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3й открытый тест неофициального Fallout Online начнется 15 августа 2009 года

Если вы собираетесь принять участие в тесте, вам понадобятся файлы от оригинального fallout2, их можно скачать по ссылкам —
master.dat и critter.dat , ну и сам клиент, который будет выложен завтра за некоторое время до начала теста на оф. сайте!

3й открытый тест неофициального Fallout Online начнется 15 августа 2009 года

Наверно сперва отсудят доменное имя, как это сделали с pocket fallout ( habrahabr.ru/blogs/games/66618/ ).

озвучка английских текстов

мои знакомые — англичанин и австралиец произносят через «а».

Pixel based карта Гонконга

но въехать можно будет только 2го числа :)

Pixel based карта Гонконга

так и есть, хотя на той карте указана малая часть всей территории (очень мало материка и вообще отрезаны близлежащие острова)

Pixel based карта Гонконга

Pixel based карта Гонконга

gz.o.cn/?id=108 — тут они есть :) а еще и машинки и дирижабли… правда это в Гуанчжоу

Opera — для настоящих мужчин

не путайте Тайвань с Тайландом! =(

Opera — для настоящих мужчин

для них мы с Вами тоже будем близняшками ;)

Opera — для настоящих мужчин

в Тайване? Рассмешили… это Вам не Тайланд!

Sorry I’m Late

да, отвал башки… молодцы! после просмотра этого видео, выдали ссылку на это vimeo.com/4862839?pg=embed&sec=4862839,
тоже понравилось хотя другое…

Omegle — поговори с кем-нибудь

обычный разговор состоялся с кореянкой…
прошу сильно не бить!

Stranger: hey
You: go
Stranger: will you marry me?
You: sure
You: are you rich?
Stranger: yep
Stranger: i have building, and car and so on
You: how much do you got?
You: i love money
Stranger: and i am the love of your life
You: i could be everything for you… i mean for your money
You: i got a hangover right now! :(
Stranger: huh you are so realistic
You: where are you from?
Stranger: i am korean and u?
You: russian :D
Stranger: wow i've never met russian in this site
You: really? it's should be many of them here, i think
You: and i have many korean friends
Stranger: cool
Stranger: how?
You: and with some of them i playing in rock band
You: coz i live in hong kong
Stranger: wow you are rocker
You: yeah!
You: our guitarist is korean — my best friend
Stranger: cool
You: he calls me brother!
You: :)
Stranger: good
You: and how about you? which city do you live in?
Stranger: hmm do you know daegu?
Stranger: the 3rd city of korea
You: nope, what is this?
Stranger: do you know seoul?
You: yeah!
Stranger: the capital city
Stranger: and busan, 2nd city and next is daegu
You: i got 2 friends from Seoul
Stranger: good
You: i see!
Stranger: hong kong is great city right?
You: not bad, i like it ;) have you been here?
Stranger: i am going to visit hongkong and macao
You: thats good plan!
Stranger: when i have free time and money :)
You: how about mainland china?
You: :D
Stranger: i already went there
You: where have you been?
Stranger: shanghai, one year before
Stranger: did you go there?
You: i see, actually right now i am in guangzhou… on business trip…
You: yes, sure
Stranger: you are rocker and you have another job
You: i always go to shanghai and many others chinese towns
Stranger: cool
You: right!
You: hold on :)
Stranger: okey
You: oh sorry
Stranger: is something happened?
You: i am computer programmer… and in free time playing music with friends
You: just got a call :)
You: now its ok
Stranger: okey
Stranger: computer programmer… cool job!
Stranger: many of my friends's major is computer science
You: and you? work\study\other? :)
Stranger: this year i graduted univ and i work part time job
You: i see! whats is your major?
Stranger: pharmacy
You: cool!
Stranger: but working in pharmacy is a little boring
Stranger: easy but as a result of that, it is boring
You: i think be a programmer is more boring :D
Stranger: programmer is hard job in korea
You: you just always sit and write a code… oh, without misic i gonna die =)
Stranger: i understand you
Stranger: i study some C++ code but it is so hard to me
You: how did you know about this website?
You: :)
Stranger: this website is so popular in korea
Stranger: do you know dc inside, the popular korean site?
You: really? i just knew about it today
You: nope
Stranger: it is the largest community site, i knew it by that site
Stranger: so many koreans in here
You: oh i see
You: yes i met 2 girls b4 =)
Stranger: b4?
You: before
Stranger: aha
Stranger: in this website?
You: but they left me so fast!
You: yes, maybe just 20-30 minutes ago
Stranger: haha this is happened often
Stranger: when i say i am korean, most of them left
You: after i said that iam russian, they left so fast! :D
Stranger: :D
Stranger: you are great english speaker i envy you
You: not really… :) i just learned it 6 month
Stranger: isn't english common language in russia?
You: nope, i learned in HK… very less people could speak english in Russia
Stranger: oh i see
Stranger: i want to go there hk
Stranger: i heard that many good items are cheap in there
You: hold on
Stranger: yep you are so busy
You: sorry
Stranger: it is alright
You: haha. so many phone calls today
Stranger: you must be popular person
You: hehe… maybe for russians people in HK… 50 % of them know me
Stranger: wow you are so famous people
You: hey, what is your sex? i still don't know with who i talking last 10 minutes :)
You: this is the longest chat i ever had here :)
Stranger: i am 24/f i also don't know about you
Stranger: i chated yesterday 1 hours to one person
You: 24/m :D My name is Alex
Stranger: wow same age
Stranger: you can call me just park
You: whoah, you seem to be very chatfull person :)
Stranger: not actually, just wondering this web site
Stranger: in offline i am a little timid person
You: me too, saw the link from one bigest russian IT community… and it just blowed me on
Stranger: haha i usually chat in this site in my free time when i first know this site, about 1 weeks before
Stranger: oh my professior will come, here is his car's sound
Stranger: actually i am in lab
You: my god, i still haven't sleep today
You: oh really?
Stranger: yep sorry
You: ok, so good luck...and write me your msn ;)
Stranger: okey ***@naver.com
You: see you there :D
Stranger: okey nice talking to u

