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Server-side scripting language designed for Web development, but also used as a general-purpose programming language

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CodeIgniter 4. Prelude to PHPUnit

PHP *CodeIgniter *

Thanks for your feedbacks

I thank the members of the Habr community for their benevolent attitude to the article by the author «Speed Dating with the CodeIgniter 4 on GitHub» in the form of votes and comments.

The friendly attitude to the author prompted him to continue developing a topic dedicated to PHPUnit as part of CodeIgniter 4.

Install Xdebug on XAMPP (Windows 32-bit (x86))

1. Why Xdebug? In file «appstarter/tests/README.md» in the «Requirements» section explicitly states: «You also need to install XDebug to successfully calculate code coverage».

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Is PHP compilable?! PVS-Studio searches for errors in PeachPie

PVS-Studio corporate blog PHP *.NET *Compilers *C# *

PHP is widely known as an interpreted programming language used mainly for website development. However, few people know that PHP also has a compiler to .NET – PeachPie. But how well is it made? Will the static analyzer be able to find actual bugs in this compiler? Let's find out!

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Speed Dating with the CodeIgniter 4 on GitHub

PHP *MySQL *CodeIgniter *GitHub *

Getting acquainted with the CodeIgniter 4 PHP framework is quite simple.

Spend the evening following the instructions in the «Build Your First Application» section. Since the documentation is written in a good, technically understandable language, it is even possible to get some aesthetic pleasure in the process of familiarizing yourself with this and other sections.

The feeling of airiness and consistency of the CodeIgniter 4 project will be present with you everywhere now.

What is so attractive about CodeIgniter 4?

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Ugly API

PHP *API *Dart *Flutter *

In this article, I’d like to talk about the problems I faced while integrating an API for the HTTP protocol and share my experience in solving them.

- REST vs Non REST architecture

- Ignoring Header Accept: application/json

- Mixing JSON keys case types

- Different response to the same request

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Hire PHP Developers: Cost & Procedure


PHP has surely become the most ubiquitous language for the world today. Being around for a while, PHP is ruling the market, with expectations to dominate for years to come. Therefore, irrespective of the size of a business, PHP remains the first choice to get a sturdy and customizable website created.

However, It is important to understand that PHP is an art (Scripting language), you need to hire an artist (developer) to yield the best from it.

Choosing the best from the pool of more than 5 million PHP developers is a tedious task. Even more when you’re a noob into this industry. Apart from language skills, there are multiple other factors, such as budget, skills, experience that influence the decision to hire a particular remote PHP team.
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Yii news 2020, issue 5

PHP *Yii *

Hello, community!

It is time for another Yii news issue. Both Yii 2 and Yii 3 are doing well.

I've finally updated the team page on the website to reflect the current state of things.

Konstantin Sirotkin is back and actively taking care of ElasticSearch Yii 2 extension.

Yii 3 main team was formed (actually happened late 2019). Likely you know the names because most were mentioned in previous Yii news issues.

Also, we have partially moved to GitHub actions. Experience is great so far, so we can definitely recommend that. We're adding phan static analysis
and running tests with Infection to make code quality even better.

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Future of PHP: Bright or Dull?

PHP *Programming *

PHP is a popular scripting language founded in 1995 designed to perform several functions. Do you think the essence of PHP has faded away since the newer programming languages and frameworks have come into the market?

If you think so, then let me tell you that your perception is totally wrong! In fact, in the contemporary market of custom software development, it has become the most popular language in server-side programming.

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PHP Best Practices to Follow in 2020

Website development *PHP *Development of mobile applications *Development for e-commerce *Software

Web development trends seem to be heading more towards server-side scripting languages over client-side scripting languages. And it can be difficult to decide where to start and what to choose.

This year W3techs.com, a web technology survey portal, released a list of the five most in-demand server-side programming languages for web development.

Here is the list:
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PHP vs Python vs Ruby on Rails: Detailed Comparison

Website development *Ruby *PHP *Python *Ruby on Rails *

Which is the best programming technology for web app development in the year 2020? This is one of the most debated questions among web programmers, students and companies (wanted to develop their own website). Actually, every language has its own pros, cons or advantages, disadvantages. It totally depends on your requirements for website development.

In this blog post, I am going to clear your many doubts related to these programming languages or technologies, so that you can choose the best language according to your specific needs and requirements. Here, I’ll do a detailed and comprehensive comparison between these three most popular programming technologies viz. PHP vs Python vs Ruby (RoR). The comparison is on the basis of various stats and data on different parameters. So, let’s start the battle of most popular programming languages ie: PHP vs Python vs Ruby (RoR).
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Node.JS Vs PHP: Which is a better programming language?

Website development *PHP *Programming *Node.JS *

In the online advancement world, Node.js and PHP are the most well-known programming languages being used. Although both of these languages are able to manage the applications of any sort of complexity, they are being built around the different concepts & architectures. If you are an app owner or looking to develop a website, you might be wanting to choose between these two environments, therefore, you must know about the major differences, advantages, and limitations of the two languages.
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Introducing PHP 7.4: Performance, Features, Deprecations

Website development *PHP *Programming *

PHP evolves continuously and they just released their latest PHP 7.4 update. Performance and speed keep advancing, as we have already been proved in the past PHP 7 releases. Preloading is one of the most thrilling new updates. It quickens script execution and makes code cleaner and faster due to the simplified common lines of code.

PHP is an important element in the world wide web and is used in over 79% of all websites. Well-known websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress and much more are using PHP.
We can see a double speed increase when looking at WordPress sites running PHP and comparing PHP 5 and 7. While using the latest PHP version out there — WordPress powered websites gain the most.

