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Beginning of beta testing of the plugin for Rider and PVS-Studio C# for Linux / macOS

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Due to a series of different events, the beginning of beta testing of the plugin for the Rider and C# analyzer for Linux / macOS was a little delayed. However, we are pleased to announce that this day has come — today we are launching the beta test.

A small note for those who missed the previous news: at the moment we are developing the plugin for the IDE Rider, as well as porting our C# analyzer to .NET Core to be able to analyze projects under Linux and macOS. PVS-Studio C# for Windows for now will continue to work under the .NET Framework. However, I should note that you already can check both the .NET Framework and .NET Core projects.

You can join the beta testing by filling out the form on this page. We will send you installation instructions as well as the analyzer license.

Due to the fact that we slightly changed the release schedule and released the 7.07 version earlier than originally planned, the plugin for the Rider and the C# analyzer for Linux / macOS were not included. But we had more time to improve these products before their release. :)

In conclusion, I want to offer you to join the beta testing, if you haven't done it yet. Also I'd like to wish you bugless code, and in general more good things in these strange times for all of us.
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