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TOP 30 Global advertisers & TOP 10 popular new mobile games in November

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Abstract: Greater efforts are put into 2 money-making games of SO FUN STUDIO, mainly in Southeast Asia and South America.

Top Advertisers Abroad by Number of Creatives in November

Wild Hunter: Goddess, an MMO idle game with multi-transformation by Guangzhou Skyfun, remained first on the list in November as it did in October. Among the new games on the Top 30 list, 2 games of SO FUN STUDIO were notable. They were Candy Smash Puzzle 2021 and Candy Bomb: Lucky Game.

For example, Candy Bomb: Lucky Game started advertising on 25 October, mainly in Southeast Asia and South America, and had over 5,800 deduplicated creatives in November. Many of its image creatives showed faces with emotions, mostly being shocked and moved. That and the context "It is true you can play games to make money" together impressed the viewers so much that they decided to try the game.

Advertising Platform: Audience Network    
Duration: 32 days    
Estimated Impressions: 180.6K
Advertising Platform: Audience Network Duration: 32 days Estimated Impressions: 180.6K

There was another game on the list worth noting, which was Chapters: Interactive Stories, a game with interactive stories launched by ChineseAll Digital on September 1, 2017. The game grossed over $5.2 million overseas in November and is still on the rise. In its recent ad creatives, there were Christmas elements, in addition to campy stories, like "the macho boss loves me."


On the list of Top 30 Advertisers Abroad by Number of Creatives in November, there were 5 Chinese products. Puzzle games continued to dominate the list with over 7 games, 3 of which were coloring games.

Top Advertisers by Number of Creatives Abroad in November

RPGs had a little burst of creatives in November. There were 7 new RPGs on the list, especially 馭劍江湖 which had over 3,100 creatives on Android in November, making it Top 1 on the list of new games by number of creatives on Android.

The game's popular creatives were mainly about real people acting out ridiculous stories that were dramatically attractive, together with some game demo images and a display of in-game rewards to lure players into downloading the game.

It is worth mentioning that there were 2 jigsaw puzzle games on the list: Jigsaw Wood Block and Block Hexa Classic. Games of this genre are generally similar in icons and mostly add elements like "High IQ" and "Real Jigsaw Games" in their creatives.


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