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What is Slack and How Does It Work?

Social networks and communities

Slack is the best inbox organizational tool in the market now. It is used by many huge companies ranging to average-sized and small companies as well. You can make and manage the business conversations through this app and can keep a record of them too.

Slack was initially released in August 2013, when there was not its single competitor out there in the market. Yes, there were many other messaging platforms but not for the business. Usually, the business websites give a boring idea of faded colors and take all the charm and drive away to use that website or app. But Slack did something different.

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Top game development companies in the world

Game development *Games monetization *Game design *Games promotion *

The game industry is growing, especially among small, independent development companies. If you're looking for a game development company, let's take a glimpse at some top game development companies ranked, basing the list on games, as well as the number of existing players and uniqueness.

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ES6 Proxies in practice

JavaScript *

With the appearance of ECMAScript 2015, an avalanche of features came; some of them make you mad, and others are pleasant surprises, like meeting an old friend after a long time.

Some features are related to metaprogramming. What is that? I'm not very eloquent, so let's turn to our friend, Wikipedia.

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