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DPKI: Addressing the Disadvantages of Centralized PKI by Means of Blockchain

Блог компании ENCRY Децентрализованные сети Информационная безопасность *Криптография *Сетевые технологии *

Digital certificates are one of the most commonly known auxiliary tools that help protect data across public networks. However, the key disadvantage of this technology is also commonly known: users are forced to implicitly trust certification authorities which issue digital certificates. Andrey Chmora, Technology and Innovations Director at ENCRY, suggested a new approach for building a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to eliminate the existing disadvantages using the distributed ledger (blockchain) technology.
Let's begin with the basics.
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PKI Decentralization: Proposed Approaches to Security Improvement

Децентрализованные сети Информационная безопасность *Криптография *Сетевые технологии *
The practical means of applying public key cryptography to secure network communications were introduced by Loren Kohnfelder in his MIT S.B. (BSCSE) thesis written in May 1978. After that, the public key infrastructure (PKI) has gone through several iterations of changes and updates, but it still preserves its traditional methodology. PKI requires implicit trust from a single entity or entities chain called a certificate authority (CA). This approach has led to a breakdown in confidence. However, through the years, having one root entity to control the way public key certificates are issued has shown that it can cause major complications with transparency and security.

In this article, we will once again dive deeper into the problems of PKI and consider the solutions being developed that can overcome existing shortcomings.
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