• Top 10 JavaScript Hack for Optimized Performance

    JavaScript has been ruling the tech arena for more than two decades and helping developers simplifying complex tasks. It allows developers to implement complex task web pages in a most simplified manner. For most of the developers minified JavaScript file is the common phenomena while very few developers may be aware of Optimized JavaScript code. While meeting through many developers, I have come to know that Optimized JavaScript code is something that confuses developers, some of them might be doing it, but they are not aware of this.

    What is an Optimized JavaScript Code

    When combinations of uniquely programmed logics along with small hacks utilized to enhance performance and speed is known as Optimized JavaScript code. Optimization not only optimizes performance and speed but also saves maximum development time. When you save time, you save some bucks as well.

    So, I am here with some useful and fruitful hacks to help developers optimize performance, enhance speed and save time. Hope, you like the article and after going through it, you may utilize the best of Optimized JavaScript code.

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  • Audio over Bluetooth: most detailed information about profiles, codecs, and devices

      XKCD comic. How standards proliferate. SITUATION: there are 14 competing standards. Geek: 14?! Ridiculous! We need to develop one universal standard that covery everyone's use cases. Geek's girlfriend: yeah! SOON: Situation: there are 15 competing standards.

      This article is also available in Russian / Эта статья также доступна на русском языке

      The mass market of smartphones without the 3.5 mm audio jack changed headphones industry, wireless Bluetooth headphones have become the main way to listen to music and communicate in headset mode for many users.
      Bluetooth device manufacturers rarely disclose detailed product specifications, and Bluetooth audio articles on the Internet are contradictory and sometimes incorrect. They do not tell about all the features, and often publish the same false information.
      Let's try to understand the protocol, the capabilities of Bluetooth stacks, headphones and speakers, Bluetooth codecs for music and speech, find out what affects the quality of the transmitted audio and the delay, learn how to capture and decode information about supported codecs and other device features.

      • SBC codec is OK
      • Headphones have their own per-codec equalizer and post processing configuration
      • aptX is not as good as the advertisements say
      • LDAC is a marketing fluff
      • Voice audio quality is still low
      • Browsers are able to execute audio encoders compiled to WebAssembly from C using emscripten, and they won't even lag.

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    • Announcing .NET Core 3.0 Preview 6

        Today, we are announcing .NET Core 3.0 Preview 6. It includes updates for compiling assemblies for improved startup, optimizing applications for size with linker and EventPipe improvements. We’ve also released new Docker images for Alpine on ARM64.

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      • Bluetooth stack modifications to improve audio quality on headphones without AAC, aptX, or LDAC codecs

          Before reading this article, it is recommended to read the previous one: Audio over Bluetooth: most detailed information about profiles, codecs, and devices / по-русски

          Some wireless headphone users note low sound quality and lack of high frequencies when using the standard Bluetooth SBC codec, which is supported by all headphones and other Bluetooth audio devices. A common recommendation to get better sound quality is to buy devices and headphones with aptX or LDAC codecs support. These codecs require licensing fees, that's why devices with them are more expensive.

          It turns out that the low quality of SBC is caused by artificial limitations of all current Bluetooth stacks and headphones' configuration, and this limitation can be circumvented on any existing device with software modification only.
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        • Быстрое логгирование

          В этой статье я поместил бенчмарки наиболее частных вызовов логгеров. Все эксперименты я проводил над log4net и NLog, на Windows 10 x64 Intel с M.2 SSD.

          Чтобы долго не читать, таблица результатов сразу сверху.

          Сырые результаты можно посмотреть на GitHub. В том же репозитории код (для запуска потребуется .Net 4.7.2 + Microsoft Visual Studio 2017+).

          Что, как и почему — под катом.

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