In particular, the timer should be mentioned.
A window seal, in order to take the air conditioning properly in operation, is of course also included in the scope of delivery. These are two different sealing sets, which can be optionally combined with a sliding or a tilting window. Whichever option you choose, you will benefit from good cooling performance and a perfect addition to any home when using Pro Breeze mobile air conditioning.
How exactly must Pro Breeze be installed?
To use the cooling mode, you must combine the air conditioner with the supplied exhaust hose and mount it on the window.
What is the power consumption of this air conditioner?
According to the data sheet this air conditioner consumes 1 kilowatt hour in operation.
What other functions are supported by this unit?
In addition to the air conditioning function itself, you can also use this unit as an air cooler, fan and dehumidifier.
5. SUNTEC PROGRESS mobile local air conditioning unit
If you have a fairly large room to cool, then you should always use an air conditioner that offers the appropriate cooling capacity. For example, the mobile air conditioning unit SUNTEC PROGRESS, which is suitable for rooms with a surface area of up to 60 m² or 130 m³. The noise level is specified at 65 decibels.
As with similar units in this price class, the SUNTEC PROGRESS air conditioning unit also benefits from a practical 3-in-1 function. This means that you can cool, dehumidify and ventilate your room without any problems.
In addition, the ecological coolant R290 is used, which pollutes the environment without toxins or harmful substances. The temperature of this model can be adjusted from 16°C to 31°C, and a practical timer function is also available.
If you prefer to use the mobile air conditioner at night, the volume should not be too high. The SUNTEC brand has equipped this mobile air conditioner with a special mode to suit this purpose, whereby only the maximum volume of 55 decibels is reached.
How must the control be done?
You can, for example, use the various operating elements on the device itself. As an alternative, however, you will also find a remote control in the scope of delivery, which must be equipped with AAA batteries.
Is an exhaust air hose also included in the scope of delivery?
In order to be able to operate the SUNTEC mobile air conditioner directly, an exhaust air hose is necessary. This hose is included in the delivery and measures 1.50 m in total.
Is there also a suitable adapter for the window?
Yes, such a window adapter is also included in the delivery and offers the advantage that the exhaust air hose can be integrated very easily.
6. Mobile air conditioner DeLonghi PAC N77 ECO for rooms up to 70 square meters
The De'Longhi PAC N77 ECO has a maximum cooling capacity of 2.1 kilowatt hours. This compact air conditioner belongs to energy efficiency class A. De'Longhi uses an air-to-air system in the PAC N77 ECO mobile air conditioner. In addition to the compact unit size of 75 × 44.9 × 39.5 centimetres, an additional condensation water recycling system is installed. According to the manufacturer, you can use this mobile air conditioner in rooms of up to 70 square meters.
Compared to the competition, these systems combine a recycling system for the condensation water. Instead of collecting unused condensate in a tank, these air conditioners recycle the condensate to cool the condenser. The remaining water vapour is discharged to the outside via an exhaust air hose.
With this model, De'Longhi has opted for an innovative design, a comparatively quiet operation with a noise level of 60 decibels and an operation that is as ecological as possible. According to the manufacturer, the dehumidifier function manages up to 30 litres within 24 hours. This model also has an electronic 12-hour timer and a thermostat. A set for easy window installation is included in the delivery.
Does the De'Longhi PAC N77 ECO have a fan function?
Yes. According to the manufacturer, this is available.
Is there a timer?
Yes, there is a digital 24-hour timer.
How heavy is this air conditioner?
The weight of the De'Longhi PAC N77 ECO mobile air conditioner is reported to be 30 kilograms.
What is the maximum input power?
This is 850 watts.
7. TROTEC 1210002006 PAC 2010 E — mobile air conditioning unit with 3-in-1 function
The TROTEC 1210002006 PAC 2010 E air conditioning system guarantees a cooling capacity of maximum 2.1 kilowatt hours and 7,200 BTU per hour. Thanks to the three functions in one air conditioner, you can cool, dehumidify and ventilate. The Auto-Restart function allows you to control the TROTEC PAC 2010 E with a timer. The mobile air conditioner has an intelligent recycling system. For you as a user, this means that you need to empty the condensate container less often. Similar to the De'Longhi PAC N81, the water is used to cool the condenser.
The TROTEC air conditioning unit is suitable for rooms up to 65 cubic metres and in this connection it achieves an air output of a maximum of 320 cubic metres per hour. At the same time, the PAC 2010 E extracts up to 1 litre of moisture per hour from the room air. In total, the power consumption comes to a maximum of 0.8 kilowatts. The sound pressure level at levels 1 to 3 remains below 51 decibels, which complies with the requirements of EN ISO 3745:2012 for sound emissions.
With a weight of 24 kilograms, this monobloc device has a footprint of 37 × 38 × 77 centimetres. Place the air conditioner near a window and lead the 1.5 meter long exhaust hose outside through the tilted window. The diameter of the hose is 142 millimetres.
What does BTU mean? BTU stands for "British thermal unit". The unit symbol btu appears just as frequently. We use this abbreviation to describe the thermal energy of an air conditioning system. It refers to the amount of heat needed to heat a pound of water to one degree Fahrenheit.
For which room size is the TROTEC PAC 2010 E air conditioner suitable?
There is a capacity calculator available directly from the manufacturer. According to TROTEC, the capacity is 30 watts per cubic metre for normal rooms and 50 watts per cubic metre for the attic.
How many degrees can the air conditioner cool down to?
In the temperature settings up to a maximum of 16 degrees Celsius are possible.
Do the cooling and dehumidification take place simultaneously?
Yes. During cooling, the TROTEC PAC 2010 E dehumidifies the room air. There is also the option of selecting the dehumidification mode separately.
Is the matching hose included in the scope of delivery?
Yes, when you purchase the air conditioner, you will receive an exhaust hose. In addition, there are special window seals that can be installed directly on the window frame.
8. Comfee Eco Friendly Pro Mobile air conditioner
The Comfee brand is also well known for high quality air conditioners that are suitable for mobile use. For example, the device with the model name Eco Friendly Pro, which is offered at a good price for easy ordering.
This is a mobile air conditioner that is suitable for rooms with a surface area of up to 35 m². In this context, however, you should also pay attention to the cubic metres in any case, as the height of the room also plays an important role in the design.
Another interesting feature of this model is that the manufacturer includes a handy remote control, which in turn is equipped with a display and makes it easy to read the current and set temperature. Here you can of course also switch various functions on and off, which is particularly practical. This also applies, among other things, to the integrated fan, which can thus be conveniently controlled remotely.
