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Great article! Interesting view on the Waterfall approach. You mentioned that Agile didn't bring anything revolutionary to the world, though I think few things from it are quite effective, yet in a right management system. For example sprints and daily standups. I think this is one of the success points of Scrum as an Agile approach. It's important to ensure communication through various channels, and with Scrum it was possible even during the pandemic. Many companies moved to slack standup bot to maintain the effective communication even on a distant work. I think the Waterfall does not emphasise communication that much which might be one of the problems with it.

Hi! Thank you for the comment.

sprints and daily standups

I think you are right. But we should take into account that the environment was different 40 years ago. The market was not changing so fast as it does nowadays. It was acceptable when we get the market analytic/research reports after 6+ months after it started. No effective communication like we have now. That's why project managers didn't see a need to deliver software every 2 weeks but anyway they wanted to deliver it as fast as possible.

Also, I think there were daily meetings to sync up the progress of the work. No chances for remote work or slack bot 40-50 years ago, therefore everybody was sitting in the office and was available for direct offline communication. I believe daily meetings have been existing in IT since IT appeared because managers always want to know what is happening. In my opinion, Agile is just the next step of proper project management/

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