• Blockchain is the perfect solution to online privacy problem

      We are increasingly aware of the importance of our personal data. Primarily due to numerous data leaks and the fact of numerous sales of personal information on the black market. Yes, huge corporations like Apple or Samsung prioritize the preservation of sensitive user data. However, they find it difficult to store and use them at the same time. That is why blockchain technology is the perfect tool for solving the online privacy problem.

      There are constant news in the media about the problem of personal privacy, which is represented by constant data leaks and the general technological illiteracy of the world population. In the Pew study, nearly 80% of respondents said they are very concerned about how companies are using the data they collect. In MState's study, 24% of respondents stopped using certain apps due to privacy concerns.

      Today, an increasing number of people are actively protecting their data by refusing the services of companies and applications that use personal data. This is why Apple, Lyft, Dropbox, and Adobe have started taking a consumer-centric approach to data privacy. Consumers' understanding that their personal data is a commodity is increasing.

      Free TON is a prime example of a secure blockchain. This blockchain has some of the best features compared to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Stellar. Data security directly depends on the use of blockchain. Each of the above blockchains provides a different level of data protection. Ethereum is the most popular blockchain, but Free TON may soon overtake it. This blockchain is just over a year old, and its capabilities exceed those of all other blockchains.

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    • How to connect to FTPS or mount it to local folder

      • Tutorial

      FTPS - is FTP with SSL layer, please don't mess it with SFTP. FTPS uses regular FTP protocol underneath, but all commands and data is encrypted using SSL. So mechanism of work is pretty same as in HTTPS: old protocol encapsulated in security layer. But that's breaks a lot of traditional FTP clients you are used to.

      So here is 2 dead simple solutions I've tested with many FTPS servers, which setup could be much more correct then it actualy was. You can encounter FTPS servers configured in 2 ways with ports 20 + 21 and 989 + 990 used.


      Filezilla is a GUI client available for both linux and windows. It has pretty specific interface. It can correctly handle wrong certificates, unusual ports and so on. Can be downloaded here. Just enter host, username, password and port(only if needed) and press Connect.

      Mounting FTPS under linux

      There is a an utililty called curlftpfs. It works under linux/*bsd and allows to mount remote FTPS(S) dir to you local directory. So in the simpliest ways on the ubuntu/debian it will look like:

      sudo apt install curlftpfs

      mkdir /tmp/ftp-mount

      curlftpfscurlftpfs -o ssl ftp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@HOSTNAME:21/ /tmp/ftp-mount

      If server you connecting to has wrong or outdated SSL certificate you can try:

      curlftpfs -o ssl,no_verify_peer,no_verify_hostname ftp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@HOSTNAME:21/ /tmp/ftp-mount

      If you need to change port from 21 to something else, remember, you can change port only in connection string, maybe via .netrc, but NOT with curlftpfs ftp_port option.

      If you know a solution that allows to mount ftps folders under Windows, please mention it in comments.

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    • Yggdrasil Network: Light in the Dark Depths of Mesh, or the Internet of the Future

      • Translation

      Smoothly the era of mesh-networks is upon us. At the very least, the term is appearing more and more often in the information sphere. What attracts the attention of networkers? Let's try to understand the question, taking Yggdrasil network as an example as one of the most promising prototypes. The article is intended for a wide range of readers.

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    • Telegram bot provides time-based currency

        Many of us spend time in specialized telegram groups. The power over communication here belongs to random people with their own shortcomings. Conflict and abuse occurs regularly. Is there another way to keep order so that scam spam doesn't flourish and no one has total control over group members?

        In my case, these thoughts led to the development and testing of a system that can be connected to your Telegram today.

        How it works?
      • Customer feedback: The ultimate guide

        • Tutorial


        It was 1989 when 2 editors of Inc. magazine, George Gendron and Bo Burlingham made the nervous drive to Palo Alto, California. Not long beforehand they’d decided on who to name as Inc.’s Entrepreneur of the Decade, and finally, they would get a chance to interview him.

        As they entered the offices of NeXT, their interviewee approached them. In his trademark jeans and turtleneck sweater, Steve Jobs led them up the stairs to his office and the interview commenced.

        Securing an interview with Steve Jobs was rare, even in 1989. And, wanting to make the most of their time, the editors got straight to the point with their very first question:

        “Where do great products come from?”

        After a slight pause, and a shuffle in his chair, Jobs replied:

        “I think really great products come from melding two points of view; the technology point of view and the customer point of view. You need both. You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new.”

        Silence overshadowed the room. Three decades later, and this powerful answer Jobs gave is something that still isn’t often internalized in companies. 

        Collecting user feedback is incredibly important. As you’ll see examples of later in this article, launching surveys, asking onboarding questions, and conducting customer interviews are all vital tools for improving your product. 

        But the true lesson that Steve Jobs gave all this time ago was that user feedback isn’t as simple as asking what users want, or what they think about your product, and making those changes. You have to dive much deeper.

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      • Benefits of Hybrid Data Lake: How to combine Data Warehouse with Data Lake

          Hey, hey! I am Ilya Kalchenko, a Data Engineer at NIX, a fan of big and small data processing, and Python. In this article, I want to discuss the benefits of hybrid data lakes for efficient and secure data organization.

           To begin with, I invite you to figure out the concepts of Data Warehouses and Data Lake. Let’s delve into the use cases and delimit areas of responsibility.

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        • $mol_func_sandbox: hack me if you might!.

