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App ideas to generate revenues for startups in 2019 & beyond

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Every other person is establishing a startup these days. Is it easy to make it work? Do you know what is the success rate of startups? You would be shocked to know that out of the total startups launched in the year 2014, only 56% of them could make it to the fifth year, i.e. 2018.

Every entrepreneur starts a business with a vision to take it to exceptional heights. The bitter truth is, no matter in which industry domain you are working, you cannot survive for long if you do not perform extraordinarily.

Moreover, in the application market, there is cutthroat competition. The reason being the increasing number of users for apps. Here is the graphical representation of statista findings that suggests that the app users will reach 972.4m by 2023.

This is a huge number that attracted businesses of all sizes for getting their attention. It is quite impossible to make ordinary mobile app development ideas a success. This becomes even tougher when the business is small or a startup!

How will you outshine competitors if you don’t have an innovative idea? The world today does not accept repetitions and it's the most prevailing yet harsh reality. In order to mark your place, you need to offer something unique to your target market.

Along with it, the idea has to be revenue-generating for your business. Look around, how Amazon would have become “the Amazon” if it was like all other e-commerce stores or how tinder would have become the most talked-about dating app if it did not introduce anything new?

You can be the next market leader in your niche if you come up with a unique app idea. I understand that it's not easy to think about innovative ideas after deciding that you need the best mobile app ideas for your business.

Probably this is the reason why you have landed on this blog. Do not worry, it is the sole purpose of this article. After a rigorous study of the app market, I have shortlisted some simple mobile app ideas that are highly innovative and revenue-generating.

Before we jump onto the list itself, let's explore the app market a little. Do you know which are the apps that have generated the most profit in recent years? Here is the list by AndroidPIT.

Pandora Radio
LINE Manga
Sing! Karaoke

Now, you know what kind of ideas are generating revenue. It will be easy to understand why and how the mobile app innovative ideas will get you profit. So, here is the list of the top 5 most innovative app development ideas that can help in revenue generation.

App development ideas #1: Augmented Reality Apps

The world is going gaga since the launch of everyone’s beloved app “FaceApp”. Its feature to show how a face will look after getting old is attracting millions of its users. This is possible with one of the latest technologies, that is, Augmented Reality.

AR is capable of changing the way people see the world around them. Can you think of an idea for mobile app development instantly based on this technology? How about an eLearning app deploying AR?

Have you heard about Chromville? It is an art app that brings colored apps to life. These are the great mobile app ideas for students’ learning growth. There is a huge scope of such AR enables apps, you just have to think out of the box.

I would suggest you come in contact with augmented reality app developers to find the areas which you can explore through this technology. You will have your business market research and they can provide you with the AR technology market insights. Both together can create wonders for your profit margin.

App development ideas #2: Virtual Reality Apps

Another trending technology is VR and contrary to popular belief it is not just used in the entertainment industry. In fact, its use is prevailing in other industries like education, real estate, journalism, etc.

There are a plethora of VR apps available for downloads in Google play. The benefits of such apps are much more than mere entertainment. It provides support to overcome the fears of public speaking, heights, etc.

Have you ever explored Youtube VR? It is quite an amazing experience for which all you need will be VR headsets. You too can provide an amazing experience to your customers by deploying this technology in your app but consult with the virtual reality development company that whether it will be beneficial for your business or not.

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App development ideas #3: Telemedicine Apps

Healthcare services are a necessity for every person. This is probably the reason why healthcare apps are becoming so popular these days. Gone are those days when getting your medicines delivered through the online website was the only purpose of healthcare websites or apps.

Today the services of doctors can be arranged by individual patients through such apps. Like you can arrange an appointment with a doctor in case you are sick instantly with the help of the latest technology-telemedicine apps.

These apps are not only aimed at earning profits but also serving society. Every healthcare app needs to offer something new and more useful. IT companies offering healthcare software development services can be a great support for your idea. Just let your mind be superbly creative!

App development ideas #4: Chatbot Apps

Businesses can achieve an unimaginable level of customer services by deploying chatbots for business bots. The replies through these bots are much quicker and accurate in comparison to humans.

In the hotel industry, the bots are even used to prompt the customer once their order is prepared. The chatbot development services are quite easy to get as their demand is on a rising spree, so is the supply.

App development ideas #5: Blockchain Apps

There is nothing to say about this trending technology. Blockchain is everywhere in the tech news these days. It started with the finance industry and its cryptocurrency part got famous but today it has moved to several other industries.

From healthcare to education, blockchain has reached to every domain with its ability to provide highly-secured data storage. The scope of blockchain app development has flourished amazingly in recent years.

An intelligent entrepreneur cannot neglect this technology at all. This allows the users to get an environment with an advanced level of security for keeping confidential data with any threats. It can offer great success and storage.


The mobile app ideas in 2018 will not work equally well for businesses in the year 2019. The market is changing constantly and nothing lasts for long in this dynamic market. The opportunities need to be grabbed as and when you observe them.

Mobile app ideas for sale enhancement is not something easy to think. But once you get an idea, connect with custom application development companies that can understand your specific needs and goals.

If you think that I have missed an idea which can really be revenue-generating for startups in 2019 and beyond then please share your knowledge with us in the comment section below.
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