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Habr community is interested in technologies and all aspects of the modern life: programming, education, science, design, games, career, health, etc. You don’t necessarily have to write hardcore articles but that’s important to make them useful. If you already have such content on another site feel free to post it here as well so that Habr community could also appreciate it..

If your post is useful and well written then it will gain thousands of views. We will also share it in our Facebook and Telegram accounts. Or maybe it will get into Habr weekly newsletter.

How it’s gonna happen

Your create your first post, it goes to moderator’s check, and then if the post is OK it goes to Habr main feed where it will get views, comments and rating — you won’t need premoderation anymore. But if there is something wrong with the post you will be asked to refine it.

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Why do you even bother to write

  1. Writing a post means putting everything in the shelves, summarizing the experience and sharing it with others. It’s really satisfying to do so, try it.

  2. You will never guess who can read your post. Often these are specialists who know the issue better than you do. Feedback from these people is probably the most valuable thing you can get on Habr.

  3. Your publications are your reputation. They will tell who you are, what you do and what you are great on.

  4. For the first cool post, you’ll get a full account and a karma bonus.

What type of article to choose

There are several common article types on Habr. So decide which will fit your better. We’ve written a brief instruction for each of them — they will help to structure the text.

  • NewsWere the first to know about significant web failure? Seen the new product first? Discovered the latest government initiative? Share with the others.

  • CaseSet up a smart house for $100? Moved to New Zealand to write a kiwi recognition code? Write a post, it’s very interesting.

  • TutorialGot through the tough issue? Tell us how to solve it — readers will be grateful.

  • RetrospectiveRemember in detail how things were invented that everyone is used to? Great! This can be perfect longread!

  • ReviewDid you try a bunch of monowheels, streaming services or SDK? Share what’s out there and what’s best to look at.

  • OpinionHave a special perspective on the critical question? Want to discuss this? Tell what you think and be ready to spend the evening battling in comments.

  • Info cardsStudied a difficult subject deeply? Ready to explain how it works in plain English? Go for it!

  • InterviewGet access to a person with a unique experience? Find a quiet place and ask questions. And then tell Habr the most interesting.

  • DigestGot a bunch of interesting links and you want to share your discoveries? We all are curious here and have wide range of interests.

  • ReportAttended a significant event? Tell the Habr community about the key topics have been raised.

  • AnalyticsSee what will happen to the market in six months? Like to build charts and diagrams? Share the info, because not everyone can summarize the data.

How to write well

In case you don’t know how to start working a specific format, we’ve written short guides on how to make your content useful and design it in an easy way to read.

What else can we do for you

Editors will guide you

Not sure if you should write a post? Email us at  neo@habr.team and tell us about yourself and why your content can be useful. It is better if you already have a plan of the article. The editors will ask clarifying questions and if necessary will suggest corrections to sharpen the text and direct it exactly to the target audience.
Important: if you're a company representative, please contact us via corp@habr.team.

Find an expert

It’s always nice to have more than one view on the subject. If you’re writing about neural network keeping a cat out of the house it’s a good idea to find a felinologist who will talk about cats psychology and an AI engineer who will comment on the software solution. Don’t know where to look for such specialists? We will help.


Want to attend a special event? Send us a letter, we will contact the organizers and try to accredit you. In return, we expect you to write about the most interesting things from the event.

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