          • Translation

          Hello, I'm Jin, and I… want to play a game with you. Its rules are very simple, but breaking them… will lead you to victory. Feel like a hacker getting out of the JavaScript sandbox in order to read cookies, mine bitcoins, make a deface, or something else interesting.


          And then I'll tell you how the sandbox works and give you some ideas for hacking.

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          AdBlock has stolen the banner, but banners are not teeth — they will be back

        • Q1 2021 DDoS attacks and BGP incidents

            The year 2021 started on such a high note for Qrator Labs: on January 19, our company celebrated its 10th anniversary. Shortly after, in February, our network mitigated quite an impressive 750 Gbps DDoS attack based on old and well known DNS amplification. Furthermore, there is a constant flow of BGP incidents; some are becoming global routing anomalies. We started reporting in our newly made Twitter account for Qrator.Radar.

            Nevertheless, with the first quarter of the year being over, we can take a closer look at DDoS attacks statistics and BGP incidents for January - March 2021.

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          • Atomic Swaps — Taking out the Middleman

              And so here we find ourselves in the year of our lord 2021. Global crypto market capitalization is approaching $2 trillion. PayPal is launching a crypto checkout service. Lindsay Lohan is shilling Tron. The Dogecoin Super Bowl commercial didn’t happen, but Elon’s taking it “literally” to the moon instead. Our ascendancy is complete. Crypto is mainstream. But, even today, getting your hands on certain crypto assets can be a bit of an epic journey. 

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            • Flitter Your Business With AI Integrated Flutter App Development

              As we all are aware of the fact that the digital market is heavily leaning towards a reliable UX-driven process, app development has become quite complex, especially for targeting the industry for mobile platforms.

              For every organization, creating a product that is beneficial for their customer needs always comes up with a plethora of challenges. 

              From the technical point of time, there are various challenges that every business faces, including selecting the right platform for the app, the right technology stack or framework, and creating an app that fulfills the needs and expectations of customers.  

              Similarly, there are more challenges that every business faces and needs to cope with while creating its dream product. 

              So, what to do??

              Well, what if I say that the answer to all your queries and questions is Flutter app development with Artificial Intelligence (AI)  integration……

              Surprised? Wondering how? 

              Well, AI in Flutter app development is one of the best advancements in the software market. The concept of AI was first introduced during the 20th century with loads of innovations and advancements that we are still integrating into our mobile app development. 

              But, what are Artificial Intelligence and Flutter app development? 

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            • Go Rant: Highly Opionated View About Reaches and Gotchas of Goland

                In this series, I would like to discuss some reaches of Go programming language. There is no shortage of Go-Language-Of-Cloud style articles in which you can explore the great benefits that Go indeed provides. However, there are lees to every wine, and Go does not go without blemish. In this highly opinionated series, we cover some controversies and, dare I say, pitfalls of the original Go design.

                We start tough and begin with the essence of Go — it's inbuild data types. In this article, we put slice to the test. Let's move a step further from the Go Tour and use slice more extensively. For example, there is no separate data type as stack in Go, because slice type is intended to cover all its usage scenarios.

                Let's briefly recap the usage of the stack. We can create a stack in two seconds using a couple of paper stickers. You write "buy milk" on the first sticker and put at the desk, and then "make the dishes" on the second and pile it on the first sticker. Now, you have a stack: the dishes sticker came last but will be served first, as it is on the top of the stack. Thus, there is an alternative name for stack — LIFO, Last-In-First-Out. To compare, there is the "opposite" data structure queue or FILO — first in, first out. In programming, stacks are everywhere, either in the explicit form or in the implicit as stack trace of the execution of a recursive function.

                Ok, let's put slice into use and implement stack.

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              • How to Recover NAS/SAN Data, and Configure a Network-Attached Storage System

                • Tutorial
                Are you looking for a solution to recover data from a hard disk within a network storage system like SAN or NAS? If you need to recover lost data from partitions using such file systems as NTFS, FAT, exFAT, ReFS, HFS+, Ext2/3/4, ReiserFS – try Hetman Partition Recovery. It will quickly scan your disk and display the available data on the screen, so you will only have to select the elements you need and recover them.


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              • How to Recover a Crashed RAID 5EE After Controller Failure or Multiple Disk Failure

                • Tutorial
                How to recover data from a RAID array with a dead controller? How to create a RAID 5EE storage system with an Adaptec ASR-6805T controller? What to do if one or several disks within the array break down? How to replace an inoperable drive? How to recover the lost information after a controller error? Read this article for extended explanations, and learn the sequence of steps you need to take if you want to solve any of these issues.

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              • Context category

                • Translation

                The mathematical model of signed sequences with repetitions (texts) is a multiset. The multiset was defined by D. Knuth in 1969 and later studied in detail by A. B. Petrovsky [1]. The universal property of a multiset is the existence of identical elements. The limiting case of a multiset with unit multiplicities of elements is a set. A set with unit multiplicities corresponding to a multiset is called its generating set or domain. A set with zero multiplicity is an empty set.

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              • Roslyn API: Why PVS-Studio Was Analyzing the Project So Long

                  How many of you have used third-party libraries when writing code? It's a catchy question. Without third-party libraries the development of some products would be delayed for a very, very long time. One would have to reinvent the wheel to solve each problem. When you use third-party libraries you still stumble upon some pitfalls in addition to obvious advantages. Recently PVS-Studio for C# has also faced one of the deficiencies. The analyzer could not finish analyzing a large project for a long time. It was due to the use of the SymbolFinder.FindReferencesAsync method from the Roslyn API in the V3083 diagnostic.

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