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You can set up next things:


It is this page that will help set up the avatar, set the display name, write «About Me» and indicate contacts in social networks. The links that will be displayed in your author panel.

You can't change the username by yourself, for this you need to contact the support service with the topic «Data Change».

Payment Details

If you do like someone's publication you can thank the author for the quality content by sending money directly through Yandex.Money, WebMoney or PayPal.

If you want others to be able to send you rewards for the publications please specify the numbers of your wallets in the profile settings. After that, a «Send money» button will appear under your publications.

Habr acts only as a link between the payee and the sender and does not participate in transactions — the «Send money» button only redirects you to the payment system.


  • payment systems can charge a fee for their services;

  • payment systems work not in all countries and not with all currencies;

  • the payee is responsible for the income declaration and taxes.


By clicking on this tab, a redirect will happen on https://account.habr.com/settings/ and it's planned. Here you can change your password for Habr Account, specify a new mail, or associate social network profiles for 1-click authorization to your account.


If you want to recieve private messages only those to whom you are subscribed, but not everyone settings from this tab will help you. Also here you can configure who exactly sees your activity on the resource in the tracker and who sees the contacts specified in the profile.


All that is related to the notifications that the site sends you to the email or tracker.
Please note that the digest of interesting publications for your tags is on the same page.


Displays the list of applications that are logged in using the login on the Habr Account site.
Also displays a list of your applications and their keys for which you have access to the habr site API.


We have hot keys and a comment update panel, you can decide whether to use them or not on this tab. Here, users with with positive karma can disable displaying ads on the resource.

Language settings

For those who get on «Habr» for the first time we’ve implemented language autodetection based on system and browser language. However a registered user can manually set the interface language and the content language in user profile settings.

The interface language affects on all the elements of the website such as: help articles, hub and stream names, etc. You can select only one language: either Russian or English.

The content language determines the language of the publications you will see in the feed. By default it is inherited from the interface language, but it can also be changed at any time. For the content you can select more than one language: for example, both English and Russian.

Unauthorized users will find the language settings in the upper right corner (planet icon), logged in users — in the user menu. In the mobile version the scenario is similar — the settings are in the footer and in the user menu.

Important! When you are creating a publication you can choose only one language.