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Programmable TOTP tokens in a key fob form-factor

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TOTP tokens are small, easy-to-use devices that generate one-time passcodes. These tamper-evident devices can be used wherever strong authentication is required.

TOKEN2 is selling programmable hardware tokens in credit card format for already a few years now. Token2 miniOTP cards are marketed as a hardware alternative to Google Authenticator or other OATH-compliant software tokens. Having the same functionality extended to tokens in classic keyfob/dongle format was one of the features our customers asked for.

We are hereby announcing our new product, TOKEN2 C300 TOTP hardware token, which is possible to be reseeded for an unlimited number of times via NFC using a special «burner» app.
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C301 and miniOTP-3, new programmable tokens from Token2

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We are glad to announce two new models of programmable TOTP tokens, both in a small card (miniOTP-3) and in a keyfob form-factor (C301), now with restricted time sync.
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