Omegle — поговори с кем-нибудь

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: United Forever in Friendship and Labour,
Our mighty Republics will ever endure.
The Great Soviet Union will Live through the Ages.
The Dream of a People their fortress secure.
Long Live our Soviet Motherland, built by the People's mighty hand.
Long Live our People, United and Free.
Strong in our Friendship tried by fire. Long may our Crimson Flag Inspire,
Shining in Glory for all Men to see.
Through Days dark and stormy where Great Lenin Lead us
Our Eyes saw the Bright Sun of Freedom above
and Stalin our Leader with Faith in the People,
Inspired us to Build up the Land that we Love.
Long Live our Soviet Motherland, built by the People's mighty hand.
Long Live our People, United and Free.
Strong in our Friendship tried by fire. Long may our Crimson Flag Inspire,
Shining in Glory for all Men to see.
We fought for the Future, destroyed the invader,
and Brought to our Homeland the Laurels of Fame.
Our Glory will live in the Memory of Nations
and All Generations will Honour Her Name.
Long Live our Soviet Motherland, built by the People's mighty hand.
Long Live our People, United and Free.
Strong in our Friendship tried by fire. Long may our Crimson Flag Inspire,
Shining in Glory for all Men to see.

Stranger: i am bjorn
Stranger: i am heavy weapons guy
You: oh yes?
Stranger: and this is my weapon
Stranger: |_______|_____________\__________|______|
_______\___.__C____)_.you just_(_(____>__|__/

You: OMG!
You: are you american?
Stranger: no
Stranger: i am from great motherland of russia!
You: thats good for you ~~
You: so, you probably know habr.ru?
Stranger: no that woud be your mother

Lenovo's S12 – первый ноутбук на NVIDIA Ion

то, чем вы это назвали, ставят только в линейке Thinkpad

У thepiratebay появился свой гимн

Ее даже заремиксили в стиле punk :)

Медиаплеер под управлением Ubuntu

дык этож китайские подделки, там к каждому телефону описание имеется, вот и цена соответствующая :)

Медиаплеер под управлением Ubuntu

на китайском рынке SmartQ 5 стоит даже 130$… на 20$ дешевле :)

Нетбук Apple? Пожалуйста!

Мое мнение — Фэйк!
1. Нету доказательств
2. В китайском интернете не нашел ни одного упоминания об этом устройстве
3. На фото выглядит так, как будто наклеили картинку на доску…

Праздничная раздача инвайтов

демонойд уже есть!


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