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Big / Bug Data: Analyzing the Apache Flink Source Code

Reading time11 min

Applications used in the field of Big Data process huge amounts of information, and this often happens in real time. Naturally, such applications must be highly reliable so that no error in the code can interfere with data processing. To achieve high reliability, one needs to keep a wary eye on the code quality of projects developed for this area. The PVS-Studio static analyzer is one of the solutions to this problem. Today, the Apache Flink project developed by the Apache Software Foundation, one of the leaders in the Big Data software market, was chosen as a test subject for the analyzer.
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Spring Boot app with Apache Kafka in Docker container

Reading time4 min

Privet, comrads!

In this article i’ll show how easy it is to setup Spring Java app with Kafka message brocker. We will use docker containers for kafka zookeeper/brocker apps and configure plaintext authorization for access from both local and external net.

Link to final project on github can be picked up at the end of the article.

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Critical Transcendence: .NET SDK and Apache Spark

Reading time5 min

When Alex Garland’s series Devs (on FX and Hulu) came out this year, it gave developers their own sexy Hollywood workup. Who knew that coders could get snarled into murder plots and love triangles just for designing machine learning programs? Or that their software would cause a philosophical crisis? Sure, the average day of a developer is more code writing than murder but what a thrill to author powerful new program.

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Analysis of the Apache Dubbo RPC Framework by the PVS-Studio Static Code Analyzer

Reading time9 min

Picture 2

Apache Dubbo is one of the most popular Java projects on GitHub. It's not surprising. It was created 8 years ago and is widely applied as a high-performance RPC environment. Of course, most of the bugs in its code have long been fixed and the quality of the code is maintained at a high level. However, there is no reason to opt out of checking such an interesting project using the PVS-Studio static code analyzer. Let's see how it turned out.
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Open Source developer's life in GIFs

Reading time2 min
Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe. Our team in Sbertech teaches Sberbank efficient work with Free & Open Source Software. You can read more about this on Habr (what we exactly do, yet in Russian).

One of the main challenges is to open the mind of managers and engineers for using FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) properly. Because we have a lot of them, we have tried to use GIFs for answer the most common questions.


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