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cyberd: Computing the knowledge from web3

Разработка веб-сайтов *Open source *Алгоритмы *Браузеры Искусственный интеллект

The original post has been updated based on community input in order to remove confusion.

Final version of the whitepaper is available here:


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Blockchain Is Changing The Way Rail Industry Works

Распределённые системы *IT-компании
Из песочницы

Railways had made our transportation very easy since 1830 when the first railway began in England. From 1830 to 2020, the development in the railways has been quite significant. The concept of blockchain is expanding widely; hence the public interests are also growing on a vast scale. Major enthusiasts about blockchain are the investors and businessmen who wish for transparency and equity in the transaction. Now since blockchain is no more just a concept its application in railways is expected to smoothen the transportation.
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