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Habr Code of Authors

This is not a document you should strictly abide. Frankly speaking it is not a document at all. It's just a bunch of rules some authors follow.

  • I try to create my own content and avoid reprints.

  • By publishing the content of other authors (graphics, text) I always refer to sources.

  • I do not create stupid comments like "+1" or "LooooL".

  • I don't use obscene words and humiliate anyone.

  • I put maximum effort to ensure that my text is written without mistakes.

  • I respect the administration and users of the website, and I do not want to humiliate or insult them.

  • When arguing I try not to inflate the conflict but to solve the problem independently in direct messages.

  • If I can't solve a conflict I do not call users to bully and don't do it myself.

  • It's totally up to me whether to publish my content on Habr or not, and I do not expect any reward for it.

  • I help newbies on Habr if necessary .

  • I first use search to clarify if similar content has been published earlier by anyone. If so I'll complement that in comments.

  • I try to bring order instead of chaos on Habr.

  • I do not want to destroy or discredit the community.

  • I don't beg for karma and I'm comfortable with rating changes.

  • I try to take into account readers' feedback.

  • I think positive. There is always a way out of the difficult situation.

  • I understand that Habr is a community of people with different interests, and if some topic is not interesting to me, I do not prevent others from discussing it.