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I think WooCommerce is the best decision. Which one would you choose for your business, if you were business owner?
Six and Shopify are a vendor lock in solutions. One someone signs up they got locked up there. WooCommerce, Magento and especially Prestashop are much better alternatives and their users have a freedom to move their accounts on a different infrastructure when they need to.
Issue with Weebly is that they may silently block access to their websites for whole countries without any notice. For instance, Russia and Ukraine are currently blocked there.

Below is excerpt from today's chat with one of their so called Customer Success Advocates:

Me: I am unable to reach my weebly website XYZ.weebly. from Ukraine, any idea why?

CS: I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this problem. For security reasons, Weebly has made a decision to block traffic from a number of countries. I’m sorry this happened out of the blue and is affecting your site. We did not mean to harm good sites in this process. Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t have a way to bypass the block for individual accounts.
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