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Angular 18: Comprehensive Features and Benefits for Web Developers

Level of difficultyEasy

The latest release of Angular 18 has introduced a host of new features that promise to enhance the capabilities of web developers. With improvements aimed at increasing productivity, performance, and code quality, Angular 18 is set to revolutionize how developers build web applications. This detailed exploration covers the key features and benefits of Angular 18, demonstrating why it's an essential upgrade for modern web development.

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JavaScript Arrays: A Comprehensive Guide

Level of difficultyEasy

JavaScript arrays are one of the most powerful and versatile data structures available in the language. They allow developers to store, manage, and manipulate collections of data with ease. This article will explore the essentials of JavaScript arrays, including their creation, common methods, and practical uses.

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Different Ways to Read MBOX Files — List of Top Ways

Level of difficultyEasy

In this article, we will explain various ways to read MBOX files with easy-to-understand steps. We also explain their benefits and drawbacks so that it becomes easy to choose according to your needs.

First, let's introduce the MBOX file format. In today’s world, users send or receive a tonne of emails to each other. And to manage those emails, many file formats are created to store your email messages securely. Among those file formats, MBOX files are the ones that store multiple emails in one place. Which makes it easier to save and manage your data. So, the MBOX file is used to store all your email messages associated with contacts, calendars, and attachments.

Before using the MBOX file, keep in mind that the size of the file cannot be exceeded by 2 GB. That will cause you various problems, like being unable to access the file, file corruption, etc., so pay attention when you are storing emails in the file.

Different Ways to Read MBOX Files

MBOX files are used in many email programs, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. On the other hand, MBOX files store the data in plain text format, meaning that you can view the content of the file in the text editor. However, if you have not installed the program and want to do a detailed analysis of the file, then software is a better option. The software allows you to view your file in different preview modes, and you can directly see the data without opening the file. Therefore, here, we discuss four methods to view MBOX file.

View the file in Thunderbird.
For Mac users, you can read in Apple Mail.
See the content of the file in the text editor.
Use software to view the MBOX file without any problems.

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Crawl millions of pages every day with Python

Crawling might not be unfamiliar to everyone, it’s easy to start gathering data. However, when facing challenges like crawling millions of pages per day, scarce resources, wanting to write fast scripts, encountering recaptcha while crawling smoothly, etc., not everyone knows how to deal with them. I also dare to write an article to share some optimized methods distilled from my experience in applying Python for more efficient crawling. I also hope the article becomes a place for discussion for everyone to learn more.

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The proof of the Riemann hypothesis

Level of difficultyHard

Hello dear Habrians, the text below outlines the proof of the Riemann hypothesis, which is awaiting verification at CMI (Clay mathematical institute). So let's get straight to the proof

2.6 If ƒ and g are power series with no constant term, then

T{1+f(s)] [1+ g(s)]} = T{1+f(s)+g(s)}.

Remark. Weakly analytic functions have a formal expansion as a power series near the origin. Formula 2.6 is just the linear approximation of this expansion (more precisely this is

on the branched double cover of the complex s-plane given by √5). This implies

2.6 T(3)T(s) or

2.7 √T(1+8)T(1+8/2)

which gives us the uniform constant 1/2 needed in 3.3 of section 3.


In this section I will use the Todd function T(s) to prove RH. The proof will be by contradiction assume there is a zero & inside the critical strip but off the critical line. To prove RH, it is then sufficient to show that the existence of 6 leads to a contradiction..

Given b, take a = b in 2.1 then, on the rectangle Ka), T is a polynomial of degree k{a}.



Consider the composite function of s, given by From its construction, and the hypothesis that ((b) = 0, it follows that 3.2 F is analytic at 80 and F(0) = 0. Now take fg F in 2.6 and we deduce the identity

3.3 F(s) 2F(s).

Since C is not of characteristic 2, it follows that F(s) is identically zero. 2.3 ensures that T is not the zero polynomial and so it is invertible in the field of meromorphic functions of s. The identity F(s)=0 then implies the identity ((s)= 0. This is clearly not the case and gives the required contradiction.