Otherwise, an air hose is also included in the scope of delivery, with which the air conditioner should be equipped for particularly effective use. Matching this, Amazon also offers a number of window seals that are perfectly suited for mobile air conditioners.
What is the noise level of this air conditioner during operation?
According to the manufacturer's specifications, the Comfee Eco Friendly Pro air conditioner reaches up to 62 decibels when used at its highest setting.
Is there also an integrated fan?
Yes, to ensure the most efficient cooling in the room, the manufacturer also installs a fan function. The fan can also be operated individually via the remote control.
Can this unit also be operated without the exhaust air hose?
In principle, yes, although this only applies to the dehumidification functions and the fan. From a purely technical point of view, there is hardly any cooling if you do not combine such a mobile air conditioner with an exhaust hose that separates the warm air from the room.
9. De'Longhi Penguino PAC CN93 ECO
From the manufacturer De'Longhi we have already presented a recommendable mobile air conditioner above. If, on the other hand, you would like to benefit from a cooling capacity that is also noticeable in larger rooms, then the unit with the model designation Pinguino PAC CN93 ECO could also be a good choice for you.
This mobile air conditioner, which is sent to your home in a set with an exhaust hose, can be used for rooms with up to 90 square metres. So simply cool the room temperature down to 20 degrees and benefit from a real feel-good climate, which is especially recommended in the warm months of the year.
On request, this mobile air conditioner can also be adjusted in terms of its service life thanks to the 12-hour timer. This is particularly practical if you want to switch this unit on in the evening, for example, to cool the bedroom, although it is of course not recommended that the air conditioning then runs all night. The timer solves this problem.
As a further special feature, the De'Longhi Pinguino PAC CN93 ECO air conditioner is also equipped with an integrated dust filter. This is particularly practical as it filters pollen, dust and other small dirt particles directly from the air.
Does the De'Longhi Pinguino PAC CN93 ECO air conditioner support other functions?
Yes, in addition to a climate effect, you also benefit from a dehumidifier and a ventilation function.
How must the exhaust hose be installed?
You will find the exhaust air hose in the accessories package of the air conditioner. You simply need to attach it to a window or an external door with a window, so that the best possible climate effect can be achieved.
How much does the air conditioner cost, considering the electricity charges?
The maximum power consumption of this unit is 1,100 watts. If you now calculate an average electricity price of € 0.29 per kilowatt-hour, with the unit switched on for six hours a day, you will incur costs of € 1.94 per day.
10. Suntec Wellness 14277 mobile local air conditioning unit
The mobile air conditioners of the manufacturer Suntec Wellness are definitely to be recommended, as these models are usually all characterized by a good efficiency. This also applies to the unit with the model designation 14277, which supports a cooling capacity of 9,000 BTU/h and is therefore suitable for rooms with an area of up to 34 square metres or 80 cubic metres.
Another special feature of this mobile air conditioner is the use of an ecological coolant, namely R290. It is also a variant that supports a total of three functions. You can not only cool, but also dehumidify and ventilate. However, the ventilation function in particular offers the advantage that the general cooling effect is additionally supported.
The Suntec Wellness 14277 can also be controlled very easily via the display, which is integrated on the device itself. As an alternative, the manufacturer also sends a remote control with it, which has to be equipped with two batteries. This means that you don't have to go to the device to make settings, such as an adjusted temperature or similar.
Is this air conditioner also suitable for dehumidification?
Yes, the manufacturer has integrated such a function. When you use it, just make sure that this function is actually selected.
Is a dust filter included?
Of course, you can find such a filter in the set of the delivery. This is particularly important as the warm air is drawn in and the filtering process is exploited.
Is everything you need to start up the unit directly included?
In this context, we are mainly talking about an exhaust hose and adapters that are compatible with standard windows. Exactly these accessories are also included in the delivery of this product.
11. ARGO RELAX STYLE Mobile air conditioning
We would like to present you a recommendable mobile air conditioner, which offers an effective cooling capacity of 10,000 BTU per hour, from the manufacturer ARGO. This mobile unit offers three different functions and not only cools the room effectively, but also ventilates thanks to the integrated fan. If desired, the dehumidification function can also be set. The noise level is around 64 decibels.
To ensure the best possible air conditioning, the built-in fan has three different ventilation speeds. A practical automatic mode can also be selected. 
The ARGO RELAX STYLE air conditioner is operated using the buttons on the unit itself. As an alternative, the manufacturer also supplies a remote control.
As a further special feature, this unit supports a digital timer that can be set for up to 24 hours. The mobile air conditioner can be put into operation immediately after delivery. The scope of delivery includes all necessary accessories, such as a flexible exhaust hose, an adapter for the window and a suitable kit, so that the installation is easy to implement.
With which energy class has this appliance been certified?
According to the manufacturer, this is a mobile air conditioner with energy efficiency class A.
What size of room is the mobile air conditioner suitable for?
According to the data sheet, this air conditioner can be used for rooms up to 35 square metres or 90 cubic metres.
What is the diameter of the exhaust hose supplied?
The hose that must be combined with this air conditioner has a diameter of 150 millimetres.
12 .De'Longhi Pinguino PAC N82 ECO Silent mobile air conditioner
Since the air conditioners of the renowned manufacturer De'Longhi are particularly widespread and popular and several other models can be found in the range of this brand, we would like to introduce the device with the designation PAC N82 ECO a little closer to you. The manufacturer has attached great importance to the fact that it is an air conditioner that can be operated particularly quietly.
This model is suitable for rooms with an area of up to 80 cubic metres. Of course, the De'Longhi Pinguino PAC N82 ECO also comes with an exhaust hose so that the air conditioning can be switched on immediately after a short installation. In addition to a cooling function, you can also use this unit as a fan and as a dehumidifier.
