NHibernate 2.0

    Ну вот и вышел NHibernate 2.0!

    Качаем с SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=73818

    Детали без перевода (многа букав ниасилил):
    New features:
    • Add join mapping element to map one class to several tables
    • <union> tables and <union-subclass> inheritance strategy
    • HQL functions 'current_timestamp', 'str' and 'locate' for PostgreSQL dialect
    • VetoInterceptor — Cancel Calls to Delete, Update, Insert via the IInterceptor Interface
    • Using constants in select clause of HQL
    • Added [ Table per subclass, using a discriminator ] Support to Nhibernate
    • Added support for paging in sub queries.
    • Auto discovery of types in custom SQL queries
    • Added OnPreLoad & OnPostLoad Lifecycle Events
    • Added ThreadStaticSessionContext
    • Added <on-delete> tag to <key>
    • Added foreign-key=«none» since the Parent have not-found=«ignore». (not relevant to SQL Server)
    • Added DetachedQuery
    • ExecuteUpdate support for native SQL queries
    • From Hibernate:
    Breaking changes:
    • Changed NHibernate.Expression namespace to NHibernate.Criterion
    • Changed NHiberante.Property namespace to NHiberante.Properties
    • No AutoFlush outside a transaction — Database transactions are never optional, all communication with a database has to occur inside a transaction, no matter if you read or write data.
    • <nhibernate> section is ignored, using <hibernate-configuration> section (note that they have different XML formats)
    • Configuration values are no longer prefixed by «hibernate.», if before you would specify «hibernate.dialect», now you specify just «dialect»
    • IInterceptor changed to match the Hibernate 3.2 Interceptor — interface changed
    • Will perform validation on all named queries at initialization time, and throw if any is not valid.
    • NHibernate will return long for count(*) queries on SQL Server
    • SaveOrUpdateCopy return a new instance of the entity without change the original.
    • INamingStrategy interface changed
    • NHibernate.Search — Moved Index/Store attributes to the Attributes namespace
    • Changes to IType, IEntityPersister, IVersionType — of interest only to people who did crazy stuff with NHibernate.
    • <formula> must contain parenthesis when needed
    • IBatcher interface change
    Fixed bugs:
    • Fixing bug with HQL queries on map with formula.
    • Fixed exception when the <idbag> has a <composite-element> inside; inside which, has a <many-to-one>
    • Multi criteria doesn't support paging on dialects that doesn't support limiting the query size using SQL.
    • Fixed an issue with limit string in MsSql2005 dialect sorting incorrectly on machines with multiple processors
    • Fixed an issue with getting NullReferenceException when using SimpleSubqueryExpression within another subexpression
    • Fixed Null Reference Exception when deleting a <list> that has holes in it.
    • Fixed duplicate column name on complex joins of similar tables
    • Fixed MultiQuery force to use parameter in all queries
    • Fixed concat function fails when a parameter contains a comma, and using MaxResults
    • Fixed failure with Formula when using the paging on MSSQL 2005 dialect
    • Fixed PersistentEnumType incorrectly assumes enum types have zero-value defined
    • Fixed SetMaxResults() returns one less row when SetFirstResult() is not used
    • Fixed Bug in GetLimitString for SQL Server 2005 when ordering by aggregates
    • Fixed SessionImpl.EnableFilter returns wrong filter if already enabled
    • Fixed Generated Id does not work for MySQL
    • Fixed one-to-one can never be lazy
    • Fixed FOR UPDATE statements not generated for pessimistic locking
    • Added Guid support for Postgre Dialect
    • Added support for comments in queries
    • Added Merge and Persist to ISession
    • Support IFF for SQL Server
    • IdBag now work with Identity columns
    • Multi Criteria now uses the Result Transformer
    • Handling key-many-to-one && not-found
    • Can now specify that a class is abstract in the mapping.
    • Prefer to use the Restrictions instead of the Expression class for defining Criteria queries.
    Child projects:
    • Added NHibernate.Validator
    • Added NHibernate.Shards
    • NHibernate.Search updated match to Hibernate Search 3.0
    Criteria API:
    • Allow Inspection, Traversal, Cloning and Transformation for ICriteria and DetachedCriteria
    • Added DetachedCriteria.For<T>
    • Added Multi Criteria
    • Projections can now pass parameters to the generated SQL statement.
    • Added support for calling Sql Functions (HQL concept) from projections (Criteria).
    • Added ConstantProjection
    • Added CastProjection
    • Can use IProjection as a parameter to ICriterion
    Better validation for proxies:
    • Now supports checking for internal fields as well
    • Updated Castle.DynamicProxy2.dll to have better support for .NET 2.0 SP1
    SQL Lite:
    • Support for multi query and multi criteria
    • Supporting subselects and limits
    • Allowed DROP TABLE IF EXISTS semantics
    PostgreSQL (Npgsql):
    • Enable Multi Query support for PostgreSQL
    • Much better overall support
    • Changed logging to make it clearer that all commands are send to the database in a single batch.
    • AbstractBatcher now use the Interceptor to allow the user intercept and change an SQL before it's preparation
    Error handling:
    • Better error message on exception in getting values in Int32Type
    • Better error message when using a subquery that contains a reference to non existing property
    • Throws a more meaningful exception when calling UniqueResult<T>() with a value type and the query returns null.
    • Overall better error handling
    • Better debug logs
    • Major refactoring internally to use generic collections instead of the non generic types.
    • Major refactoring to the configuration and the parsing of hbm files.
    • Added ProxyFactoryFactory
    • Added BatchingBatcherFactory
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    • НЛО прилетело и опубликовало эту надпись здесь
        А… мм… что никто не знает?:( Я думал, уже все с NHibernate понятно.
        Для начала, могу посоветовать вот этот пост!

        Не хотелось мне переписывать по-русски, то, что можно прочитать по-английски. Тем более, что детали менее интересны, чем факт релиза. Я понимаю, что этот пост интересен не всем, но тем, кому интересен, детали на английском не составит труда понять.
          Переписывать по-русски смысла то конечно нет, но можно было выделить особо интересные вкусности.
            Можно. Но я решил этого не делать.
          NHibarnate — это ORM, которая позволяет абстрагироваться от базы данных, работать с сущностями и легко ими манипулировать (доставать, обновлять, редактировать).

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