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Use AI in marketing: Let’s get into the customers' mind

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“Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.” ~ Tony Zambito, Lead authority in Buyer Personas.

Do you know ~ according to research, 93% of customers make purchase decisions based on visual appearance. Visual elements of your brand are the key deciding factors for a majority of potential customers.

Your logo, website colors, chatbot texts, etc all have an impact on the psychology of people who come across them. Some colors or features attract them and some make them leave your website instantly.

In this era, interactive features with the help of technologies like Artificial intelligence are enhancing such effects. AI has the power to add interactive elements to your presentation. This creates a connection between your company and its customers.

Gone are those days, when marketers used to aim at attracting people to their brand. Today is the time to make your viewers attached to your brand. The emotional quotient with the psychological techniques is added to gain the maximum results.

Stimulating the senses of people with the help of sensory marketing has always been a strong strategy of businesses. In fact, in my opinion, marketing is all about psychology and technology has the capability to serve this.

Artificial intelligence is replacing humans with its subsets like Machine learning services and deep learning. They can easily impact the minds of humans with their excellence. Innovative web developers are leaving no stone unturned to use AI in marketing.

A detailed scrutinization of consumer behavior has been done over the years to construct useful algorithms upon which these technologies will work. Although app developers are playing their role but being entrepreneurs you will have to think about a unique idea.

Being different has a supreme level of effect upon the customers. This will become a separate brand recognition factor for you. There is an ocean that is still unexplored. Hence always trust your ideas.

Here are certain tips that will enable you to use AI in marketing. Read these tips to make the best use of the latest technology:

AI in marketing tip #1: Include chatbots

It is tough to find a website these days without chatbots. Chatbots, a product of artificial intelligence technology converse with humans just like another human. In a nutshell, a chatbot is to have a human on one side of the screen and bot on another.

Machine learning is used to include different replies to common customers’ queries. This requires the study of customers’ behavior. Chatbots has the ability to offer a supreme level of customer services.

Human customer service executives will cost you fortunes. But chatbot development services will be a one-time investment for 24x7 customer services all over the globe. There are very few companies that are not using this tool to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

AI in marketing tip #2: Optimise your content with AI

Google is using bots to filter out the search results. AI algorithms are being used to find the most useful content. Cracking those algorithms can bring your content on top of google searches.

This is a wing of digital marketing. Optimizing content according to the expectations of google is the only way to bring your website on top of others. An in-depth analysis of your content is conducted within seconds by AI bots.

AI in marketing tip #3: Give customers a sense of personal connection

Do you know 41% of consumers think that AI has the power to change their life in the future? If consumers think so, how can you take the risk to avoid the inclusion of artificial intelligence in your services?

Customers are expecting to be given an out-of-the-world experience. It does not matter whether you have a startup or enterprise level of business, AI possesses the power to enhance every business service.

It can help you to make sense of huge customers’ behavior data. Have you ever witnesses a text message from a shopping app “we are missing you” or “(You name) loves green”?

How do you think they remember that you shop green color the most? Moreover, there are millions of people purchasing on their e-store. Sometimes, companies also suggest products that you see over other e-commerce websites.

All this is possible with the help of machine learning algorithms. There are e-commerce platforms like Magento that provide customer behavior analysis. You can try these features for free with the help of Magento development services.

AI in marketing tip #4: Use augmented reality to give better experience

Do you know what augmented reality can do for your business? If you have an eCommerce business, you can provide your customers after purchase feels. If you have a social media app, you can provide customers with interesting filters.

Like, IKEA, future dealers provide customers a look at how the furniture will look in their space. It allows customers to check without leaving their homes. It saves time and gives an amazing shopping experience for people.

Now, did you get an idea about the capabilities of AR? This technology can play with reality. It can enhance the existing surroundings which can be used in varied ways by different industries.

AI in marketing tip #5: Customer behavior analysis

Machine learning, a subset of AI works on algorithms that can analyze the huge data. How many customers browse a particular product? Or how many customers do not buy a product that they have moved to the cart?

All these questions can be answered with the help of ML. Machine learning services provided by developers can be used to analyze customers in different industries. They will write codes for algorithms according to your specific business processes.


Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of contemporary marketing style. The sensory market is incomplete with technologies like AI and ML. Businesses are constantly looking for a different way to exploit these trending technologies

If you have an idea or want to include AI in your business processes then you can contact or hire software developers. They can reshape or direct your ideas toward a possible outcome.

Do you know any other way with which AI can be used in marketing? If yes, then please share it with us in the comment section below. We are excited and eager to learn new ways of integrating AI with marketing.
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