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very useful = essential
very tech-savvy = technically competent
very reliable = too veracious
very interesting = captivating
very curious = intriguing
very clearly = obviously
very good at it = mastered it
very particular = specific
very ambiguous = evasive
very Kafka-esque = bizarre

I just want to share my personal exercise in better English, sorry.

Any message to the Ministry of internal affairs and similar law enforcement entities can be easily sent through the official websites from almost any IP in the world.

Also, emails delivered through SMTP are not required to be officially processed according to legal procedures.

Denial of any information about danger is the same as ignoring the danger.

So, blocking of SMTP servers has zero resistance to such "attacks" and has nothing to do with public safety.

Right. It looks like a desperate measure and sticking one's head in the sand.

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