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Mysql 8.x Group Replication (Master-Slave) with Docker Compose

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This post is handling the following situation - how to setup up simple Mysql services with group replication being dockerized. In our case, we’ll take the latest Mysql (version 8.x.x)

FYI: all mentioned code (worked and tested manually) located here.

I will skip not interested steps like ‘what is Mysql, Docker and why we choose them, etc’. We want to set up possibly trouble proof DB. That’s our plan.

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Basic gems list for profiling Ruby on Rails application

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Even most of the experienced Ruby on Rails developers sometimes forgot about annoying mistakes they produce in the long development processes, like n+1 queries or lose a lot of time with some unexpected queries from nowhere.

Not all these mistakes can be avoided before the production, but at least you can try :)

Yes, that’s another list of forgotten or not so popular gems for the better development processes.
Let’s begin.
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