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The only problem of such publications is a lack of certain description of what tech (or whatever) leader should do. A bunch of useful advices without clear and meaningful tech leaders existence purpose. There are few roles which could fit tips above and we barely could separate their responsibilities. However, leadership is not about knowing tips, but about reason and goal. Also here is a variety of culture, traditions and social traits, which makes leadership theory so uncertain and. Tips above are mix of western and eastern theories and traditions.

Just few notices:
Accepting that Imperfection is Inevitable

But what should we do if our product demands perfection? Why should we accept imperfection, if our rivals keep pushing their teams to perfection?

Delegation Is Important

Delegation is not a option, it is a tool of leaders. Delegation is not important, but absolutely mandatory for leadership roles.

Don’t Be the Tech Lead All the Time

However, you don’t need to act like a tech lead all the time and in all situations.

To Be and to Act like a leader are different things. Leader should be the Leader all the time.

Prepare Team Members for a Better Integration to The Business

And this is it. The main and only reason for tech leader existence. Tech lead is like an army sergeant. His main responsibility is to prepare troops and help them achieve goals given by the Army Command. Western management and leadership theories describe this role as a leader-servant.
Hi InOdinWeTrust,
I have seen a lot of scenario where this tips are beneficial and in all the organisation must have lead who can guide their employee, through they can get the best result as you told here «But what should we do if our product demands perfection?» These things only happen when leader would guide them for the best result.
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