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Preserving Line Breaks and Skips in Markdown with React: A Practical Solution (marked.js)

Level of difficultyEasy

Markdown is widely used for its simplicity and readability. However, when it comes to handling line breaks as they appear in a TextArea input, developers often face challenges. In this article, we discuss a common problem encountered in rendering Markdown in React applications, particularly preserving line breaks, and provide a practical solution that we've found effective.

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Transitioning from JavaScript to TypeScript in React Projects: A Strategic Move for the Future

Level of difficultyMedium

In the dynamic world of software development, the choice of programming languages and tools can significantly impact the productivity and future-readiness of projects. My recent decision to transition our React project from JavaScript to TypeScript has sparked discussions, and I believe it's a story worth telling on a broader platform like Habr. Here, I want to delve into the rationale behind this move and the long-term benefits it presents.

TypeScript: A Steeper Curve for a Smoother Ride

TypeScript's reputation for complexity is not unwarranted, given its static typing and the need to master new concepts such as interfaces and generics. The setup and configuration require a meticulous approach. However, these hurdles are a small price to pay for the robustness and maintainability they introduce to your codebase. Drawing from my experiences with Angular, where TypeScript is employed by default, I've seen firsthand how TypeScript can elevate the quality of development, even if it demands a higher initial investment in learning and configuration.

The TypeScript Advantage in React Development

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Breaking Down Barriers: Building a Transparent DevOps Culture

Level of difficultyMedium

Numerous organizations across the globe are increasingly investing in DevOps to gain a competitive edge within their region. A survey echoes the same in the form of a depiction of the DevOps market size predicted to touch the enormous amount of $25.5 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 19.7%. Not only this, even 86% of organizations have valued DevOps a lot.

Such an increase in DevOps adoption has spiked a concern over creating a healthy DevOps culture. This post sheds light on DevOps culture's meaning and how to cultivate it within your organization using proven strategies and modern DevOps tools.

What is a DevOps culture?

A DevOps culture is mainly focused on adopting values that take the DevOps principles and integrate them into relevant tools and methodologies. In other words, you can call it a bunch of values that emphasize creating an environment of constant communication and learning and a strong feedback structure.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from the perspective

Hello, everyone! I'm Stanislav Kondrashov, and today I'd like to dive into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These are two of the most transformative technologies of our time, and they have the potential to reshape our world in numerous ways.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the concept of creating machines or computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. These tasks include problem-solving, speech recognition, decision-making, language understanding, and more. AI systems aim to mimic human cognitive functions, and they come in various forms, from basic rule-based systems to advanced machine learning models.

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Detecting the Undetectable: An Experiment on AI Text Rewriting

Level of difficultyMedium

The Significance of AI Detectors

In an era of unprecedented technological advancement, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permeated almost every facet of our lives, including content creation and academic research. With the advent of sophisticated AI writing algorithms, the risks of plagiarism, data duplication, and intellectual property theft have significantly increased. It has resulted in the developing and popularizing of AI-powered plagiarism detectors—tools designed to identify copied or suspiciously similar content. Platforms like Copy Leaks, ZeroGpt, and Sherlock AI Detector use complex algorithms to scan vast swathes of online content, providing an invaluable service in safeguarding the integrity of academic, journalistic, and creative works.

Experiment Objective and Methodology

The integrity and originality of scholarly work form the cornerstone of academic integrity, a foundational tenet underpinning higher education and scientific research. With the advent of increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms capable of generating human-like textual content, the sanctity of this cornerstone is imperiled. Consequently, the capacity to discern between original human-authored texts and AI-rewritten ones has metamorphosed into a pressing yet relatively unexplored technological and ethical imperative. This experiment aims to rigorously scrutinize the performance of extant AI text detection algorithms in identifying rewritten scholarly content. By doing so, we aim to assess the current vulnerabilities in the system and provide empirically informed recommendations to bolster the mechanisms safeguarding academic probity. The implications of this research extend beyond academia, resonating across sectors where the authenticity of textual content is pivotal. 

