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UX Tips for Designing an Online Digital Product Store

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The future of business is digital. E-commerce business is gaining popularity with more and more people getting comfortable buying things online. While there are many factors that define the success of an E-commerce business, a major factor is E-Commerce UX, which refers to the overall experience of a user while shopping through an E-commerce platform. For the user experience to be enjoyable, it has to be personalized, relevant, and seamless. Hence there is a need to understand the target audience- their age, culture, level of tech literacy, channels they use, and their trust to online shopping. E-commerce UX should be data-driven, customer-driven, and user-centered. It should be built on research and validation. The main factors that influence the success of an E-commerce business are the quality of the product or service offered, how it is presented to the customer and how approachable is the design of the electronic platform through which sales are being done.
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Enthralling Open Source Platforms for Developing Mobile Applications

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Codes are the blocks of instructions that convey your intention to the computer. It is coding that helps you get the best out of the machines. Thus every, program or software is a creation of codes and the way they are structured and written defines the specialty of that software.
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