50 обучающих скринкастов по Silverlight 2 Beta1

    Mike Taulty и Mike Ormond сделали великое дело — выложили 50 обучающих скринкастов по Silverlight 2 Beta1.
    Сама оболочка естественно тоже написана на Silverlight и хостится на Silverlight Streaming.
    А вот и темы:
    1. «Hello World» with VS and Blend
      Anatomy of a Silverlight Application
      The <asp:Silverlight> Control
      Controls — What's In the Box?
      Why Controls have a Content Property
      Width, Height, Margin, Padding, Alignment
      Laying out Content with Grid
      How To Use a GridSplitter
      Laying out Content with StackPanel
      Laying out Content with Canvas
      Embedding Video and Audio
      Handling Media Events
      Simple Data Binding of UI to .NET Classes
      List Based Data Binding
      Data Binding UI to .NET Classes with Converters
      Using Custom Types in XAML
      Applying Simple Styles to Control Look and Feel
      Templating a Simple Button Control
      How to Build a Simple User Control
      Controlling Animations & Storyboards
      Accessing resources from XAP/DLL/Site.
      Asynchronous Downloads with the WebClient Class
      HTTP request with HttpWebRequest
      Making Requests Cross-Site to Another Domain
      Making Calls to Web Services
      Calling Web Services over HTTPS
      Using Sockets
      Using File Dialogs & Files from the User
      Using Isolated Storage for Application Data
      Accessing and Changing Isolated Storage Quotas
      Modifying the HTML DOM from .NET Code
      Calling Javascript Functions from .NET Code
      Calling .NET Functions from Javascript Code
      Handling .NET Events in Javascript Code
      Handling HTML DOM Events in .NET Code
      Evaluating Javascript from .NET Code
      How to Pass Initial Parameters from the Web Page
      How To Display A Custom Splash Screen
      Reading/Writing XML with LINQ to XML
      Dynamically Loading Assemblies/Code
      The <asp:MediaPlayer> Control
      More on the <asp:MediaPlayer> Control
      Loading Media at Runtime
      Hosting an Application on Silverlight Streaming
      Using Multiple Threads with the BackgroundWorker
      Making Use of Custom Fonts
      Getting Started with MultiScaleImage (DeepZoom)
      Getting Started with the DeepZoom Composer
      Getting Started with the DataGrid
      Insert, Update, Delete with the DataGrid

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