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5 Top Software Development Companies in the USA For Retail Startups

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PIM software or product information management represents a solution for e-commerce businesses where they can consolidate all of their product information into a single place.

PIM software implementations generally provide support for challenges related to:

  • Handling multi-language data
  • Multiple geographic locations
  • Modification of product information within a product catalog
  • Managing product information to be scattered throughout business processes

While PIM software handles most of the e-commerce challenges, it also works as an efficient tool that powers – omnichannel experience, product expansion to new markets, increased conversion rates, superior customer experiences, decreasing the number of product returns, and faster time-to-market.

In general, product information management or PIM software is a set of business applications focused on managing product information for use across an e-commerce business from the supply chain to managing customers, product presentation, data handling, and catalog management.

The PIM Software Market is Exploding

According to a news report by Plytix, the PIM market growth rate is over 25 percent that is projected to reach up to $31 billion USD by 2024 and $48 billion USD by the year 2026.

Cloud-based PIM software, in particular, is getting more attention from e-commerce organizations who prefer the ease of deployment, affordability, ability to scale, and collaboration.

Retail trends show strong adoption of PIM software among enterprises as shopping swiftly becomes one of the popular online activities.

PIM is also one of the top factors responsible for Retail e-commerce sales growth in the US from 2017 to 2023.

The biggest market for PIM software is the North American region that is expected to dominate the market during the period 2020-2021.

Furthermore, this region has been more responsive towards adopting the latest technologies such as BI tools and CMS within PIM software solutions.

Some of the key players of the PIM software development in the USA

Rank 1. Syncrasy Tech
Rank 2. Riversand Technologies
Rank 3. Newforma
Rank 4. Propel PLM
Rank 5. SalesLayer

Here is the list of criteria I have considered while picking up the list of PIM software development companies in the USA for startups and SMEs.

  • PIM expertise
  • Platform users ratings on g2.com & Gartner
  • Clients reviews
  • Total domain experience
  • Hourly rates    
  • Team strength
  • Key Clients
  • Project delivery standards

So, here I present the list of best PIM software development companies of 2020.

5 Best PIM Software Development Companies in the USA for Retail Startups

1. Syncrasy Tech (Best PIM Software Development Company in the USA)

Syncrasy Tech a global IT solutions company in the USA and Pimcore Gold Partner having 96% ratings for customer satisfaction, 99% for timely delivery of PIM projects, and last but not the least 70% for CAGR.

Started in 2016, Syncrasy Tech has grown from a team of 25 professionals to an internationally acclaimed company for PIM software development. They also work on cutting-edge technologies including Blockchain and Salesforce. With an experienced specialist team of 150+ developers that work after taking into account the requirements of every client and provides unparalleled IT services as per the commitment.

Furthermore, Syncrasy Tech provides IT services to newly-established small businesses, startups and the like for PIM, DAM, CMS and E-commerce development for businesses across industry verticals – retail, manufacturing, distribution, technology, media, travel & hotels, healthcare, and arts, entertainment & sports.

PIM Expertise
  • Create and implement the most flexible open-source PIM solutions on private cloud or on-premise. Build API-driven PIM solutions that enable fast and seamless connections to third-party software such as BI tools, CMS, and ERP. Features of PIM Software:
  • Data modeling engine to create a new product data model within minutes.
  • Workflow management engine to define business processes.
  • Based on an agile data model for flexible data management.
  • Easy import and export of data between PIM internal and external systems.
  • Delivers high-quality and clean data that scales.

Who It's For?
Syncrasy Tech PIM software development fits for agencies, startups, and e-commerce enterprises looking to manage or consolidate their product information, digital assets, master data and improve customer experience.

  • Year of Establishment: 2016 (Completed 5 Years in the PIM software development domain)
  • Hourly Rates: $25 to $49
  • Team Strength: 150+ developers
  • Headquarter: Noida, India
  • Office Locations: Texas & Maryland USA

2. Riversand Technologies (A Known PIM Software Development Company in the USA)

Riversand Technologies is highly famous for its IT, MDM (Master Data Management), PIM software-based solutions. The company has been growing by 110% annually and set up an authority on ready-to-go, adaptable PIM development solutions. Focusing on the increasing needs of startups and SMEs, they serve across industry verticals — retail, manufacturing, distribution, CPG, automotive, healthcare, and energy.

Riversand’s team of experts takes into account common enterprise data management challenges and focus on fulfilling the needs of their clients and provides fruitful PIM development solutions.

Their IT experts understand and sort out startups business management by providing them with the right solution with 5 key capabilities:

PIM Expertise:

  • Cloud-based SaaS to enable elastic scaling and upgrades.
  • High-scale enterprise-grade PIM solution to manage, govern and analyze product information.
  • Use out-of-the-box connectors for rapid content syndication.
  • Optimize assortment product planning by combining brand, customer, and competitor.
  • Offer customer-tailored recommendations.
  • Ensure personalized communication.
  • Expands the product catalog.

Who It's For?

Riversand's PIM software is ideal for e-retailers with a large number of vendors and suppliers. The software serves a self-onboarding process that speeds up the time-to-market and cuts down on in-house labor costs.

