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SQL Server & Concurrency Control

Reading time5 min

What is a Transaction?

The standard definition of Transaction state that “Every Query batch that runs in a SQL server is a Transaction.”, this means any query you run on a SQL server will be considered as a Transaction it could either be a simple SELECT query or any UPDATE or ALTER query.

If you run a query without mentioning the BEGIN TRAN keyword then it would be considered as an Implicit transition.

If you run a query which starts with BEGIN TRAN and ends with COMMIT or ROLLBACK then it would be considered as Explicit Transaction.

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Best useful tools and resources to make a startup smarter in 2019

Reading time12 min

What is a Smart Startup?

A smart startup is a well-executed business idea that focuses on cash-rich operations. It lets owners make money in the initial phase and build their market by performing well in markets. Small startups always focus on more revenue growth and futuristic probability of higher profitability. Smart startup founders always focus on orienting the digital product *or service) in a highly relatable manner for customers within the target market.

Where should you focus on building the smart focus?

A smart startup should focus on solving critical problems in the daily life of the millennial generation. They should focus on attributes like convenience, quality of service, cash-rich operations, and digitalization of business for futuristic, sustainable growth. The ultimate aim should be to create a brand offering products and services that have self-driven sales because of their quality and impact on the customer‘s life.

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Top Skills You Will Need to be a Front-End Developer

Reading time4 min

With reference to Web Development, Front end development is mainly client-side development, which helps users to see and interact with the interface directly. This interface needs to be relevant to the context and in a layout that is easily perceivable by even the most naïve of the users. It should run uniformly on all platforms and devices. For anyone who is considering a career in Front-End Development, there is a specific set of skills to be mastered. Along with that, additional knowledge of the associated technologies that are used can be of great advantage.

The topmost skills for front end developers mainly depend on the scope of work that different organizations define for the role. However, these scope definitions vary a lot and hence need to be averaged out for defining a baseline. Let us start with the basic skill sets for now. These skills can be categorized into Technical and Non-Technical skills.

1. Technical Skills:

HTML/CSS/JavaScript: HTML or Hypertext Markup Language provides the main structure of a web page. It is more of a presentation language rather than a programming language. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets attributes to the styling and defines the look and formatting of the HTML page. CSS can be applied to any kind of XML document including SVG and XUL. It helps to create visually engaging web pages and user interfaces for mobile applications. JavaScript is a high- level, interpreted programming language which makes a webpage interactive. These are the 3 most essential requirements for anyone who is looking into a career as a Front-End Developer. More advanced the knowledge, the better. These provide the basic look and feel of the interface

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10 critical skills every DevOps engineer

Reading time6 min

What is DevOps and Why is it important?

DevOps is the combination of Development teams and Operation teams in order to create a business with traditional software development practices. DevOps gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Let's see how DevOps helps the delivery of Software products.

When the development and operational teams are inseparable silos, it makes development life cycles longer due to lack of communication and cooperation between two teams. By merging those two we can make software development shorter cycles.

DevOps is not a profession. It's culture. It builds teams and makes engineers work for a common goal rather than individual performances. This leads to better collaboration and increased efficiency.

More importantly, DevOps reduces rollback failures, Rollbacks and give time to recover. The main characteristic of DevOps. This helps to find bugs and failures quickly giving rise to rectify bugs or recover from failures.
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