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Corporate blogs

Official accounts of companies, whose activities are related to IT. Representatives of companies share news and knowledge within their blog. You can directly contact them in comments or via private messages.

For convenience, on the right side of the page with a list of companies there is a rubricator that allows, for example, to deduce only those who are engaged in software development. Or design.

The list is sorted by rating, which consists of total score for company publications, karma of its employees and a number of other factors.

According to that, the more well rated publications the company has (and the more often they appear), the higher its position in the overall list.

Technically, a corporate blog is a hub, hub, that is, you can subscribe to it just like any other hub, after which it will appear in your stream.

How to create my company's blog

To create a blog of the company is quite easy enough to choose a tariff plan, click the "order" button and fill out the form. In case of approval of the application, our managers will contact you.

For any questions about company blogging, you can use the special help section available in the blog administration panel.

If suddenly you did not find an answer to your question, write to our support team, we will help you.