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MSSQL: Table Rebuild and Reorg in highload 24/7 Environments

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How do you deal with index fragmentation if your SQL server is working in high load environment with 24/7 workload without any maintenance window? What are the best practices for index rebuild and index reorganize? What is better? What is possible if you have only Standard Edition on some servers? But first, let's debunk few myths.

Myth 1. We use SSD (or super duper storage), so we should not care about the fragmentation. False. Index rebuild compactifies a table, with compression it makes it sometimes several times smaller, improving the cache hits ratio and overall performance (this happens even without compression).

Myth 2. Index rebuild shorten SSD lifespan. False. One extra write cycle is nothing for the modern SSDs. If your tempdb is on SSD/NVMe, it is under much harder stress than data disks.

Myth 3. On Enterprise Edition there is a good option: ONLINE=ON, so I just create a script with all tables and go ahead. False. There are tons of potential problems created by INDEX REBUILD even with ONLINE and RESUMABLE ON - so never run index rebuilds without controlling the process.

Finally, we will tackle the REBUILD vs REORGANIZE subject and what is possible to achieve if you have only Standard Edition.

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HTTP headers checker

Reading time 2 min
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For any site, it is important to properly configure the HTTP headers. A lot of articles have been written on the subject of headings. Here we have summarized the lessons learned, the RFC documentation. Some of the headings are mandatory, some are obsolete, some can be confusing and contradictory. We did a parsing to automatically check the HTTP headers of the web server.

Correct HTTP headers increase security and trust in the site, including from search engines, can affect the site’s position in Yandex and Google, save server resources, reduce server load, thereby increasing the server response speed, which again affects the ranking of the site in the search, save money on payment powerful hosting, which may not be required for the site when configured correctly.
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Why Enterprise Chat Apps isn’t built on Server-side Database like Hangouts, Slack, & Hip chat?

Reading time 3 min
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One of the most significant tools for any organization to smoothen their collaborative world is only through a real-time chat application whether the conversation takes place on mobile or desktop. Hangouts, Slack and Hipchat have been in action for businesses to establish a decent conversation between their internal employees and clients right from small-scale to enterprises.

Those big players come into play where there requires team collaboration. The big players are built on a server-side database where the messages shared from one device to another is stored in their server database. Ultimately, this results in storing a huge amount of data within the server-side database (Cloud-database).

The consumption of cloud storage will be pretty high. The client-side database is more efficient where the messages relayed is stored in the client device. The messages will be queued to minimize the consumption of data in the server.
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Optimising server distribution across the racks

Reading time 5 min
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Recently, a colleague asked me in a chat:

— Is there an article how to pack servers into the racks properly?

I realised that I'm unaware of it. So, I decided to write my text.

Firstly, this is an article about bare metal servers in the data centre (DC) facilities. Secondly, we estimate that there are a lot of servers (hundreds or thousands); the article doesn't make sense for fewer quantities. Thirdly, we consider that there are three constraints in the racks: physical space, electric power per each one, and cabinets stay in the rows adjacent to each other, so we can use a single ToR switch to connect servers in them.
The answer to the original question depends significantly...
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