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What Is Base64 and Why It Is Important?

Level of difficultyEasy

In the world of computers and digital communication, data is everything. Data is constantly sent and stored, from text messages to photographs shared on social media. However, data in its raw form is not always straightforward to work with. This is when Base64 comes into play. In this post, we will look at what Base64 is, how it works, and why it is significant in the world of computing.

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Guide to Generating iOS Certificates and Profile Files for App Development

Level of difficultyEasy

Guide to G

Introduction: Currently, many companies use H5 frameworks for app development, and among these H5 frameworks, uniapp is the most mature. Therefore, hbuilderx has become the preferred choice for developers. However, packaging an app requires a certificate. So how do we obtain this certificate? Generating an Apple certificate is relatively complex, so here I will focus on the process of generating an iOS certificate.

Currently, many companies use H5 frameworks for app development, and among these H5 frameworks, uniapp is the most mature. Therefore, hbuilderx has become the preferred choice for developers. However, packaging an app requires a certificate. So how do we obtain this certificate?

Generating an Apple certificate is relatively complex, so here I will focus on the process of generating an iOS certificate:

If you don’t have an Apple Developer account yet, you need to register for one in the Apple Developer Center. The tutorial for registering an Apple Developer account is as follows: Tutorial for Registering an Apple Developer Account (in Chinese).

Once you have the Apple Developer account, you can follow the steps below to create the certificate.

First, let’s create a p12 certificate. The process for creating a p12 certificate is as follows:

1.Log in to the Apple Developer backend and click on the “certificates” menu to enter the certificate management page. Click on the blue plus sign on the right side to start creating a certificate. When creating the certificate, choose the “iOS Distribution Ad Hoc and App Store” type, which includes both real device testing and distribution types (ad hoc for testing, app store for distribution). Please do not choose the “Apple” or “Dev” types of certificates, as they cannot be used for cloud packaging in hbuilderx.

2.During the creation of the certificate, it will ask us to provide a csr file, as shown in the image.

3.Switch to Appuploader.

Appuploader home — A tool improve iOS development efficiency such as submitting IPA to App Store and managing iOS certificates.

Use the function of generating iOS certificates in Appuploader to create this .p12 file, as shown in the image. After generating the .p12 file, download it to your local computer.

Go back to the Apple Developer Center. The .p12 certificate generated by appuploader will be synchronized back. You can then use appuploader to generate the p12 format Apple certificate.
With the above steps, the p12 packing certificate has been generated.

Now, let me teach you how to generate the profile file required for packaging:

1.Enter the Apple Developer Center and click on “Identifiers” to create an app ID (package name). After creating it, it should look like the image below. Note that the format of the package name is typically in the format of a Java package name: com.xxxxxx.yyy.

2.If you have already created the app ID from the previous step, you can then enter the “profiles” menu to start creating the profile file.

3.When creating the profile file, choose “

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How to deploy a Healthcare Application on AWS EC2

Level of difficultyMedium

AWS provides a full range of services designed specifically to satisfy the specific requirements of the HealthCare industry. This tutorial is going to show how to set up a HealthCare application on Amazon EC2.

One of the foundational features of AWS is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which offers scalable computational capacity in the cloud. On EC2 instances, HealthCare applications may be quickly scaled and deployed, guaranteeing high availability. Here is an example of a HealthCare application being deployed on EC2:

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How to build an Electron desktopCapturer screen picker dialog

Level of difficultyEasy

Since Electron's desktopCapturer API doesn't provide a desktop picker dialog, you need to implement it yourself.

Disclaimer: I don't want to focus on the UI part, so you can use whatever you prefer, such as React, Vue, etc. You can find a simple HTML UI layout in my index.html file.

Firstly, we need to go to our main.js file and import the modules we are going to use:

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