In practice, the 12-hour timer has also proven itself. The manufacturer has integrated this timer so that you can conveniently switch on the unit for this period without having to make individual settings. You can look forward to many different functions to ensure an optimal room climate in your own four walls. The manufacturer also supplies a remote control for easy operation.
What energy efficiency class has this appliance been awarded?
This is a mobile air conditioner with energy efficiency class A.
Does this model have castors?
Yes, of course the manufacturer has fitted castors, so it is no problem at all to simply roll the mobile air conditioner from A to B in a room. The castors are of course also equipped with a corresponding safety device.
Are there controls on the air conditioner itself?
In addition to the remote control, you can also use the various controls on the unit itself to select the functions. So set the detailed air conditioning or choose the dehumidification and ventilation mode, so that you can easily set this model to suit your personal preferences.
13. monzana 4-in-1 air conditioner with air cooler and fan
The mobile air conditioner from Monzana combines four functions to ensure a pleasant indoor climate. It consists of a humidifier, an air conditioner and a fan. The evaporation of water in the 7-litre tanks creates a refreshing flow of air that ends up in the room. At the bottom of the unit there are freely movable castors that make transport easier. You can also set three power levels or add an automatic swivel movement. In this way the air cooler adapts to the current room conditions.
With a maximum air flow of 380 cubic metres per hour and an evaporation capacity of 800 millilitres per hour, this air conditioner ranks in the solid midfield. The patented system of dust filter and water filter cleans the air in the room and ensures economical operation. In addition to the air conditioning unit, the scope of delivery includes two cooling batteries and a German-language operating manual. The automatic direction indicator can be optionally switched off. Alternatively, you can use the three-dimensional air flow control via the fins of the Monzana air conditioning unit.
Does the Monzana 4-in-1 air conditioner run on batteries?
No. This air conditioner must be powered.
How long does the Monzana 4-in-1 air conditioner need for a 20 square metre room?
The manufacturer cannot provide an exact figure here. After all, the cooling capacity depends on the room and outside temperatures. The mobile units cannot keep up with a permanently installed air conditioning system.
How loud is the Monzana 4-in-1 air conditioner?
As can be seen from the customer reviews, the air conditioner runs at around 56 decibels. The users first have to get used to the volume.
What is the electricity consumption of the Monzana 4-in-1 air conditioner?
This air conditioner consumes 75 watts, which can be compared to an old light bulb.
14. mobile air conditioning Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas with three operating modes
The Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas cools with an economical compressor and a total output of 3.5 kilowatts. Three different operating modes are available: cooling, dehumidification, ventilation. The fan can be set in stages, allowing the temperature in the rooms to be regulated between 16 and 32 degrees Celsius. As a result, the cooled air is distributed like a gentle breeze or a powerful air stream. If the fan works alone, you can save a lot of electricity during operation.
At the same time, the dehumidifier draws the remaining condensation water from the Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas. The timer enables time control. If you wish, this air conditioner switches off at a certain time, for example when the target temperature is reached. Control the functions via the control panel in the centre of the air conditioner or use the remote control for the settings.
The sound level is specified by the manufacturer as 62 decibels. This means the unit is not one of the loudest. In addition to the air conditioner, Klarstein supplies the remote control, an extendable exhaust hose with a length of 1.5 metres, the hose connection for the appliance and the exhaust air opening as well as a practical hose holder and two cable holders. The German-language operating instructions help with installation and adjustment. You can set the temperatures in Fahrenheit or in degrees Celsius.
What energy efficiency class does the Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas air conditioner have?
It belongs to energy efficiency class A.
For which room size is this clear stone air conditioner suitable?
The manufacturer specifies the range of action with 15 to 20 square metres for the Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas air conditioning system.
Is there an eco mode?
Yes, this is available and, according to the manufacturer, ensures particularly economical operation with a car switch-off after 8 hours.
Can I program the timer?
Yes, you can program the timer between one and 24 hours. The first 10 hours can be programmed in 30 minute increments, after that only in hourly intervals.
15. De'Longhi PAC AN112 silent air conditioner with environmentally friendly coolant 
The De'Longhi PAC AN112 silent air conditioner has a maximum cooling capacity of 2.9 kilowatts and the volume is just 50 decibels. The manufacturer emphasises the silent function in the product descriptions. At this level, the air conditioner should run particularly quietly, which makes it a suitable device for the bedroom. Operation is facilitated by the clear LC display with an illuminated display on which you can set and change all functions.
De'Longhi uses an innovative, patented technology for its air conditioning system. This enables the air conditioner to automatically adjust the temperature and humidity to the room conditions. This is designed to ensure optimum comfort in the long term. It is therefore not surprising that this air conditioner is classified in energy efficiency class A+ and uses the additional condensation water through an air-to-air system. In most air conditioners, the condensation water ends up outside or is collected in a container. The De'Longhi PAC AN112 Silent air conditioner recirculates the condensate to use it to cool the condenser. Only the remaining water vapour is discharged outside through the hose.
Which coolant is environmentally friendly? It seems trivial to speak of energy efficiency and ecological significance when talking about a refrigerant. Nevertheless, De'Longhi takes a step towards environmentally friendly coolant and uses R290. It is said to have a lower impact on the greenhouse effect. Nevertheless, you should only use an air conditioner when needed at warm temperatures.
Is the De'Longhi PAC AN112 quiet?
The majority of users are extremely satisfied according to the ratings. Some have placed the air conditioner 5 metres from the bed and can sleep without any problems.
What is the diameter of the exhaust hose?
The hose has a diameter of 12.7 centimetres and measures 130 centimetres when pulled out.
What is the maintenance requirement of the De'Longhi air conditioner?
You should clean the rear filter every week. At the end of the season, remove the condensation water.
Does the PAC AN112 switch itself off?
As soon as the target temperature rises above the set target value, the compressor switches on and starts cooling. The whole process can repeat itself at irregular intervals.