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PHP Vs ASP.NET: How to Choose the Right One?

Web design *Website development *PHP *.NET *Software

Are you a business owner looking for PHP web development services or ASP.Net development services, but unable to decide the right technology for your project? Are you looking for the pros and cons of ASP.Net and PHP to take an effective decision?  I have tried to make this task easy for you by comparing ASP.Net and PHP in a very simple way.

There are a number of articles and blogs available over the Internet with a large amount of information about PHP Vs ASP.NET. Unfortunately, most of these blog posts are biased and typically based on promoting one over the other.  

In this blog post, I have done an unbiased comparison between the two most popular technologies i.e. PHP and ASP.NET in today’s world. 

On one side, we have PHP, the world’s most used and popular technology on the internet with billions of dedicated PHP developers across the world. On the other side, we have ASP.NET, a Microsoft platform. Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to have a clear decision about which technology (Php or Asp.net) should we prefer for our application or website development project? 

Here is an elaborative comparison guide that helps you figure out the best technology for your next web app development project. I can assure you that after reading this article, you’ll have a clear idea about which technology suits you better. Moreover, you can share your thoughts and feedback in our comment box. We welcome your positive feedback for appreciating our work. Also, I will be happy to hear from you if you want us to do some improvements to my article.    
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Accelerating PHP connectors for Tarantool using Async, Swoole, and Parallel

VK corporate blog High performance *PHP *SQL *NoSQL *

In the PHP ecosystem, there are currently two connectors for the Tarantool server: the official PECL extension tarantool/tarantool-php written in C, and tarantool-php/client written in PHP. I am the author of the latter one.

In this article I would like to share the results of performance testing of both these libraries and show how you can achieve 3x-5x performance improvement (on synthetic tests!) with minimal changes in code.
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PHP Microservice Framework: Development Environment for Swoft

PHP *Yii *Go *Laravel *


What is Swoft?

Swoft is a PHP high performance microservice coroutine framework. It has been published for many years and has become the best choice for php. It can be like Go, built-in coroutine web server and common coroutine client and is resident in memory, independent of traditional PHP-FPM. There are similar Go language operations, similar to the Spring Cloud framework flexible annotations.

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Engineer Advice: How To Build The Product Users Need And Be Fast

PHP *Start-up development Product Management *
Recovery mode

Image credit: Unsplash

Working on a startup is always hard. Founders have to master multitasking skills and control everything. Very often, in such a situation, they can't correctly assess the technological development of their company. A couple of wrong tech-related decisions can lead to a massive fail.

How to avoid this? Get some advice from an experienced engineer! I had an opportunity to talk to Serhii Korniushov, a programmer, and IT manager with more than 10 years of experience.
Below, we will discuss his recommendations on building products that users need, and not wasting time and money.
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Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development


For years now, PHP has been one of the most used programming languages for developing websites and applications. Although the language is considered to be quite stable and secure, it has seen a fair share of evolution since its release. But as time has passed, the complexity of websites has increased massively. Developers have to write hundreds and thousands of lines of code to create these websites, which is a tedious task and takes a lot of time. Moreover, developers have to start from scratch every time. This is where PHP frameworks come into the picture.

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PHP Microservice Framework: Swoft v2.0.7 Release on schedule

PHP *Programming *Java *Go *Laravel *

What is Swoft?

Swoft is a PHP high performance microservice coroutine framework. It has been published for many years and has become the best choice for php. It can be like Go, built-in coroutine web server and common coroutine client and is resident in memory, independent of traditional PHP-FPM. There are similar Go language operations, similar to the Spring Cloud framework flexible annotations.

Through three years of accumulation and direction exploration, Swoft has made Swoft the Spring Cloud in the PHP world, which is the best choice for PHP's high-performance framework and microservices management.



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Top 5 Software Development Practices to Follow in 2020

PHP *Python *JavaScript *Java *.NET *

Though it seems we are just a few months away from reaching 2020, these months are also important in the field of software development. Here in this article, we will see how the coming year 2020 will change the lives of software developers!

Future Software Development Is Here!

Traditional software development is about developing software by writing code and following some fixed rules. But the present-day software development witnessed a paradigm shift with advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. With the integration of these three technologies, developers will be able to build software solutions that learn the instructions and add extra features and patterns in data that are needed for the desired outcome.

Also read: How Blockchain is helping the healthcare sector?

Let’s Try Out With Some Code

Over time, the neural network software development systems have become more complex in terms of integrations as well as layers of functionality and interfaces. Developers can build a very simple neural network with Python 3.6. Here’s an example of a program that does binary classification with 1 or 0.

Of course, we can start by creating a neural network class:

import numpy as np

Applying the Sigmoid function:

def sigmoid ():
   return 1/(1 + np.exp(-x))
def derivatives_sigmoid ():
   return x * (1-x)

Training the Model With Initial Weights and Biases:
inputlayer_neurons = X.shape[1]
hiddenlayer_neurons = 3
output_neurons = 1


For beginners, if you need help regarding neural networks, you can get in touch with top software development company.Or, you can hire AI/ML developers to work on your project.
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IVR on Webhook

Zadarma corporate blog PHP *API *

An online chatbot is a recent trend on the market. But how to interact with the clients that are offline? A significant percentage of people prefer to interact over the phone. And the business needs either a large staff of operators or a voice communication automating solution. We are offering a solution to reduce workload and costs (and will barely affect your developers’ busyness).
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