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So, 82 + 26 GB. But what's about the __time__? Probably this is not a quick operation.
No, ffmpeg did each operation just in 35 minutes (MacBook Pro 2018, core i7)

Potentially, other enhancing methods (not Photoshop, I mean) make possible to build a cluster of parallel jobs to enhance all the images really fast, so it'll be like a great system of making low-res films beautiful in real time (or not real, but very fast)

Cool idea, but neural multithreading could turn your PC into a fiery box :)

Although, something similar already exists: madvr.com has neural-based upscaling method, called NGU.
This is a regular scale, the result will have more pixels, but the same quality as the original.
That's definitely quite handy.
But question, is it possible to do upscale in real time?
The thing is I often don't have enough free space, and thus wouldn't be able to convert movies using this method. Is is interesting, but not really viable.

And, well, ofc if i want to download some movies to my disk, I'll need even more disk storage for 4K versions, but if the real-time upscale is possible using regular video players, this problem could be easily avoided.

Also, I would like to know how your method compares to the regular TV/TVBoxes 4K upscales?

I assume that is is possible to use something like VLC filter to upscale video in real-time, but I have no idea how reliable it is compared to this simple, yet working method.
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