How exactly does an air conditioning system work?

A proper air conditioning system fulfils the functions of heating, humidifying, cooling and dehumidifying. If one of these functions is missing, then it is not a full air conditioner, but a partial air conditioner or simply a ventilation system.
The tasks of an air conditioning system
If room air conditioning is desired, the energy should move from one place to another. When the air conditioner cools, it extracts heat from the air in the room. In doing so, it releases the heat to the outside via the condenser and the refrigeration circuit. Regardless of internal or external influences, the main task of the air conditioner is to provide an optimal indoor climate.
Air conditioning is therefore a process of air treatment. Different processes are used in an air conditioning system:
  • Heating of the room air
  • Cooling the room air
  • Renewal of the room air
  • Air cleaning
  • De-humidifying and humidifying the room air

The systems, which are air or water-bearing, use surface heating systems and surface cooling systems consisting of chambers filled with water. The central components provide air conditioning for the air supplied from outside. These temper, humidify, dehumidify and filter the air coming into the interior. This ensures the greatest possible flexibility in the air conditioning of individual rooms and building sections.
In very large rooms the air-only systems are used. The air conditioning is regulated by the air supplied. These systems are particularly suitable if the water-filled surface systems would be a nuisance. In theatres, department stores and large assembly rooms, operators rely on these models.
There is also the decentralised air-refrigerant system. This is a combination of a single duct system with constant supply air and a split system. It consists of an inner part (evaporator), which extracts the heat from the room, and an outer part (condenser), which releases the heat to the environment. A split system can cool the air in only one room. The outdoor air supply is provided by a KSV system.