Riversand PIM Platform Rating on g2.com

  • Year of Establishment: 2001 (Completed 20 Years in the PIM software development domain)
  • Hourly Rates: $50 to $99/hr
  • Team Strength: 201-500
  • Key Clients: Schneider Electrical Buildings, Saint Gobain, Maxeda Retailer
  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas
  • Office Locations: India, UK, Paris
  • Clients feedback:

3. Newforma (Best PIM Software Provider for Architects, Engineers & Contractors)

A well-known PIM software provider and development company in the USA. Their PIM development experts pay deep attention to each and every project and develop interfaces, which brings about positive results in business. Newforma has worked for more than 1,500 clients around the world. Their search for providing ideal software and product information management related services, guidance, and advice never come to end.

Since its foundation in 2004, they have fulfilled the requirements of startups and SMEs including construction companies, architectural firms, engineering firms, and 190+ ENR design firms. By offering a world-class customer they have retained more than 96 percent of customers that renewed their annual subscription with Newforma.

PIM Expertise:

  • Newforma PIM software work as a unified dashboard.
  • Manage all project data, emails, files, images, PDFs, and review files.
  • Index documents for faster research.
  • Search, view, and access project information, wherever it resides.
  • Share files with the project team.
  • Manage project workflows.
  • Minimize administrative workflows.
  • Ease project team collaboration.

Who It's For?

Newforma PIM software is an ideal choice for construction and engineering firms with complex product structures and multiple selling channels.

Newforma PIM Platform Rating on g2.com

  • Year of Establishment: 2004 (Completed 15+ Years in the PIM software development domain)
  • Hourly Rates: $50 to $99/hr
  • Team Strength: 201-500
  • Key Clients: SSH Design, Reardonsmith Architects, HKS Architekten
  • Headquarter: Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
  • Office Locations: Singapore, Canada, UK, Australia
  • Clients Feedback:

4. PropelPLM (Offer SaaS-based PIM Software Development Service)

Propel comes out as the best platform for offering cloud-enabled PIM software, product lifecycle management service (PLM), and quality management software (QMS). They are first to market the PIM software services of new-age across industries – marketing, retail, and technology. They excel in serving end to end PIM, PLM, and QMS software solutions built on Propel’s SaaS-based software that helps clients to collaborate better and easily scale their changing business requirements.

In this competitive era, being intimidated is normal, and having someone/something trustworthy like PropelPLM services will not only make you feel more relaxed but will also keep you updated with the latest circumstances in the development market. Their IT experts are experienced and adept at serving clients through its: Hi-Tech, Med-Tech, and CPG platforms that deliver product success faster than ever.

PIM Expertise:

  • Propel’s SaaS-based PIM software support real-time collaboration
  • Task and project execution
  • Ensure compliance
  • CAD integration
  • Engineering change management
  • Purpose-built analytics
  • Training record management
  • Compliance management
  • Bill of materials management
  • Comprehensive search

Who It's For?

Since the PIM software comes as a part of a larger PIM and PLM suite, Propel's software is best for retailers with larger data management issues on their hands.

Propel PIM Platform Rating on g2.com

  • Year of Establishment: 2015 (Completed 5+ Years in the PIM software development domain)
  • Hourly Rates: $25 to $49 /hr
  • Team Strength: 51-200
  • Key Clients: Peak Design, SMC Sierra Monitor, Desktop Metal
  • Headquarter: Santa Clara, California USA
  • Office Locations: USA
  • Clients Feedback:

5. Sales Layer (Offer New Generation PIM Software To Organize, Analyze & Connect Products)

Incepted in 2013, the Sales Layer company is based in the US and known for cloud-enabled PIM software development services. They provide an amalgam of swift PIM development practices with marketing departments in mind. The product they offer meets the satisfaction of clients and their business partners that need a platform to synchronize all their sales channels and data automatically on the web, mobile, product feeds, print media for retailers.

So far, they have completed more than 1000+ PIM projects, managed +20M/mo SKU’s, +800M/mo items delivered by the API, and 99.99% system’s uptime. Whether startups or fully-blown companies, everyone needs guidance to keep up with their business rivals. The quest for such a reliable PIM software development firm stops at Sales Layer.

PIM Expertise:

  • Sales Layer PIM helps companies in managing and updating their catalogs in three easy steps.
  • By centralizing the data management in the cloud.
  • Synchronizing the information everywhere.
  • Analyzing the data usage of the end-user to improve product development processes. Sales Layer PIM builds a custom database for you.
  • Automatically reorganize your entire catalog and add tags, categories or channels.
  • Allow sharing of catalogs to anyone, anywhere in a secure and personalized way.

Who It's For?

Sales Layer PIM software is ideal for retailers looking to improve their customer experience. It offers advanced tools for managing content, workflows and more.

Sales Layer PIM Platform Rating on g2.com

  • Year of Establishment: 2013 (Completed 8+ Years in the PIM software development domain)
  • Hourly Rates: $25 to $49 /hr
  • Team Strength: 11-50
  • Key Clients: Reebok, Columbia, Teka Group, Pastorfrigor a Manufacturing Company
  • Headquarter: Boston, MA, USA
  • Office Locations: UK, South Africa, Spain, Argentina
  • Clients Feedback:

Ending Note

So I have provided you with 5 best web development companies in the USA for retail startups and hoping them to be useful for you to choose from.

However, if you have any doubt or question regarding these companies, feel free to leave your comment below.
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