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Step by Step Tutorial on Python Web Scraping

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→ In this article, we will discuss what python is and its importance.

→ Then, we will be discussing web scraping, what web scraping is, and applications of web scraping.

→ The process of collecting huge amounts of information from different websites is known as web scraping.

→ we had known, why python can be chosen for web scraping.

→ Web scraping in python uses some specific libraries, we will be discussing them in brief.

→ Next, we will be discussing the steps for web scraping with python.

Now, let us get started with the topic!

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Micro Frontends: Microservices for the Frontend

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Micro frontends are what we get when we bring the microservice approach to the front end. In other words, a micro frontend is made of components owned by different teams — that can be deployed independently. These components are assembled to create a consistent user experience.

With a micro frontend, no single team owns the UI in its entirety. Instead, every team owns a piece of the screen, page, or content. For example, one team might be responsible for the search box, while another might code suggestions based on users' tastes.

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Slang in English

Learning languages
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This article raises the topic of the history of the emergence of slang in the English language, gives a general definition of slang. Its main types, their origin, definition are listed. The key concepts that are used in the translation of English slang into Russian are established.

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Excelize 2.6.1 Released – Go language API for spreadsheet (Excel) documents

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Excelize is a library written in pure Go providing a set of functions that allow you to write to and read from XLAM / XLSM / XLSX / XLTM / XLTX files. Supports reading and writing spreadsheet documents generated by Microsoft Excel™ 2007 and later. Supports complex components by high compatibility, and provided streaming API for generating or reading data from a worksheet with huge amounts of data.

Recently, the community announce the release of version 2.6.1. Featured are a handful of new areas of functionality and numerous bug fixes. Here are most notable changes in this release.

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Return types of PHP methods or what a method must return

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Probably, for many developers the idea of this article will be obvious and it is fine.

Over the years in the development of applications in PHP, sometimes I come across methods, even from popular small libraries, which sometimes return strange or unexpected data types.

Sometimes on code review, I can see methods that return anything but the right data structure or type.

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Cache invalidation spring boot

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Many times I have met a problem with the delay of reading data from the service. How to speed up the process? How to make reading data faster? There is solution: need caching data for reading. I ve found a lot of examples of data caching implementation, but all of them covered quite simple cases and there was not the most important one: caching the entire collection and invalidate cache data during writing to the database.

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Full Stack App Development: Most Preferred Front-end and Back-end Duos

Start-up development
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Besides the software developers’ expertise in building next-gen applications, do you know what makes an application extraordinary?

The simple and straight answer is technology stack.

The right selection of front-end and back-end technologies makes app development expedient, less resource-intensive, and more result-driven.

However, the abundance of application development technologies confuses the decision-makers. It makes them hustle a lot to figure out which front-end and back-end frameworkcombination go well with each other.

If you are in such a dilemma, then you have landed on the right blog post. Get critical insights via this informative piece of content as it contains the most viable and preferred full stack app development frameworks of 2022.

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Unity Performance Optimization Ⅴ: Lua Scripts Optimization

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Lua is a powerful, lightweight, scripting language, and is often used in video games due to its fast execution and short learning curve. World of Warcraft, Angry Birds, and Mafia II all use Lua script. However, related performance issues have also emerged. In our GOT Online performance report, we often see Lua-related functions in the Top20 cost list of Scripts. Today, we will discuss the methods to optimize Lua.


Innovative and technological development as one of the priority issues of higher education institutions

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Recently, universities are experiencing a crisis. Since the role of universities among young people is decreasing, young people who have received General secondary education do not see the need to get a higher education, they believe that in order to master a particular specialty, it is enough to take courses online or offline and read a couple of books on the specialty. The main task of the university and higher education in General is to provide a person with extensive knowledge from various fields, so that a person develops a complete picture of the world and culture, as well as systematic and critical thinking. The main task of the university is to teach students to learn, and only then, in the last years, to give them the necessary skills for a certain field of activity. Therefore, university education should be extensive, and a narrow focus on the profession - only its completion.

Thus, the role of universities should not be underestimated, since they play an important role not only in the field of higher education itself, but also affect other important areas of life in modern society. However, this article defines the aspects and goals of the university in the innovation sector of the economy.

Tasks and challenges facing universities

The innovation process becomes more complex, and its stages overlap. In order for universities to earn money, it is necessary to link the University and the market and speed up the innovation process. To do this, at the earliest stage, it is necessary to create an environment in which ideas will be simultaneously created and selected. Thus, in the innovation and technology sector of the economy, the priority tasks of the University should include the following items: conducting research, various R&D, supplying high-tech products to the market, and initiating the creation of elements of innovative infrastructure. In this area, universities simultaneously have to cooperate and compete with the largest commercial state and non-state companies in the field of innovation. Industrial partners allow universities to raise funds through joint projects. The advantage of such cooperation is the practical focus of all innovative developments and research. The university receives the technological and production capabilities of the company, and the company, in turn, receives the results of research and innovative developments that can be implemented and used in production, which, ultimately, will lead to an increase in profits and the development of the innovative economy as a whole.

