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Jira CLI: Interactive Command-line Tool for Atlassian Jira

Reading time 4 min
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JiraCLI is an interactive command line tool for Atlassian Jira that will help you avoid Jira UI to some extent. This tool is not yet considered complete but has all the essential features required to improve your workflow with Jira.

The tool started with the idea of making issue search and navigation as straightforward as possible. However, the tool now includes all necessary features like issue creation, cloning, linking, ticket transition, and much more.

The tool supports both jira cloud and on-premise jira installation since the latest release.

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Fast and effective work in command line

Reading time 9 min
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There are a lot of command line tips and trics in the internet. Most of them discribe the trivials like "learn the hotkeys" or "sudo !! will run previous command with sudo". Instead of that, I will tell you what to do when you have already learned the hotkeys and know about sudo !!.

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Down the Rabbit Hole: A Story of One varnishreload Error — part 1

Reading time 8 min
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After hitting the keyboard buttons for the past 20 minutes, as if he was typing for his life, ghostinushanka turns to me with a half-mad look in his eyes and a sly smile, “Dude, I think I got it.

Look at this” — as he points to one of the characters on screen — “I bet my red hat that if we add what I’ve just sent you here” — as he points to another place in the code — “there will be no error anymore.”
Slightly puzzled and tired I modify the sed expression we’ve been figuring out for some time now, save the file and run systemctl varnish reload. Error message gone…

“Those emails I’ve exchanged with the candidate,” my colleague continues, as his smile changes to a wide and genuine grin, “It suddenly struck me that this is the very same exact problem!”

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Dozen tricks with Linux shell which could save your time

Reading time 10 min
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  • First of all, you can read this article in russian here.

One evening, I was reading Mastering regular expressions by Jeffrey Friedl , I realized that even if you have all the documentation and a lot of experience, there could be a lot of tricks developed by different people and imprisoned for themselves. All people are different. And techniques that are obvious for certain people may not be obvious to others and look like some kind of weird magic to third person. By the way, I already described several such moments here (in russian) .

For the administrator or the user the command line is not only a tool that can do everything, but also a highly customized tool that could be develops forever. Recently there was a translated article about some useful tricks in CLI. But I feel that the translator do not have enough experience with CLI and didn't follow the tricks described, so many important things could be missed or misunderstood.

Under the cut — a dozen tricks in Linux shell from my personal experience.
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