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Leading Full Stack Development Companies to Check Out in 2020

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Given the diverse range of responsibilities and technologies out there today, it is no wonder companies choose to employ full stack development services to achieve end goals without hiring multiple people and struggling to attain streamlined workflows.

What is full-stack development?

Full-stack development services refer to the development of both client-side and server-side interfaces of any application. In technical terms, these are the front-end and back-end, respectively.

A client-side-only developer typically is responsible for what users see and can interact within an application or a website. They use a specific set of languages, including HTML and CSS. They also use particular frameworks and libraries that include AngularJS, Bootstrap and ReactJS. On the other hand, a back-end developer typically focuses on how the website works and is built. The primary languages are Python, JavaScript and C++ among others.

To hire a full-stack web developer is to get someone who is well-versed in both front-end and back-end development and has the skills and technological prowess to step in at any stage of a project.

What qualities does the ideal full-stack developer possess?

If you’re looking to hire a remote full-stack web developer or a full-time one, consider looking out for these qualities:

  • Mastery over front-end technologies
  • Knowledge of at least one server-side programming language
  • Concrete understanding of DBMS technology
  • UI/UX design skills
  • Experience in handling servers
  • Knowledge of Git and version control systems
  • In-depth understanding of web services or API
  • Awareness of security concerns and frameworks
  • Understanding of algorithms and data structure

What is the best way to choose a full-stack development company?

Hiring a full-stack web development company is a choice many companies are making these days. They would rather avoid the hassle of direct hires and jump straight into a project with experienced developers. Before settling on a company, take a look at the following factors:

  1. Past clients: Evaluate if they have a robust client portfolio that falls under your industry category.
  2. Testimonials: Look for what clients are saying about the company, and for use cases that support these testimonials.
  3. Requirement–skill fit: Ensure that they can perform what you’re asking them to do and have the right skills
  4. Pricing: Evaluate whether their pricing plans are flexible and affordable
  5. Flexibility: Ensure that the company you choose is flexible enough to work with you based on your preferred engagement model and project timelines.

What are the top full-stack development companies in India and overseas?

CONTUS – Experienced Developers Backed By the Best of Technology

Contus is one of the top full-stack development companies that cater to B2B, B2C, C2C and other business models. They help companies thrive digitally and realise innovative web experiences. Their full-stack model covers services such as UI/UX, DevOps, front-end and back-end development and APIs.


  1. Robust client portfolio with top names, including Toyota and The World Bank, across industries
  2. High-speed DevOps deployment from sprint to launch
  3. Continuous QA testing and performance checks for zero-error interfaces and architecture

Brainvire – Top Ranked Developers for Digital Transformations

Brainvire is an IT consulting company that has supported Fortune 500 firms and start-ups in building intuitive applications. They specialise in Industry 4.0 technologies, which includes AI, IoT, Machine Learning, blockchain and cloud computing.


  1. Assemble a dedicated full-stack team from a talent pool of experienced professionals
  2. In-depth knowledge of cloud-based and standard equipment hosting
  3. Experience in building their own APIs to integrate without systems conflicts

Cabot – Technical Expertise and Speedy Go-to-Market Timelines

The full-stack engineers and developers at Cabot have experience in all levels of software development, including HTML and CSS, mobility, JavaScript, databases and web servers. They are both pioneers and scholars, in addition to being technical professionals, who can guide companies in long-term development strategies as well as short-term releases.


  1. Experience across industries including travel, wellness, e-learning and healthcare
  2. Reliable and communicative teams that can work tactically or experimentally
  3. Affordable pricing structures without compromising on value or skills

Concetto Labs – Cross-Platform App Development for Scalable Success

The team at Concetto Labs are proficient in industry-grade deep learning libraries including AngularJS and NodeJS and are also skilled in wielding database technology and tools. They help construct user-friendly, flexible and scalable applications that stand the test of time.


  1. Multiple engagement models including full-time and hourly
  2. Dedicated professionals for full-stack development using Python, Java and more
  3. Sharp business acumen for developing app experiences that bring steady returns

Bacancy Technology – Future-oriented Agile and Lean Software Development

Bacancy’s client list speaks for itself– it features Disney, 3M, Volkswagen and more. The agile software and full-stack web development company is home to several talented and skills software developers, QA experts and UI/UX designers who can design a comprehensive development solution for your company.


  1. More than 300 skilled developers and engineers
  2. Flexibility in dealing with overseas otime znes
  3. Choose to hire full-stack developers individually or have a team put together

SrinSoft – High-Performing Developers to Reach High-Level Goals

SrinSoft has deep technology experience and a mix of skills ranging from Front End Development, Middleware Integration, Backend Development to DevOps and AI. They cover front-end architecture and design, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Services and High-Performance Optimization across their full-stack services.


  1. Extensive services within front-end, back-end and middleware development
  2. Expertise across frameworks, programming languages and data libraries
  3. Teams in the USA, India, Europe and UAE

Peerbits – Accelerated Development Cycles With Top Talents

Developers at Peerbits have vast expertise in juggling positions between front-end and back-end development in order to offer end-to-end solutions to clients. They prioritise simplicity, responsiveness and insightfulness overall when seeing a project through from start to finish.


  1. Expertise in powerful programming languages
  2. Experience in continuous integration and delivery for long-term projects
  3. QA and QC testing for stable applications even at scale

The final word

These companies were curated based on their client testimonials, expertise and use cases and have emerged top out of scores of other full-stack firms. If you’re looking to hire full-stack developers, you won’t go wrong when you select any of these.
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