How a monoblock air conditioner works

A compressor sucks in the gaseous refrigerant and compresses it until the temperature rises. The heated but still gaseous refrigerant passes through the compressor to the condenser. The condenser cools the refrigerant with the help of the outside air, it condenses and becomes liquid. It is still under high pressure, and the air-conditioning system returns the refrigerant to the evaporator via the expansion module.
A fan sucks in the warm room air, blows it over the evaporator, which cools the air down. The air cooled in this way then flows back into the room. The liquid coolant evaporates, the energy required for this comes from the heat of the original room air. Since the coolant is now gaseous again, it travels back to the compressor for compression.
The entire system is hermetically sealed so that no coolant is lost. When the air conditioning system needs to heat, the refrigerant circuit turns around.

Does Stiftung Warentest have a mobile air conditioning test?

In 2020, Stiftung Warentest last tested air conditioners with a compact design. In the air conditioning test, only four of the ten air conditioning units were convincing for mobile use. Most problems arose with regard to noise and draughts.
The testers from Stiftung Warentest criticised that the operating noise of the small air conditioners was perceived as annoying and that proper cooling comfort was not provided. The same applies to the relatively high electricity consumption. Among the tested models that are mobile in use were Panasonic, De'Longhi and Suntec.
How harmful are refrigerants to the environment? In an air conditioner, refrigerants are used in a closed circuit. If they were to escape during operation or disposal, there would be considerable damage to the environment. R 410A is one of the most climate-damaging refrigerants, consisting of pentafluoroethane and difluoromethane. If only 500 grams of this mixture were to escape, this would be equivalent to the environmental impact of a passenger's flight from Dubai to Frankfurt. R 32 and R 290 are just as harmful, so you should take a closer look at the refrigerant used in air conditioners.
What does the Federal Environment Agency expert say about air conditioning systems?
Daniel de Graaf is one of the Federal Environment Agency's experts on air conditioning systems. According to him, air conditioners using R 410A cannot be converted to another refrigerant at a later date. The manufacturers have optimised the system for this cooling. If a different agent were now used, the effect would be reduced. Fortunately, air conditioners using R 410A are gradually disappearing from the scene.
If you want to dispose of one of the monobloc air conditioners, it is best to take it to the municipal collection points and treat the air conditioner like a refrigerator. De Graaf believes that manufacturers will not be able to put R 32 air conditioners on the market so easily in the future. This increases the interest in climate-friendly alternatives. The trend is towards propane — R 290 for short — which is less harmful to the climate. The first propane split units are expected to come out in 2019.
Has Öko Test conducted a mobile air conditioning test?
The product testers from Öko Test have not yet looked into mobile air conditioning systems. According to this there is no comparable air conditioning system test. Should this change, an update of the results and expert tips will be made here.
How much does a good mobile air conditioning system cost?
Entry-level devices are available for less than 100 Euros. However, these mobile air conditioners also have disadvantages compared to the more expensive models starting at 400 euros. You should consider which of the models is right for you. In this context, the period of use, the purpose of use and the personal demands on the operation of the air conditioners play a central role. Finally, you should bear in mind that solid models cost around 250 euros. These are branded units from renowned manufacturers.
For whom is an air conditioner the right purchase?
An air conditioner is a sensible purchase for you if you want to have a pleasant indoor climate even in the warm and hot season. Due to the different filters that are in these units, there is a cleaning effect, which contributes to the general well-being. The optimal room climate for a person to feel comfortable is in the temperature range between 22 and 24 degrees — with a relative humidity of 45 to 55 percent.
What should be considered when buying mobile air conditioning systems?
  1. Volume: During operation, air conditioners can become very loud. Up to 65 decibels are not uncommon. Such a noise level can be compared to the operation of a running sewing machine. This gives you an impression of how loud a mobile air conditioner works at similar levels during operation. Matching this, there are air conditioners with the silent mode. With such functions the air conditioners run pleasantly quietly. Some air fresheners also combine a sleep function.
  2. Air cooling or cooling using coolant? The basic technology of mobile air conditioners differs in terms of air cooling or cooling the air in the room using special coolants or water-air cooling. With many designs, you must expect to dispose of condensation water that is produced during cooling.
  3. Operating costs and energy efficiency: An air conditioner consumes a lot of energy. Pay attention to the operating costs if you opt for a smaller air conditioner. Air conditioners with good energy efficiency cost between 25 and 30 cents per hour to run. The best thing to do is to buy an air conditioner that scores points for energy efficiency. From A to A+++ in the energy efficiency class, economical air conditioners score points with lower electricity costs.
  4. Temperature differences: To prevent circulation problems, you should not cool the rooms too much. The temperature difference between the house and the surroundings should not exceed 6 degrees Celsius. Otherwise the mucous membranes dry out and you risk catching a cold.
  5. Size and weight: Another important purchase criterion for an air conditioner is size and weight. In the case of a mobile device, a light weight and small size can be an advantage; after all, you can then move the device more easily to another room. The average size is 90 x 50 x 30 cm. The weight for monoblock cooling units is between 11 to 30 kg, and 27 to 50 kg for inverter split units.

