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How Is Flutter Helping Businesses In Getting Feature-Packed App At Affordable Prices

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With 2.7 million apps available in Google Play Store and 1.84 Million apps in Apple’s app store, it is clear that mobile app development has become an urgent need of the hour for businesses of all domains.

Did you know!

According to developer stats, it is predicted that there will be 7 billion million users by 2021 all across the globe.


Are you planning to develop a mobile app but in a dilemma which cross-platform framework you should choose in 2021? The answer would be Flutter. Flutter is an emerging platform in the tech world in recent times that is driving a revolution in the growing world of business.

Today, with several options available for businesses to develop mobile apps, you must be wondering why Flutter is perfect for this battle.

I have an answer covered up for this question. Just follow the blog until the end to know how Flutter helps businesses to get feature-rich apps that too at reasonable prices. But before diving into the depth, let's understand what Flutter is.

Let's dive in!

Flutter: A Brief Introduction

Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK) that is launched by Google to create powerful, scalable and high-performance mobile applications for different operating systems using a single codebase.

It is a complete UI kit that lets programmers build high-end applications with the top-notch functionalities including typography, icons, and scrolling behaviour.

Moreover, Flutter is based on Google's in-house language Dart, therefore it is much easier for the developers to learn this language quickly if they are already familiar with Java or JavaScript.

In addition, Flutter provides you with excellent community support and tutorial guides. Therefore, mobile app developers who are having less experience can also start from this platform with ease.

Why has Flutter become a trend in Mobile app development?

According to Google Trends, Flutter is the second most prominent language to develop cross-platform mobile apps in 2020.


Flutter popularity over the past 5 years

The Google-supported platform has everything that will back you up with the best tools to build great mobile applications.

It provides a robust framework for mobile application development. So, it can act as the right choice for developing excellent and powerful applications.

Now, big brands such as Alibaba and Tencent are basing their app development process on Flutter to make the Flutter ecosystem more robust and reliable.

The doubt that startups had towards Flutter’s acceptance in the market has vanished to a greater extent. And in turn, the interest growth that the tool has created for itself is increasing continuously.

How Flutter is Beneficial For Your Business?

Although it is relatively new, Flutter offers numerous benefits for businesses. Let's discuss some benefits of Flutter that will help businesses to get the feature-packed app ready.

1. Accelerate development & time to market


Flutter is based on the “Write it once, run it everywhere” concept. Did you know 95% of flutter code can be reused?

Yes, this is absolutely true as Flutter has its widget library, code reusability becomes much convenient. But what will happen when there is any bug fixing to be done in the existing code? You need not worry about that as there is a hot reload option in Flutter that only takes milliseconds to reflect the changes.

Moreover, a flutter programmer can get your business app into the market in half time, resources, and money consumed by Android or iOS developers. Well, you can also connect with a flutter app development company in India to make your app feature-rich and advanced.

2. Overcomes the limitations of taking the cross-platform route

Despite famous tools and frameworks such as Reactive Native and Ionic available in the market, users experience differences in both native and cross-platform apps. And it has become so evident that it is a complete disappointment.

However, Flutter is a pleasant difference. Using native UI elements from both Android and iOS, Flutter app development brings something valuable to the table that the entire community has been craving for. It follows a dedicated code one-time approach that creates a robust native experience.

3. Backed by Large Community Support

As I’ve already discussed, Flutter is launched by 'Google' and is free. And we've all seen how tech giants constantly support technologies and platforms that periodically release updates and fixes issues.

Since its launch, Google has made sure to offer its support to upcoming Flutter developers. And the community has been growing ever since. 25K stars in GitHub is concrete proof of its growing popularity.

Moreover, Google also organizes Meetups which help businesses and developers catch up with and discuss other Flutter bugs. So, if your business apps use Flutter, don't worry about developer support and upgrades. Google will take care of everything.

4. Flutter Increases the Developer’s Productivity By Manifold

Whether you are a startup or an entrepreneur, if there is one thing that we all are primarily concerned about is money. And in app development, time is money.

The more time it takes to develop your app, the more expensive it will be. But businesses can save a lot on app development if they opt for Futter Mobile App Development solutions.

Flutter is designed with a stateful «Hot Reload» feature that allows developers to make immediate changes to the backend. And eliminate the need for reevaluation, which ultimately reduces the development time of mobile apps manifold.

This is one of the most common and yet popular selling points of Flutter that allows developers to see the effects of changes made to the code. By taking advantage of the Hot Reload feature, developers can make real-time changes.

5. Customized and Impressive User Interface(UI)


Flutter lets you create beautiful applications with a key focus on the end-user experience.

Google has built it with a layered architecture to make it more expressive and flexible in terms of UI. Such layered architecture provides faster UI rendering, resulting in more personalized and impressive designs.

What happens when Flutter apps run on earlier versions of Android and iOS? It appears the same, with no additional effort and cost investment. Yes, Flutter supports Android versions and iOS versions.

What are the Apps that are built using Flutter?

As stated above, the Flutter is a relatively new entry into the app development sector. But, all thanks to its versatile features, industry pioneers have already adopted Flutter for their business applications.

Here's a look at some of the major apps built using Flutter:


The world's largest online retail company Alibaba has praised Flutter for its consistency and ease of code generation. The easy learning curve and designer readiness have led the online retail giant to use Flutter for its recent business initiative.


It is an enterprise app platform for businesses such as McDonald's, Stanford, Wayfair & Fermilab. The platform makes use of Flutter for solving critical enterprise software challenges.


The hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, has its own mobile app in Flutter. When they decided to dine with a mobile experience, the stakes were high. And Flutter was in action. Flutter was able to address all issues that other platforms could not cover.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App with Flutter?

Let's assume you've finally made up your mind to develop an app with Flutter, but of course, your next question is «how much does it cost to build an app»?

Developing an app can be completely different depending on a lot of factors; it can sometimes cost less and sometimes cost more. Similarly, the Flutter application development costs also vary depending on a few factors. They are:

The App Development Complexity

Categorization of the App

Application Design


Location of Development Company/Agency


Well, there are many app development companies that can provide you with a rough estimate of app development cost between $10,000 to $ 50,000.
But if you are looking to make a clone for some of the major apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Uber Eats, and more, then the development cost will be far away from this estimate.


To conclude this post, it is worth noting that the features mentioned above of Flutter make it an ideal choice for a business or for any entrepreneur looking for an app that has excellent design.

From rapid development to low development costs, it has everything that any business can aspire to have. It is easy to work with Flutter, but still if you find yourself stuck somewhere in the middle, you can contact the mobile app development company in India for the best assistance.
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