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Author Support Program (ASP)

The ASP - Author Support Program exists on Habr. The essence of it is extremely simple: the author writes a good publication, which receives a good evaluation from the audience, after which a certain amount is paid to the author's balance. The higher the publication rating, the higher this amount.

All the publications in English are currently not participating in the ASP. We need some time to resolve the law and processing issues. After we work it out, we’ll give all the details in our corporate blog.

The terms of participation

In order to participate in the ASP, you must have one of the following badges "Author", "Star", "Legend", "Old-timer".

Not all hubs are involved is ASP, but only those that are marked with an asterisk in the list of available for publication. This means that such a hub is not only thematic, but also profile. In our opinion, publications from such hubs are the most useful for readers, that's why we reward authors for them.

Pay attention that the publication that should be credited by the system for the participation in the ASP, should be placed in the profile hubs. If you choose to publish to a hub-offtopic or corporate blog (except profile ones), then it will not participate in the ASP. But you can choose both profile and offtopic hubs at the same time.

Criteria for assessing publication

If the publication in the profile hub, according to the results of voting, gets a rating of 30 points, then 3000 rubles are paid to the user's account. If the publication is gaining a rating of 50 points, the rate changes and instead of 3000 rubles, 5000 rubles are paid. In addition, each time the rating unit exceeds the threshold value, the user receives another 10 rubles. That is, if the rating of the publication after the voting was 49 points, 3190 rubles (3000 rubles for 30 points of the rating and 190 rubles for extra 19 points) are paid to the user's account. If the score is 134, 5840 rubles will be paid (5000 rubles for 50 points and 840 rubles for extra 84 points).

For publication of the category "Translation" only 50% of the total amount is paid, that is, if the translation earned 134 points of the rating, its author will be credited with 2920 rubles (5840/2). The status of your wallet you can always look in the relevant section of the site.

Terms of accrual and payment of funds

The funds are paid to the user's account only after the end of the voting period for publication (currently 3 days). After that, in the side menu on the "My Balance" tab you can see the total amount that you earned. If you go to the "Balance" page, you can see how much the specific publication has brought to you, how many points it has scored, and also see the total movement of funds (both accrual and withdrawal).

Funds withdrawal rules

At the moment, the funds from the ASP can be withdrawn to Webmoney. The minimal amount for withdrawal is 3000 rubles. On the "Withdrawing funds" tab you can activate the automatic withdrawal option so the system itself can once a month (not earlier than the 15th day following the reporting period) replenish your Webmoney wallet. We recommend that you set up the wallet limits in advance so that there are no situations when you already have, for example, 8000 rubles on your Webmoney wallet, and 10,000 rubles limit. Accordingly, the system will not be able to withdraw even 3000 rubles, and the funds will simply be saved in your author's account.

If you need to change the wallet number, write to the support team.

Official part

From the earned funds all taxes are paid according to the legislation of the Russian Federation: of 13% from citizens of the Russian Federation and 30% from non-residents of the Russian Federation. Therefore, to start participation in the ASP, you will need to carefully read the public offer and mark your consent with checkbox (if you agree with the offer and rules of the ASP) and send us some necessary documents.

CC BY 3.0

The design of the agreement provides for a complete transfer of rights to the work from the author to the service and the service disposes of such right, providing the possibility of the distribution of such material under the CC BY 3.0 license to any person, including the author of the work.

In this case such a measure is necessary to protect against the authors who decided to first withdraw consent to the publication of the content and then to make a claim to the distributors of author's content.

The agreement specifies a case when the author, completely alienating the rights to the work, on the basis of the license CC BY 3.0, issued by the service to an unlimited number of persons, including the author, allows the publication of the work on the Internet.


In cases of moving publications from unprofile hubs and off-topic hubs to profile ones, placing other people's texts as their own, violation of general resource rules, the user is excluded from the ASP. All remaining funds at the time of exclusion of the user from the ASP remain in the system and are not withdrawn from it.