Are mobile air conditioners healthy?
Mobile Air Conditioning ComparisonIn principle, air in rooms with maintained air conditioners contains fewer bacteria compared to normal room air, which contains allergens, dust or dirt particles. Comparable results are achieved by ventilation systems with an appropriate filter. Regular maintenance of the air conditioning systems is essential for proper functioning.
If this is neglected, germs and bacteria could develop. If you notice that the air smells unpleasant when operating a small air conditioning system, this may indicate allergenic ingredients. In this case it is advisable to switch off the unit completely or to carry out maintenance.
What types of air conditioners are there?
Basically, split air conditioners and mobile air conditioners are different. With a mobile air conditioner you benefit from maximum flexibility. You can install the Ice-Cooler in any room. There are further distinctions within this subdivision:
  • Central buildings — Air conditioners
  • Decentralised air conditioning systems
  • Split air conditioning
  • Monoblock air conditioning
  • Inverter air conditioning system
  • Window air conditioners

Central building air conditioning systems
In a central air conditioning system, a single unit is responsible for cooling and conditioning the air. All rooms in a building that need to be cooled are connected to the system via air ducts. In new buildings, such systems are already taken into account during the planning stage, and retrofitting is usually not feasible.
  • More energy efficient than decentralised air conditioning units
  • Individual controllability of the rooms
  • Less noise pollution than in decentralised plants due to centralised plant components and sound insulation flaps
  • Better air exchange

  • High cost of acquisition throughout the building
  • Higher maintenance requirements for hygienic operation
  • Subsequent installation problematic

Decentralised air conditioning systems
A decentralised air conditioning system usually only works for a single room and regulates the room climate advantages:
  • Easier retrofitting possible
  • Cheaper to purchase than central air conditioning systems
  • Mobility possible where appropriate

Several air conditioners for several rooms
Less energy efficient than central air conditioning systems
A split system or a blower converter are examples of a decentralised air conditioning system. These systems are not the same as room air conditioners, although the design is quite similar. If you want to air-condition several rooms in a building, you need several of these units. Decentralized air conditioners are used in buildings that have already been built because you can easily retrofit them.
Split air conditioner
A split air conditioner is a system that is permanently mounted on the wall. You do not have to lay the exhaust air hoses separately. Due to its flexibility and easy installation, many consumers choose a mobile air conditioner. These units are usually considerably cheaper.
Advantages & disadvantages of split units:
  • Outdoor and indoor unit with connecting hose
  • Easy to install and direct air outside
  • Flexible in use
  • Compressor in the outdoor unit with low noise pollution
  • Durable solution

  • no additional costs in current operation
  • Additional space required for the hose connection

Advantages & disadvantages of monoblock devices
The monoblock devices are cheaper to purchase, even though they are not suitable for permanent use. You can set up this air conditioner without additional expenses and constructional measures. In terms of efficiency, however, they are behind most split units and cool much louder.
  • All individual parts combined in one device
  • Uncomplicated, mobile solution
  • Variable installation
  • Hang the hose out of the window — no breakthrough required

