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Cascading Style Sheets

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Шпаргалка по CSS свойству display

Привет, Хабр. Я часто вижу, что разработчики плохо знают, как работает свойство display. Это приводит к разного рода ошибкам. Чтобы побороть это, я собрал наиболее популярные значения и описал, как они влияют на элемент. Все эксперименты я выложил в виде шпаргалки на Codepen, чтобы вы могли проинспектировать их и изучить.

P.S. Если я что-то пропустил, то поправляйте меня в комментариях. Спасибо!
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What is the difference between px, em, rem, %? The answer is here

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Beginners in web-development usually use px as the main size unit for HTML elements and text. But this is not entirely correct. There are other useful units for the font-size in CSS. Let's look at the most widely-used ones and find out when and where we can use them.

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Eliminating Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS on WordPress

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Outstanding loading speed is an essential website feature for a high ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). PageSpeed Insights by Google is an excellent tool for precisely that — optimizing your website’s loading speed. Let’s say you’re using this tool and get the “Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content” warning. No need to worry! In this tutorial, I will show you how to address the issue.

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3D Keyboard Key on CSS

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People use their gadgets every day. And the main attribute of any gadget is a keyboard. But have you ever thought about creating a keyboard that would display on your screen?

In this article, we will create a 3D Keyboard Key with awesome animation after clicking on it. And yes, we will not use any programming language. Our key will be on the power of CSS! Let’s get started!



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