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Legacy Languages still Pretty Hard to Beat

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Evolution and development have always been the integral parts of every sector you come across. Same is the case with programming languages. Numerous up gradations and invention of entirely new languages have divided the world of programming into legacy and modern. But no matter what, legacy programming still makes the foundation of many software, web applications and AI based techniques. As young programmers explore their career, they mostly drift towards learning modern platforms and technologies, which is good, but being up to date about the old programming languages which are still winning the market is equally important. Even the business owners who are willing to get their business online and looking for offshore development teams must be aware of some of the legacy languages which are still prevalent. Below are a few languages which are old but still refusing to disappear.

Most Popular Legacy Programming Languages


COBOL came into existence in 1959, it was specially designed for businesses, hence the name, Common Business Oriented Language. This computer language is used in most of the legacy systems but as the legacy systems are soon being replaced by modern technologies, most of the newbies, business owners think that COBOL is also kind of disappearing from the rising technology market. But this is not true, research says that there are still ample organizations, IT companies and businesses using COBOL and legacy systems on a large scale. Industries like finance, government sectors, and administrative departments are very keen and widely using COBOL to build secure and robust platforms with the help of expert COBOL programmers.

Delphi and Object Pascal

Delphi is based on object Pascal language and has proved to be very resilient and has been developed in various versions to suit the needs of the software. It is basically an IDE created to support all the Windows, IOS, Linux and MAC OS applications. Delphi lost its flow when the world started diving into the world of web applications, looking forward to .Net and Java. Since then it has been updated many times to match the trending technologies. Migrating from Delphi to newer technologies or from its older version to a new version is not easy. It requires skilled developers to ensure security and negligible data loss. Programmers has a pool of talented Delphi programmers. Hire Delphi programmers from us to provide extensive support to your existing teams.


RPG is one of the legacy languages by IBM which was developed in 1960. It has seen various updates and the modern IBM power systems use the latest form of RPG, RPG IV. RPG is the abbreviation for the Report program generator and was developed to be used on AS400 servers. Since then it has evolved to become a high-level language and is now one of the robust languages running on IBM i systems (AS400 / i-series). Though the use of this language is reducing as most of the talent is retiring, there are many organizations that are still using IBM i systems and are looking for RPG programmers.


Fortran is the abbreviation for Formula Translation, it was developed in the 1950s and is considered among the oldest programming languages. Fortran has dominated the IT world for long as it was mainly used by engineers, scientists, for weather predictions and high-level computation tasks. As of now, it has lost its then fame, yet it is treated as an important language today. Around 3% of organizations are looking for Fortran programmers as the talent is either retiring or leaving.

C & C++

C found its way into the world of programming in 1969 and was standardized in 1989. It became the base for all other programming languages like C++, java, C#, Perl, Python, JavaScript and more. There are ample organizations that are looking to hire C programmers till date as this is widely embedded in electronic devices, from microcontrollers to supercomputers and is flexible enough.
C++ is an extension to the C language. It is a high level, object-oriented language and is widely used in many organizations.


Perl is an open-source language different and faster from structured languages like C and C++. It was developed in 1987 and since then it is used by many developers till date. The latest update of Perl language is Perl 5 which was released in 2017. As it is continuously upgrading there are many companies that require Perl developers.


Every programming language developed, will lose its prevalence some time or the other. These languages listed above are some which are not ready to lose and are getting upgraded as the technology is enhancing. Their exceptional features have made them stand apart.

Many IT companies are providing their offshore development teams to organizations to modernize from legacy to modern languages and updating the systems/applications from the old version of the language to the new ones. Programmers are team of top talented developers having expertise in both legacy and modern programming. You can hire expert RPG programmers, COBOL programmers, Asp .Net developers, php developers etc.
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