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How to make a tutorial

Tutorial is a training material or manual which describes the process step by step and explains how to achieve a specific result. Ideally, the tutorial should give the reader comprehensive guide and leave no questions. If you have coped with a difficult task, tell others how to solve it — they will be grateful.

How to write

Write clearly and crisp. No long introductions or lengthy descriptions. If you really want to, add it at the end of the publication, but your main task is to write the manual as concisely and clearly as possible.

Try to estimate the level of complexity of the tutorial and point it out at the beginning of the publication. Tell what knowledge the reader should have in order to follow the instructions without any problems and not to be distracted by trifles of clarification.

Identify the steps with numbers so that you can easily navigate the tutorial. If the instruction steps turns out to be too large give them short and clear names. If the tutorial can be divided into several large blocks, do so by visually separating them with an empty space or titles.

Not OK

How to setup Homebridge

Nowadays, smart devices are widely used. Probably every house has at least one. They're all quite expensive overall, but the ones that carry the Homekit badge on their packaging — especially. They are certified by Apple and can not always be easily found outside Apple stores. That's why a few years ago a brilliant programmer decided to make a bridge out of Raspberry Pi that could save you money. Simply saying it would support the work of uncertified devices, for example the famous Chinese giant Xiaomi.


How to setup Homebridge and add uncertified devices into Apple smart home ecosystem

Homebridge — is a device based on Raspberry Pi. It is able to marry Apple Homekit with most smart devices Apple does not officially support.

Here is what you will need:

  • Raspberry Pi (at least Zero W model).

  • Memory card with 8 Gb capacity and more.

  • SSH-client on a smartphone or computer.

Installing Raspbian

At first you'll need to install a special Debian for Raspberry Pi which is called Raspbian...

Picking Topics

Tutorial can be about anything — there's always someone it can help. But before you take up writing a manual check if someone else has written on this topic before you?

  • How to set up a hardware

  • How to set up a software

  • DIY Solutions

  • How to write an application

  • How to start learning a programming language

  • How to get through a game

  • How to master a new tool

It's all tutorials.