On Habr ​intelligent ​people ​share ​their ​unique ​experience. ​It will be equally ​interesting ​for both ​programmers ​and ​journalists, ​administrators ​and ​advertisers, ​analysts ​and ​designers, ​senior ​and middle ​managers, ​large ​companies ​and ​startups ​owners, ​and also ​for all ​those ​who ​think ​that IT ​is not ​just ​two ​letters ​of the alphabet. 
The project was invented by @deniskin in 2006. At first it was a modest Russian newsfeed but over 12 years it has developed into a massive blog platform with multimillion and multicultural audience and unique services.

People post interesting content on different topics on Habr and leave comments. Here you can ask questions and get answers, discuss trending topics, search for a new job or freelance and directly communicate with major companies.
Everyone ​is equal ​on Habr. ​This ​is an active ​self-regulating ​community ​that ​gives ​way ​only ​to a quality ​content: ​interesting ​posts ​gain ​upvotes ​and ​dozens ​of comments ​while ​poor ​content ​is usually ​downvoted ​and ​left ​without ​attention. ​Karma ​and ​rating ​help ​to keep ​the ​balance. ​Karma ​illustrates ​community ​attitude ​to a user, ​while ​rating ​shows ​a user’s ​contribution ​to the ​community. 
Those who post content on Habr can count on a keen interest from the community: original posts usually get thousands of views and dozens of comments.

Habr team always supports the community and financially encourages authors for their posts, if they are highly appreciated by readers. The editorial office is ready to help with content creation, information search and events accreditation. All because content is king.
You ​also ​can ​find ​corporate ​blogs ​of well-known ​companies ​here. ​They ​share ​their ​knowledge ​and ​experience, ​and ​get ​the ​opinion ​on their ​products ​at first ​hand. ​And ​Habr ​users ​can ​ask ​them ​questions ​directly ​and ​get ​answers ​shortly. 

During the last 24 hours users of Habr created 56 new posts, read articles 536,730 times and left 2,236 comments.

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