  • Higher energy consumption
  • Window to accommodate the exhaust hose
  • Louder during operation
  • The cooling capacity as a whole is not very efficient

Inverter air conditioning
An inverter unit is a further development of the classic split air conditioner. A split air conditioner usually works with simple thermostats for room monitoring.
  • Cooling capacity stepless
  • Maintaining an even room temperature
  • Energy Efficient
  • Lower noise level

  • More expensive to buy
  • Pipes between the outer part and the inner part must be permanently laid through the house wall
  • Higher energy consumption with long-term constant high cooling capacity

The devices with inverter technology regulate the temperature more gently than a device with thermostats. The cooling capacity can be infinitely variable. The unit only shuts down slowly and switches on again just as slowly. This ensures that the room temperature remains more constant. Units with inverter technology consume less energy. However, the purchase costs are higher.
Window air conditioners
There are compact room air conditioners that contain the necessary technology in one housing. They can be mounted directly on a wall or in a window. You can also simply place these units in a room as a mobile version. Window air conditioners are used in apartments and motels; they are mounted on the wall or a window and are connected to the outside world.
  • Heat dissipation by direct mounting in wall and / or window
  • Less power consumption than portable monoblock devices
  • Less noise pollution than air conditioner with exhaust air hose

  • Not suitable for cooling several rooms at once
  • Sound level
  • Wall breakthrough for window air conditioners

Since the units are mounted on the wall or window, no exhaust hose is necessary for heat dissipation. This increases cooling efficiency and the units consume less energy. However, this advantage is also a disadvantage, as a wall breakthrough is necessary for installation.
If your landlord does not allow you to break through the wall, these units are not suitable. Another disadvantage is that the loudest components of the air conditioning system are still present in the room.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile air conditioner?
Studies have shown that the concentration and performance drops at high temperatures. According to these studies, air conditioners are mainly used in offices and lounges. Mobile air conditioners have the advantage of being quite easy to install. Moreover, devices of this type can be flexibly placed in the room and can be installed anywhere in the home. Many models have castors and can be taken along.
When purchasing, a quite high purchase price is to be expected. Moreover, mobile air conditioners can mutate into a real power guzzler. If these devices are regularly used in summer, higher running costs are incurred. It is not uncommon for consumers who have not attached great importance to the economical operation of an air conditioning system to complain about additional costs of more than 100 euros. With some air conditioners, the volume is a clear disadvantage. For this reason, you should choose a compact unit that cools with a low decibel level.
Mobile air conditioners with and without exhaust hose: What to consider?
Many users criticise the installation of the exhaust hose, without which the air conditioner cannot be operated. Especially the units in the low price range are dependent on this hose, which you lead outside through the window. After all, cooling generates heat that you do not want to have in the room. The functional principle is based on the exhaust air hose. Anyone who does without it wastes the precious energy and does not produce a noticeable cooling effect.
There are special air conditioners that cool with two hoses. One hose sucks the fresh air from the outside to the inside, while the other one directs the warm air to the outside. Such systems usually work efficiently. However, with these models you have to hang two exhaust air hoses out of the window at the same time.
Are there alternatives to mobile air conditioning?
It is also advisable to provide optimum air conditioning, even if you are not using a mobile air conditioning system, as far as the warm months of the year are concerned. During the day you should close the windows and lower the shutters. In the evening, there is an opportunity to air all rooms extensively. If mobile air conditioners are too expensive for you, you should choose a classic fan. In the meantime, there are very inexpensive fans that can be rotated and provide a pleasant cooling effect.
Where are air conditioners most often used?
Most air conditioners in this country are used where people spend most of their time: The workplace. In large companies, air conditioners are now the norm. Even before the start of construction of a new supermarket, office building or factory building, the plans for a central air conditioning system are integrated.
But air conditioning systems are no longer a rarity in private households either. As the climate in our latitudes is usually moderate, air conditioning systems are not planned from the outset, which is why in most cases decentralised air conditioning systems are retrofitted.