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Financial Reinforcement Learning has been Half a Century in the Making

Venture investment Artificial Intelligence Machine learning *Finance in IT
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“A computer will never tell you to buy one stock and sell another… (there is) no substitute …for flair in judgement, and a sense of timing.” - Wall Street Journal 1962.[1]

After digging through archives in Cambridge while working on a project to write a revisionist history of machine learning in finance, I came across early ‘Cybernetics’ articles that have been lost to modern researchers and developers in quantitative finance and portfolio management.

As far back as 1962, GPE Clarkson, a researcher from Carnegie Tech, showed how bank investment officers’ portfolio selection decisions could be automated using discriminator nets, i.e., a sequential branching computer program[2]. I didn’t know that around the same time, a system developed by a New-York-based brokerage firm called Jesup & Lamont, not only routinised investment decisions based on decision heuristics like that of Clarkson, but also learned new patterns for future refinement.[3]

This system might well have been the world’s first self-learning financial robot. Sadly, Jesup & Lamont’s innovation was never put into production, and the 133-year-old brokerage firm filed for bankruptcy in 2010.[4]

Since the 1960s the word heuristic has been given a problem-solving connotation. Heuristic models were one of the business world’s first inroads to learn from data. A heuristic or rule can be as easy as buy-when-the-price-is-low for stock trading, first-in-first-out for accounting, or first-come-first-serve for job scheduling.

In portfolio management, heuristic programming is not unlike the 20-person team that was said to translate Ray Dalio’s unique financial worldview into algorithms,[5] or the group of coders that developed Paul Tudor’s “Paul in a Box”. [6]  The hedge fund Point72 was also purported to test models that mimic their portfolio managers’ trades.[7]

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To digitalize or not to digitalize? Is that a question?

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To digitalize or not to digitalize? Is that a question?

"Should I digitalize my business?" Today this question is no longer raised. Regardless of whether you have an international corporation or a flower shop near your home - of course, yes in either case! This reduces costs, increases productivity, speeds up all internal processes, and therefore increases profit.

But then the question arises: how to choose the right solution to implement your plans?

Developers and resellers of IT software will be happy to describe to you all the benefits of their product or service. But it is unlikely that they will tell you about the dangers that you will most likely encounter, no matter what solution you choose.

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Dark Mode in Flutter Apps

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With the introduction of Android 10, the Dark mode option in Android phones is becoming more popular. The latest Android versions running on mobile devices are readily supporting the dark mode feature. Dark mode themes not only provide a distinct visual impact but also aids human vision and device energy. It is proven that Dark themes on mobile UI reduce eye strain on low-lighting conditions. These types of themes also offer brightness scope reduction which conserves the battery of the device.

This proves that dark mode in mobile applications is not just for show but also useful for the visual health aspect of the user.

In this post, we are going to learn how to implement dark mode in an Android app built by using Flutter/dart programming.

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ownCloud Vs Nextcloud

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If you want a cloud-based file synchronisation and sharing platform you are really spoiled for choice; but one downside that Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and pals all share is that they’re all controlled by somebody else.

If you want full control over your own data and don’t mind running your own infrastructure to do it then two of the biggest players you’ll come across are ownCloud and Nextcloud. What are the differences between these platforms, and which is best for you? Stay tuned, and let’s find out!

I guess the first question to ask is: why, when many companies are moving to the public cloud, would you want the complexity of running your own private file sharing platform? Honestly, this isn’t for everyone. Particularly when the likes of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace come with working solutions straight out of the box; but there are reasons why doing it yourself can make sense.

The first is cost. Unsurprisingly it’s often cheaper to do it yourself than pay someone to do it for you — assuming you have the capability to do so. This is a particularly big reason why hobbyists and home users do it — they don’t have enterprise budgets to play with. It’s the main reason I started using these solutions, myself.

I used to use Windows Live Mesh to keep my files in sync between different devices at home. That’s been dead a while now so if you’ve never used it, it was a free peer-to-peer file synchronisation tool that sync’d between devices locally or over the internet. When Microsoft came out with OneDrive (then called SkyDrive) they discontinued Live Mesh and announced SkyDrive as a new tool to sync your files. Which meant it always went over the internet and now you had to pay for the cloud storage even if you didn’t want the data to be stored online in OneDrive.

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Why you need Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

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What exactly is Two Factor Authentication? Two Factor Authentication, also referred to as 2FA, is used to increase data security. When logging into personal information you will be required to provide something you know, like a password, against something you have, such as a laptop or mobile device. The use of Two Factor Authentication helps provide an organisation with an extra layer of security, making it impossible to grant access based on a single, knowledge-based factor.

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