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Top 10 Best Voice Chat APIs for Mobile and Web Apps

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Voice calling plays a crucial role in personal and professional communication. Be it a friendly conversation among classmates or a business deal between companies – voice calling has been the most easy, convenient, and affordable way to communicate for decades. Thus, communication corporations and developers have brought in innovative ways to integrate their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and invent newer ways of voice communication.

What is Voice API?

Voice API is referred to as a tool that allows software developers to integrate calling features using an Application Programming Interface (API). Developers build apps with voice functionality and Voice APIs let these apps make and receive phone calls acting as a bridge to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

The four main standards of measuring a good Voice Chat API:

  1. API features : Every API may have a unique feature or offering. However, to build voice chat for android, iOS & the web, developers need to analyze their requirements. The basic agenda is to integrate a voice API that allows to develop a calling functionality that covers all types of users on any device, over numerous networks, anywhere in the world.

  2. Popularity :A competent Voice chat API gives developers programmatic control over calls and enables them to build call logic and VoIP functionality. But the level of popularity and the number of users can only indicate the efficiency of a voice API.

  3. Price : Affordability is also a key factor that distinguishes the best voice API providers. Live voice chat APIs can offer a lot of functionality, but they are only accessible by enterprises if they are cost-effective.

  4. Ease of Use : Developers can integrate voice calling APIs with CRM, Helpdesk, Apps, and many other mobile and web platforms, but this integration needs to be easy and adaptable. Therefore, ensure ease of use while reviewing and selecting the best voice calling API for app developers.

Top 10 Best Voice Chat API Providers for android and ios apps
Top 10 Best Voice Chat API Providers for android and ios apps

List of Top 10 Voice APIs Providers for android ,ios and web Apps

1. CONTUS MirrorFly API

CONTUS MirrorFly voice calling solution is a customizable communication APIs and SDKs. It allows enterprises to develop and integrate easy communication systems on Android, iOS, and Web applications. CONTUS MirrorFly voice chat APIs have hundreds of collaboration features with scalable options that support billion + concurrent users to communicate at the same time.

Voice API Features

  • 100% Customizable

  • Unlimited Calling

  • SIP/VoIP Calling

  • Voice Recording

  • Call Queuing & Routing

  • Audio Encryption

  • Multi-User Interface

  • Call Barging

Popularity - Extremely popular with Billion + concurrent users

Price - One time license cost (Custom Quotes)

Ease of Use : Very Easy

2. Pilvo API

Plivo is a cloud communication platform that offers voice API solutions for enterprises to build powerful voice call workflows and scale business communications. Plivo’s APIs and SDKs can be instantly integrated into voice chat applications. Plivo has over 1600 local carrier networks delivering reliable connectivity in over 195 countries.

Voice API Features

  • Conference Call

  • Voice Alerts & Surveys

  • Voicemail Transcription

  • Scalable Cloud IVR

  • Call forwarding

  • SIP Gateway & Devices

  • Dynamic Caller ID

  • Multi-Party Calls

Popularity - 100,000 businesses

Price - With pay-as-you-go pricing with free but limited usage.

Ease of Use : Easy

3. Vonage API

Vonage APIs enables enterprises to build best-in-class communications solutions. Vonage APIs are structured on a global platform and offer an all-inclusive suite of communications channels and expert support. Vonage allows developers and tech enterprises to construct and launch communication services from scratch.

Voice API Features

  • Call Recording & Analytics

  • Unlimited US Calls

  • Carrier-Grade Performance

  • Support Team & End-To-End Assistance

  • Solution Consulting & Project Scoping

Popularity - 1.1 billion subscribers

Price - Prices starting from € 0.0040 /minute Global IP Call

Ease of Use : Easy

4. Twilio API

Twilio's programmable voice API offering calling facilities across the world. With REST API developers can integrate voice chat functionality that allows users to make, receive, monitor, and modify calls along with query metadata about calls that were created.

Voice API Features

  • Set Up SIP

  • Natural Language Understanding

  • Insights & Reporting

  • Retrieve Call Logs

  • Modify In-Progress Calls

  • Detect Answering Machines

Popularity - 1 million developers

Price - Free with limited usage

Ease of Use : Easy

5. EnableX API

EnableX API is a voice messaging platform that offers developers to embed real-time, high-quality, and interactive voice calling on applications built for Web, iOS, and Android applications.

Voice API Features

  • Make calls to a SIP/PSTN using REST API

  • Receive calls on EnableX Voice server

  • Use Webhook & Initiate Additional Actions

  • Bridge & Broadcast Calls

  • Play Custom IVR

  • Collect User Response Over DTMF

  • Send Text-To-Speech Messages In 40 Languages

Popularity - Significantly Popular

Price - Starting at $0.0024/Min to receive and $0.0127/Min to make a call

Ease of Use : Easy

6. MessageBird API

MessageBird is a communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) company. MessageBird reforms and streamlines the overcomplicated space of customer communication. MessageBird’s Voice Messaging API permits users to transform texts into voice messages to any country.

Voice API Features

  • Make & Receive Calls

  • Decentralised Call Centres

  • Use of Interactive Voice Response

  • Cloud Telephony

  • Text to Speech

Popularity - 15,000 users

Price - Free and varying paid plans from $50 to customized quotes

Ease of Use : Easy

7. Sinch API

Sinch is a company that makes all types of communications APIs. Sinch provides developers an easy and effective way to add voice chat functionality into the apps. It lets developers integrate voice messaging into any type of platform in minutes with a few lines of code

Voice API Features

  • Conference calling

  • Call recording

  • Answering machine detection

  • IVR menus

  • Voice-based IVR (Open Beta)

  • Recorded prompts

  • Text-to-speech

Popularity - 5 billion consumers

Price - Customised quotes for inbound calls & outbound calls starting at *$0.0244

Ease of Use : Easy

8. Siri API

Siri API or a SiriKit is the intended UI framework that enables developers to implement app extensions that integrate the chat system. Developers can integrate voice assistant functionality into third-party apps that they have built and send voice messages on calls or authenticated transactions.

Voice API Features

  • Add Intelligent Voice Assistance

  • Offer AI Assistance

  • Replies Smart Answers to Users

  • Make Voice Queries

  • Perform Voice-Related Tasks

Popularity - 3 million users

Price - Free and varying paid plans from $4.99 to $99.99 per month

Ease of Use : Easy

9. Google Cloud Speech API

Google Cloud Speech APIs allows easy integration of Google speech recognition technologies into applications and messaging systems built by developers. With Google Cloud Speech APIs, developers can translate from audio to text and apply powerful neural network models.

Voice API Features

  • Convert Audio to Text Messages

  • Uses Neural Network Models

  • Recognizes 80 Plus Languages & Variants

  • Supports A Global User Base

Popularity - Millions of users

Price - Free but limited usage

Ease of Use : Easy

10. Viber API

Viber REST API is a bot platform that is open and free for usage. Programmers create bots in an ecosystem that allows users to share text, voice, and video messages with other Viber users available in the contacts. Viber REST API can also be used on third-party websites and social media channels using a deep-link.

Voice API Features

  • Smart Notifications

  • Shift Between Conversations

  • Block / Unblock Contacts

  • Turn off Notifications & Status

  • Change Wi-Fi Sleep Policy

Popularity - 260 million monthly users

Price - Free

Ease of Use : Easy

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