Tips for the correct operation of an air conditioning system

An air conditioning system is a technically very high quality and complex product. Of course, problems can occur during operation. Also a regular inspection and maintenance is not missing. We have collected some important things.
Can you install an air conditioning system without a specialist?
If you are planning to install a central or decentralised air conditioning system that has a fixed place in the room or in the house, there is no way around commissioning a specialist company. Furthermore, in most cases you will need a permit from the landlord, or even from the municipality. However, the mobile solutions presented here are designed to work without installation. Usually you will not need a specialist for this.
What causes can malfunctions occur?
If your air conditioner stops cooling, there are two simple causes:
  • The filters are no longer clean
  • You should replace the coolant

The filters can be cleaned or replaced and even the right coolant should not be a problem. If neither of these methods leads to the desired result, the only option is to consult a specialist.
Which refrigerant does my air conditioning system need?
The refrigerant is one of the decisive factors in an air conditioning system. You should make sure that it is as climate and environmentally friendly as possible when you buy it. Only those systems that use ice as a coolant are without negative influence. However, you should bear in mind that the ice gradually melts and you will have to replace it. Such units can also be operated with cooling accumulators. Air conditioners with ice cooling consume very little energy, which is another advantage.
Disinfecting an air conditioner
You should disinfect an air conditioner from time to time, as many bacteria and fungi accumulate. There are sprays for this purpose, which you can use to clean the evaporator and the ventilation system of the system. In this way you always get fresh and germ-free air. The ventilation system remains hygienically clean and unpleasant odours cannot even arise. You can usually obtain the appropriate sprays directly from the manufacturer of the air conditioning system.
How to disinfect a monoblock air conditioner
Put some newspaper or cardboard under the air conditioner, because the cleaning and disinfection sprays are made of foam and you will otherwise soil the floor. Now remove the system's pollen filter and spray the foam into the air conditioning hose.
  • Switch the system to the highest level
  • After 15 seconds spray again
  • Repeat this procedure several times
  • After the last spraying you should leave the room and lock the door
  • After 10 minutes you can return to the room and open all windows for ventilation
  • The smell should have completely disappeared after airing

FAQ: The 10 most frequently asked questions and answers about mobile air conditioning
1) What is an air conditioning split unit?
The split unit consists of two parts. The indoor unit draws in the room air and provides filtering and cooling. The second unit is the outdoor unit with a cooling compressor. A hose pipe provides the necessary connection between the components. There are mobile split units in this area, but these are still the exception.
2) When was the first air conditioning system invented?
We owe the first functional air conditioning system to W.H. Carrier. This air conditioner was launched in 1911. Nash and Studebaker brought out the first air conditioners for cars in 1938 and heralded a new era.
3) What is an evaporator air conditioner?
The refrigerant in an evaporator changes to a gaseous state, where it boils and reaches temperatures below freezing point. The evaporator draws the necessary energy from the ambient air. As a result, the air is cooled and flows back into the interior. In conjunction with the cooled air and the suspended particles contained in the air, condensation water settles on the evaporator. The evaporator cools and dehumidifies the air. At the same time it removes dirt particles and suspended matter from the room to ensure a favourable indoor climate.
4) What does the condenser do in the air conditioning system?
The refrigerant is under a relatively high pressure. The condenser conveys the refrigerant through the air conditioning system. The refrigerant cools down and changes from a gaseous to a liquid state. Based on its function, the condenser is called condenser and heat exchanger.
5) What does it cost to retrofit an air conditioner?
Buying a mobile air conditioner is easier than buying one that you simply connect to the mains and set up. If you have your vehicle retrofitted with a ventilation and air conditioning system, you have to invest up to 1,500 euros, depending on the workshop and model.
6) How do mobile air conditioners work?
Where it would not make sense to install a fixed air conditioning system, portable air conditioners are used. Basically, the air conditioners cool the air in closed rooms. Compared to the ceiling fan or ventilator, the air conditioner is able to cool down the temperatures. The unit draws in the warm room air and cools it with a refrigerant. In the evaporator, the pressure and also the temperature drop.
The difference between the inside and outside temperature should not exceed six degrees Celsius. Anything else can lead to circulation problems or colds.
7) How much does an air conditioner cost in electricity?
Mobile air conditionersIf we assume a current electricity price of 28 cents per kilowatt hour and the air conditioner runs for about 350 hours a year, this use is directly reflected in the utility bill. Depending on the electricity consumption, a split unit costs just under 80 euros and a small mobile air conditioning unit up to 130 euros. These are indicative and not binding values.
8) What is a multi-split air conditioning system?
With split air conditioners, you connect several indoor units to one outdoor unit. In this context, other applications also arise, such as the Quattro, Trio and Duo Multi-Split systems.
9) Can I install a split system myself?
Under no circumstances should you plan and install larger air conditioning systems yourself. According to German warranty law, the specialist company would not be liable if you installed the ventilation system yourself. With complex systems, purchase and installation go hand in hand. You set up mobile air conditioners yourself and carry out the installation.
10) Does an air conditioning system need a leak test?
The new regulation is valid since 2015. In this context, the legislator has added extended requirements. Since 2017, all operators of air conditioning systems with R 410A have been obliged to carry out a leak test from a filling quantity of 2.4 kilograms. If the refrigerant fill quantities are above the limit values, there is also an obligation to record and store the test results.
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