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Frontend Weekly Digest (8 – 14 Apr 2019)

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This week we issue a really huge selection of all the essential news you might have missed on Front-end development. Make sure to check the latest updates on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


en Front-end Developer Handbook 2019
en Developer Survey Results
en Inline SVG… Cached
en Web development, illustrated.
en mobile input types
en video Javascript vs. CSS — More control means more responsibility
en Using the Web Speech API for Multilingual Translations
en Don’t trust the locals: investigating the prevalence of persistent client-side cross-site scripting in the wild


en It’s 2019! Let’s End The Debate On Icon Fonts vs SVG Icons
en A guide to understanding CSS Houdini with the help of cartoons
en CSSBattle Tips n' tricks
en Animating SVG with CSS
en Follow these steps to become a CSS Superstar
en Get a CSS Custom Property value with JavaScript
en Art Direction For The Web Using CSS Shapes
en Using a Mixin to Take the Math out of Responsive Font Sizes
en Why you should use CSS env()
en QUIZ: Well aimed? How well do you know CSS selectors?
en sassyfication: library with sass mixins to speed up your css workflow.


en jQuery 3.4.0 Released
en The Chrome DevTools Sources Panel: Overrides vs FileSystem vs Snippets vs Page
en Five reasons why Web Components could complement JavaScript frameworks
en Kyle Simpson: I’ve Forgotten More JavaScript Than Most People Ever Learn
en 31 most popular GitHub JS repositories in April’19


en What to expect in the new Microsoft Edge Insider Channels
en Opera introduces Reborn 3, the first desktop browser with Web 3, faster VPN and ad blocker
en Edge Goes Chromium: What Does it Mean for Front-End Developers?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to send us your articles or fresh useful content you want to see in the next digest.
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